Book Review: Trick

There is a rule amongst his kind: A jester doesn’t lie. In the kingdom of Whimtany, Poet is renowned. He’s young and pretty, a lover of men and women. He performs for the court, kisses like a scoundrel, and mocks with a silver tongue. Yet allow him this: It’s only the most cunning, most manipulative… Continue reading Book Review: Trick


Book Review: Touch

Love is an immortal bad girl. With a strike of her arrow and a smirk on her face, she pins human hearts together against their will. It’s for their own good, of course—silly, clueless creatures that they are. But Love has never loved. Not until the Fates parcel her off to a small, frostbitten town… Continue reading Book Review: Touch


Book Edit: Trick

Hello my sweeting's! No, I'm not being weird. Well ok, maybe. But one of the characters for this book edit calls all his darlings (and even the not so darlings) sweeting's so I thought, why not? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Where do these sayings come from? Am I the gander? What is a… Continue reading Book Edit: Trick