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Top 5 Tuesday – Books I Need to Read in 2020!

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It’s been ages since I’ve done a Top 5 Tuesday so I feel a bit on the rusty side!

We’re kicking off though with one that I can easily answer and that is – the Top 5 books that I need to read in 2020. If you want to take part in Top 5 Tuesday (and it’s fun so I highly encourage you to do so) you can find all the info you need here.

Now, the reason why I can easily answer this one is because I’m taking part in The Quiet Pond’s #StartOnYourShelfathon where the idea is to prioritize the reading of all your unread books (or at least as many as you’re able to read) by the 31st December 2020.

For this year I really want to make a dent in my pile o’books and so I am committing to this challenge and will only go ahead and allow myself to buy more books once I’ve completed this.

As I have 38 books currently pending this isn’t a case of ‘do I have anything to read’ but one of ‘what do I read first?!

On to the list!





The Animals at Lockwood Manor.jpg

The Animals at Lockwood Manor is an imminent read because this is an ARC that I’m determined to have completed by its release date of 5th March. I’ve done so well with my ARC’s in 2019 that I want to carry that forward.

That last sentence was a heavily sarcastic lie. Such a lie.

To be fair, this is an imminent read also because it sounds so captivating. A curator tasked with the safekeeping of a museum’s collections of mammals within a Victorian manor during the second world war starts to believe something is stalking her through the corridors.

There’s a female/ female romance hinted and a ton of creepy paranormal activity.





The Undying.png

Do I think The Undying will be an easy read? No I do not.

Do I think The Undying will be a good read? I really hope so.

This was an ARC that I should have read and reviewed for last year but didn’t. Not only because I was hardcore slumping when it came to reading but because my head-space wasn’t at its most robust.

This is a memoir about an acclaimed poet’s diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cancer. Apparently it is a story of personal survival interspersed with anecdotes of what it is like to have cancer in a modern world with modern medicine.

I am intrigued by this greatly and am ready to read it this year.





Bone China

I’m gutted that I didn’t read Bone China last year because I wanted to so badly and again, it’s another ARC that I needed to have reviewed before release. ‘Tis ok, I’ll review this year instead!

The thing is – I’m fast becoming a fan of Laura Purcell (if you couldn’t already call me a fan). I’m hardcore loving her collection of eerie Victorian Gothic thrillers and I’m just going to have to keep reading them.

There’s another one due out this year and I’m also looking forward to that – once I’ve read all my existing books of course.





Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is another one that I need to read – mainly because I need to give it back to the person who loaned it to me!

Ok, that’s not the only reason. I’ve heard of this because I haven’t been living under a rock but I don’t know what it’s about at all.

My mother in law has lent me her copy because she really thought I’d enjoy it and as I’ve lent her some books that I’ve really enjoyed which she then also really enjoyed, I’m trusting her taste!





Spinning Silver

Last but in way no least is Spinning Silver. I loved Uprooted very much (my favourite book of 2018) so I’m very much looking forward to this one. Much like with Laura Purcell, Naomi Novik is becoming a ‘must-buy’ author.

This is a book that me and Marina @ Books of Magic are going to buddy read and we’re totally going to achieve that in 2020!


There you have it!

I’ll be very disappointed in myself if I don’t get to these 5 this year so I’ve highlighted them in yellow on my tracking spreadsheet just to really get the message across to my brain!

Let me know if you think they’re good choices and let me know what you’ve included in your Top 5 ‘must get to this year’ list.

Until next week!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Books I Need to Read in 2020!

    1. Ooh, I’ve not heard of The Toll or The Last Voyage. I read The Gilded Wolves last year and I wish it was for me but sadly wasn’t 😦 Lots of people enjoyed it though so it was only personal preference I think. I’m umming about reading The Silvered Serpents but not as a 2020 priority! That or I may get someone to summarise what happens!

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