Book Edit: The Cruel Prince


It’s the 2nd of the month so this means it’s book edit thingy time!

Last month when I did my ‘When Water Sang Fire’ edit from ‘The Language of Thorns’ I said that I would happily take suggestions for any edits that anyone wants to see.

Now I feel like I have to put in a disclaimer each and every time – I’m not particularly good at these. Sadly, neither nature nor nurture gave me a talent for the visual arts BUT I really enjoy doing them and if anyone wants to request anything I really encourage it because they’re just so fun to do.

I had a suggestion from the lovely Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky last month and that was for The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

Ironically, when I read The Cruel Prince I thought, “I would love to do an edit on this because this book is pretty aesthetically sexy.” And then I thought, “shut up Gerry, a million people have already done sexy aesthetics on this book that are ten zillion times better than yours.”

So I put the thought away. Despite me clinging on to the ‘you’re really not good enough to do these’ thoughts it was because Kathy suggested it that I decided I would do an edit after all.

So there ya go. I mean it… I will happily take suggestions. Here’s my attempt and here’s my review of the book.



The Cruel Prince.jpg

Until next time!


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