Bookending Winter 2020: Books I Can’t Wait to Read in 2021



I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas / festive break and that you’re still having a fantastic Christmas/ festive break if it still applies!

I’m off work until the 6th January so have a nice long period of time off but sadly, like many, it’s not been entirely as expected. You may know (you may have been impacted) but just before Christmas the UK government announced that London and the South East would need to move to a ‘Tier 4’ lockdown status.

This meant more stringent controls on people movement which was much needed on account of the Covid case numbers increasing at a worrying rate, and in part due to a new mutated strain.

However, this also meant my parents and brothers were moved into the new ‘Tier 4’ system and me and my husbands plans to visit them on Christmas Day were cancelled. The county where me and my husband live was then placed into Tier 4 on Boxing Day so then a lot more of our plans were cancelled.

It needed to be done and there’s actually now 4 of our friendship group who have Covid so the virus is finally reaching close to home. Overall it’s been a strange and emotional mix of being grateful for what we do have and allowing ourselves to be disappointed for what we missed.

Unfortunately the best laid plans of well…. me took a detour enough to mean that the pause button was jabbed on my Bookending Winter plans.

My goal was to participate in one topic per host (at least) but I missed a few and will also miss a few more. This will be my last Bookending Winter post but I wanted to write on this topic because it’s all about books for 2021 and there’s lots to look forward to there!

Fictionally Sam is asking us to share our top ten most anticipated reads for next year. Now, she has phrased it as ‘2021 Reads I Can’t Wait to Read’ and I took that to mean books being released in 2021 that we can’t wait to read.

Because I have a lot of books that I can’t wait to read that are not necessarily being published in 2021 (and some I really need to read on account of them being 2020 ARC’s) I switched the wording around a bit.

So, here are my top ten of books I can’t wait to read next year and a few that I NEED to get to next year as they have waited a long time to be read!

The Charmed Wife is a book that is being released next year in January and I definitely need to get to this one as it’s an ARC I’ve been approved for.

I’ve been rubbish at ARC’s this year so am going to prioritise them where I can. This story is about when the ‘happily ever after’ ends and we have a Cinderella who has become very unhappy (murderously so) in her marriage to Prince Charming.

Another ARC – this one due to be published in February (I think)!

Daughters of Night is a historical fiction murder mystery about a young woman determined to solve the murder of a prostitute, a murder that is being completely ignored by the police on account of the dead woman’s profession.

I dig historical fiction so hard at the moment but haven’t read any since June 2020 so am looking forward to this one.

Guess what? Another ARC!

In fairness I am getting the ARC’s out of the way here so expect the next two to also be ARCS (albeit ones published in 2020).

Threadneedle is released May 2021 and is a YA fantasy set in a London filled with magic with a young witch due to have her magic bound, something she is happy about. But will that desire to have her magic bound last? Will it heck!

The Glass House was published in May 2020 and was an ARC that I should have read far before 2021 but it’s been that kind of a year so here we are.

As a genre this has been described as historical fiction/ thriller which should be exciting. A baby girl is found on the ground of a manor house followed by a dead body a few days later. It’s all family secrets and lies apparently. Excellent!

The Sin Eater is a historical fiction ARC published in July 2020 and I must admit it was the cover which really appealed to me first and foremost.

This is a fantasy historical fiction story about women who are condemned to become ‘sin eaters’ – those who eat the sins of the dying as a way to absolve them, allowing the dead to reach heaven. However there is a cost to eating the sins and I don’t know what that is because I haven’t read the book yet. Ahem.

After I read Circe in 2019 I made it my mission to read The Song of Achilles because I’d only heard how wonderful it is. The thing is 2020 was one of ‘those years’ and as I’d heard how tragic and sad TSoA is I wasn’t really feeling it. But 2021 will be its year – I’m certain!

I actually don’t know much about The Betrayals but I purchased this off the back of The Binding which I read in 2019 and adored. I’m aware The Binding was hit or miss for many people but as it was a hit for me I can’t wait to read this one.

Every year since 2017 (maybe even 2016) I have included The Snow Child on my ‘to read list’ and I think at this point TSC may be the book I’ve had on my unread shelf the longest! This is a fairy tale retelling which has been described as lovely but sad and I have both been looking forward to and apprehensive about reading it for a while.

I was thinking that I didn’t receive any books for Christmas but that was an error! The Invisible Library was a gift from my work secret Santa (I had put it on my wish list) and I’m really looking forward to reading it – had no clue it was part of a series though!

As we’re on the subject of literary libraries….. The Midnight Library was released this year (2020) and it’s another book I can’t wait to read but have yet to purchase. I’m on a book buying ban until I’ve made a dent into the ones I own but as soon as I’ve got at least half way through my pile I’ll be adding this one onto it!

Blog Hop

I have been rubbish at many things in this Bookending Winter edition and that includes reading other people’s posts (and even updating my posts on the master spreadsheet).

One of my goals for 2021 is to try and get better at blog hopping and commenting on people’s blog posts (and sharing them too)!


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