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Top 5 Tuesday – Dystopian

Who doesn't like a dystopian environment? The people living in it, that's who! This week Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm's┬áTop 5 is all about dystopian books. This genre went through a massive trend a good couple of years ago and though publishers appear 'over it' as I would say in my non-professional opinion; "I proper love… Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday – Dystopian

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Bookish: Book Tag – Dystopian Fiction

I happened upon a Goodreads group called 'Play Book Tag' which can be found here for the interested. In essence what they do is choose a theme each month and then share, discuss, recommend and review the books that fit that theme. The group moves pretty fast and I am pretty slow so I've been… Continue reading Bookish: Book Tag – Dystopian Fiction