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It was 50 years BC that Kathy over at Pages Below the Vaulted Sky tagged in me in this music and book themed tag and in the usual Gerry way of things it has taken me this long to get round to doing it. 

Good things come to those who wait right?

Make sure you click on the link to Kathy’s page and check out her answers, in fact check out her whole blog – you will not leave disappointed!

Without further adieu here are my music and bookish answers!

My Jam

A Song You Have To Listen To No Matter How Many Times You’ve Heard It

Attitude by Alien Ant Farm is a song that I listened to on repeat during my uni days (which was some time ago now) but even after all these years I still know all the words and have to belt along at the top of my lungs even if the people around me beg me to stop.

I can’t skip this song on my playlist when it comes on – I just can’t.

A Book That You’ll Never Get Sick Of

american gods

I never re-read books with one exception…. American Gods. I own a rather bashed and battered version which is bashed and battered because of the amount of places I’ve dragged it about with me.

I find something new within its pages each time.


A Song That Reminds You Of The Cringiest Time In Your Life


I cringe when I hear Hard to Say by The Used because it reminds me of when I was totally in love with a douchebag guy I was seeing at university.

He loved this song and it was probably his ‘jam’ and because he loved it and I loved him I used to listen to it all the friggin’ time. Ugh. Just ugh. I didn’t even like it!

A Book You Read That You Wouldn’t Like Now

Point Romance

I was obsessed with Point Romance as a teenage girl. Obsessed. To be honest, if I went back and read some of them I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t still like them. But the chances are high that I wouldn’t because I think I would roll my eyes now.


A Recent Song That You Have On Repeat

If there’s a song that I’m in the mood for I will listen to it until my ears bleed. Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish currently holds the honour.

A Recent Favourite Book


I’m going with one I keep banging on about recently which is my favourite of 2019 – Circe. This is just a gorgeously written book which has the things I love the most – Greek Mythology and witches and is the thing I love the most – a feminist retelling.

Circe herself is a flawed individual and I think that’s why I love her deeply.

Gets Me

A Song That’s Literally Me

In The Middle by Jimmy Eats World just reached in and whacked me in the chest. It has re-affirming lyrics sang in a positive upbeat manner and I used to play it when I was feeling like I needed a boost.

A Book That Is Me In Book Form

Alice in Wonderland.jpg

I don’t think I’m as weird or as fantastical as Alice in Wonderland but I feel I share traits with both Alice and the Queen of Hearts. A curious girl who has no clue where she’s going or how to get there but who really loves her cat? Check. A furious woman who wants things her way all the time? Also check. 


A Weird Song That You Liked Anyways

Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello was the very first song that came to mind.

It’s odd but so darn catchy.

A Unique Book That Stuck Out To You For Some Reason


I know I’ve already had a Neil Gaiman on this list but Neverwhere is wonderfully quirky and unique and I think is the original of all the ‘weird London’ fantasy stories that crop up. In this book we have London (as we know it) and London Below (as we very much don’t know it).

Let's Go

Your Best Pump Up Song

Flux by Bloc Party makes me bounce. Seriously. Every time I hear it I have to move my body. I call it dancing. Believe me when I say, many other’s wouldn’t.

A Book That Inspires You


Wintersong is a book that hasn’t inspired me in the way that you would think.

This is a solid YA book which is a retelling of the move Labyrinth combined with Christina Rossetti’s poem ‘The Goblin Market.’

I liked it enough but the inspiration has come into play because I want to write something involving a goblin king that’s a little darker.


Your Best Chill Or Relaxing Song

This is probably now known as the theme song from ‘House’ which the producers chose because of the heartbeat-esque beat. I’ve always liked Teardrop by Massive Attack and I find it so solidly chill.

A Book You’d Curl Up With On A Rainy Day

The Girl in the Tower

I adored The Bear and the Nightingale so I can’t wait to read The Girl in the Tower. I put off reading it all summer because it really isn’t a summer kind of book and then never got round to it last winter. I have high hopes for this being a perfect rainy day and cup of tea read.


A Guilty Pleasure Song

Um. Yeah. So….

This song and video is very weird and very NSFW.

I actually recommend not watching the video but boy do I love Closer by Nine Inch Nails. There’s rude language and er…. suggestive themes so maybe check out the lyrics before you listen because it may not be your bag.

Totally a guilty pleasure though.

A Light, Trashy Read You Can’t Help But Love

Kiss the Sky

Sometimes I can’t believe that I enjoy Kiss the Sky the amount that I do but I do because I am here for Rose and Connor and their snarky, sparky romance.


A Throwback Song You Look Back On Fondly

Not only does this song remind me of my long lost yoof but it also reminds me of She’s All That which I watched in said long lost yoof. I adore Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim and probably always will.

A Book You Read And Loved When You Were Young

Winnie the Witch.jpg

If we’re totally honest with ourselves it must have been my parents parenting which led me to become obsessed with witches and black cats because Winnie the Witch, a story about a witch and her black cat Wilbur, is a book that I adored from my childhood.

I still have a copy of this book because it is brilliant.

Fun fact: I once owned a girl guinea pig called Wilbur. She was so sassy.

Now I own a girl black cat called Willow. Hmmm.


That’s it from me! I’m not tagging anyone in this one but if anyone wants to do then please do and link back to me so I can see your answers!

See you soon!

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