Bookending Winter 2020: Positive 2020 Reflections


Hello! I’m back again with another Bookending Winter Feature and if you hadn’t guessed (or to be fair, you might not be able to guess) – I am trying to make sure I fulfill one prompt from each of the lovely hosts!

Read on for today’s!

Sumedha at The Wordy Habitat is asking us to take some time to talk about the highlights in our lives that have made this year bearable.

It’s been a hard year for many people and it may have been an incredibly bad year for many more. Not only has Covid made a direct impact on people’s lives in terms of physical health and changing lifestyles but it’s also made an indirect impact if we look at topics such as mental health.

Despite these things, I think it’s very important to see what good still exists. I saw something the other day that said, ‘positivity doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It means that on hard days you know better ones are coming.’

Another mantra I am trying to live by is in the image below. It takes a lot of effort and energy to find it sometimes but I do try!

For this post I’ve tried to look back at each month and pick my highlight – however small!

I live near a garden centre which is awesome for so many reasons but the prime one is its English Breakfasts! I also live near quite a few friends so it was becoming tradition that we met at the local garden centre once a month and do breakfast. A ‘breakfast club’ if you will!

Obviously Covid put a stop to that for 2020 but here’s one I managed to sneak in pre-lockdown!

Sadly our remaining guinea pig, Clove crossed the rainbow bridge this year but she was a senior girl and was quite clearly slowing down so it was a case of old age.

She survived her companion piggie, Mabel by three years and during that time got to eat as much hay and veggie treats she could ever hope for without needing to share. I say ‘share’ loosely because any guinea pig owner knows it’s more a battle of wills.

This was one of the last pictures I took of her without realising that it would be but look at how cute and shiny and most importantly – how happy she was!

We went into a ‘pre-lockdown’ situation on the 17th March two days before my birthday so it was a weird birthday but as it would turn out – many people would follow suit!

It was also a very good birthday because I got to have a takeaway (yay), watch a movie of my choice (yay), get presents (yay), and not leave the house (which is also a yay because I hate massive social gatherings)!

In January I started a new hobby – hand-lettering! I’m still practicing and I’m still very much a beginner but here was a piece I did in April that I was so happy with! The most important thing is I find hand-lettering so relaxing and am so grateful I gave it a go.

In May I did a fair bit of TV watching as my brain wasn’t up for reading anything.

I ended up watching a lot of half-hour comedy sitcoms because I think that’s what my brain needed. I watched the final season of The Good Place (funny, sweet and moving), binged Schitt’s Creek (funny, sweet and moving), re-watched Disenchanted (funny), binged most of Modern Family (yep, funny) and – guess what – also binged Parks and Recreation.

If you haven’t watched P&R – do it. DO IT. Get past the first season and the first half of the second and then it finds its feet and does wonderful things.

In June our local garden centre (remember that one from January?!) re-opened and it was with a very over excited heart that I went to town with buying stuff including this lovely summery bouquet from the local florist within the garden centre that did my wedding flowers back in 2018!

The first half of the year was filled with mediocre reads and reading slumps. Both of these were broken in July by Evelyn Hugo – a truly superb book which I gave 5 stars to.

Thankfully we still have this cheeky, naughty, affectionate madam with us! August contains National Black Day Appreciation Day but every day in my house is black cat appreciation day. I love her so very much even if she will find the wrapping paper to lounge on mid use!

In the past couple of years I’ve gotten really into gin and I’ve always been really into autumn so the fact I found an autumnal gin is just brilliant. This is a very delicious gin which I highly recommend for those gin lovers among you!

October contained my very first drive through experience which involved the best Halloween movie of all times – Hocus Pocus! Me and my husband actually saw it on Halloween where there was an timely full moon. I managed to catch Winifred hissing at it.

Nothing beats long autumn walks in November!

Which is where we’re at now!

Hello Christmas!

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7 thoughts on “Bookending Winter 2020: Positive 2020 Reflections

  1. Thank you for sharing my post!
    Clove looks like such a sweet girl, I’m so sorry she had to leave.
    I think EVERYDAY needs to be Black Cat Appreciation Day! I hug mine even when he doesn’t want it 😂
    I’ve recently discovered craft gin and it’s really nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah she was indeed a sweetie pie and it’s sad she went but we loved her very much and gave her a good life and I think that’s the bare minimum anyone should do for their furbabies!

      Mine definitely doesn’t want the hugs but she gets them regardless, I love how funny she is because she’s often torn between ‘give me all the love’ to ‘I want none of it.’

      Oh craft gin is the best, I need to check out some more seasonal ones!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree – it’s so important to give a furbaby the best life you can because they give you their all!

        Mine only wants about 2 hugs every few days but it’s very important to just shower him with all the love 😅 but of course… if I offer him in food he’d definitely want to receive tons of hugs.

        I think I’ve had 3 craft gins so far, but I’m pretty sure two of them – the flowers/plants are native to South Africa. But they’re all great!

        Liked by 1 person

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