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Bookish: The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag!

Oh boy! *rubs hands together with devilishly glee* Cynic On Wings knows that I am a Naughty Person and so tagged me in this extremely fun book tag. Check out her equally Naughty Person answers here. Let's do this! What is the most expensive book you own? Which is the least expensive? If this question… Continue reading Bookish: The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag!

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Bookish: 30 Interesting Questions

Today would usually be a Top 5 Tuesday but we're doing something a little bit different as there is no Top 5 Tuesday subject scheduled. Me saying 'doing something a little bit different' means that I'm taking advantage of the mini-break of a scheduled feature to try and catch up on some of the awesome… Continue reading Bookish: 30 Interesting Questions