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Book Blogger Hop #39 – How Do You Keep Track of Books You Are Reading/ Reviewing?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

The Book Blogger Hop can be found on Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and obviously my answers can be found here!

how do you keep track of books

Ah yes, let’s start the New Year with the optimistic outlook that I will in fact be reading and/ or reviewing enough books as to require a tracker.

That being said, even if I only readย fiveย books a year I would probably still keep a record someplace because if there is anything I love it’s a list of some kind.

Once upon a time I tried to use this as a tracker…

lil brain

Me ol’ noggin.’


Turns out trying to remember what I’ve read, when I’ve read it and what I thought about it without any notes whatsoever was proving pretty darn tricky.

Then I fell in love with bullet journals. It became my one-stop shop to plan and record all my life activity including all the books that I wanted to read and that I had actually read.

In 2017 it looked like this:-

Bullet Journal 1.jpg

I’m not very good at being fancy but this was fine – a double spread of books by title and author including columns that told me whether I had purchased it, read it and reviewed it including what I rated it out of five. I even left a nice space for comments.

Yeah…. you can see how much I used those pages… or even how much I read books listed on those pages…

In 2018 I stuck with it but turned it into something that looked like this:-

Bullet Journal 2.jpg

As you can see I gave up with anything other than writing the book titles and authors.

Then in 2019 I did this:-

Bullet Journal 3.jpg

Yep, I gave up completely.

Now I didn’t give up bullet journalling and I didn’t give up recording books read/ wanting, I just gave up writing the same books out over and over again. This was because:-

a) I always tended to deviate from my list and;

b) I’m such a slow reader that I would only cross about ten off anyway.

So now I use this:-


Goodreads is great and all for recording my hopes, wishes and dreams but as I started requesting ARC’s I needed something a bit more scheduled. So I turned to my One True Love – Microsoft Excel.

I now have a spreadsheet called The BookNook UK with multiple tabs which all have a sexy purpose.


Hehehe. I can spy with my little eye a tab called ‘Book Blogger Hop.’

But as you can see I now have two tabs – one for ARC’s and one for Books Read. There is nothing remotely exciting about the content. What they contain are very basic spreadsheets to help me organise myself. Or at least help me try to organise myself.

Here’s a little breakdown if you’re at all interested.

My 2019 ARC Tab


My 2019 Books Read Tab

Books Read

It’s quite clearly pretty basic stuff and most of the time I’m guessing at the genre. I try and record the main one but of course genres overlap.

I try to talk about the books I’ve read and what I’ve rated them in my monthly wrap up’s but you can see here how January and March were great reading months and April and May… well they weren’t.

Well at least it got better.

For a time anyway.

This post should be called ‘The Evolution of a Technophobe Who Grew to Hate Constantly Writing the Same Books in Her Bullet Journal’ but it’s a bit on the long side.

So there you have it!

Blog Hop

Now I’m going to be moving this blog hop section to my monthly wrap up and TBR posts. Why? Simply for organisational purposes. I’m trying to get ahead and write posts and have them scheduled as far in advance as possible.

There will be the posts where I can’t do that i.e. monthly wrap up’s and so I will include the Blog Hop there as it means that at the end of each month I can reflect on what I’ve read and loved around the blogosphere.

All it means is I’ll include what I enjoyed in one go rather than spread out over the weeks. So for next week’s Blog Hopper this section will have disappeared but only to eventually reappear someplace else.


Tell me – how do you keep track of books read? Is it sheer willpower? Post-it notes and red string? Bullet journals? Goodreads? Another funky system?

Let me know because I need to steal your ideas and evolve myself into the next supreme being.

Until next week which my specific Book Blogger Hop tab tells me is whether readers make better employees than non readers.

6 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop #39 – How Do You Keep Track of Books You Are Reading/ Reviewing?

  1. Ooh your bullet journals look so nice! (I never go very fancy with mine so anything that has nice handwriting and neat columns looks fancy to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) And I love your spreadsheet layout – keeping track of which books you’ve reviewed is such a good idea! Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Margaret, and these are incredibly basic in comparison to some beautiful ones out there. I’m actually massively envious of people’s pretty handwriting. You’re like me – spreadsheet crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. I need to get more fancy with Goodreads and the shelves, I’ve seen some posts around that give advice and tips on how to make the most of Goodreads which seem incredibly useful. I tend to get scared at being that efficient ๐Ÿ˜›


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