Bookending Winter 2020: Google Translates My Favourite Books of 2020


Ready for another Bookending Winter post? Of course you are! 😉

Sam at Fictionally Sam first did a Google Translates back in 2018 (see it here) and it looked like so much fun, I had to give it a go! See my first attempt here. (Also, click on the link on Sam’s name to check out her recent version).

Although this feature was supposed to be ‘Google Translates My Favourite Books Holiday Edition,’ I’m being a bit cheeky and turning it into a translation of my favourite books of 2020. This way I get to do the fun prompt and share what my top reads were for this year. Win win!

I used a random country generator which gave me Cambodia so I am translating using their official language, Khmer.

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Eve Leo’s Seven Husbands Hug

An old and unique Hollywood movie icon, Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her amazing life and scandal.

When she recruited an unnamed magazine reporter for the job, no one in the media community was more skeptical than Monique.

Called to Evelyn Lin’s apartment in the East, Evelyn listened as Evelyn told her story of her travels to Los Angeles in the 1950’s until her decision to leave the show business. In the late 1980’s, of course, the seven husbands were on the streets.

As Evelyn’s life unfolds – showing ruthless ambition, unexpected intimacy and forbidden love – Monique begins to have an affair with the actress. But as Evelyn’s story unfolds today, it is clear that her life relates to Monique’s personal life in a tragic and irreversible way.


Season Five

A woman named Essun, who lives a normal life in a small town, returns home to find her husband brutally killing their son and kidnapping their daughter.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, a world-wide empire whose invention became a theory of civilization for a thousand years – collapsed when most of its people were killed to serve the revenge of the madman. And worst of all, in the heart of the continent known as the Stillness, a huge red ridge was torn into the heart of the earth, scattering ashes to darken the sky for a long time. Many years. Or century.

Now Ephon must chase the wreckage of her family through dead territory. Without sunlight, clean water, or cultivable land, and with a limited supply of stocks, wars across the islands would remain a battle of nations, not for power or territory, but only for local resources. Necessary to go through a long darkness. Night.

Essun does not care if the world breaks down around her. She would break it on her own if she had to save her daughter.


Six of Crows

Ketterdam: A bustling business center where everything can be affordable and no one knows better than criminal businessman Kaz Brekker. Gaza is given a chance at heredity that could make him richer than his worst nightmare. But he could not pull it off alone. . . .

Punishment with hunger for revenge

Editors who can not walk away from betting

Run away with a privileged past

Spy known as Varith

The owner of the heart uses her magic to survive in the slums

Thieves with gifts for escape are unlikely

Cass’s crew is the only thing that can stand between worlds and destruction – if they do not kill each other first.

34050917. sy475

The Girl in the Building

Orphaned and cast out as witches by her village, Vasa has few options: resign from her life to live in a convention or let a sister make her compete with Prince Mosit. The two are doomed to a tower cut off from the vast world she seeks. So instead, she chooses an adventure by disguising herself as a boy and riding her horse into the jungle.

When the fight with some of the robbers who caused the rural terrorism made her admire the Prince of Moscow, she had to carefully guard the secrets of her sex to remain in his goodness – Even though she knows that his kingdom is under threat from forced mysteries, only she can stop it.


Black Women

Arthur Kipps, a child helper in London, was called to Crythin Gifford to attend Alice Drablow’s funeral and sort out her papers before returning to London. It was here that Kippi saw the black woman and began to be fascinated by the mysteries around her. From the funeral he traveled to Elmas’ home and saw the woman again. He also heard a frightening sound on the sea.

Despite Kipps’ experience, he decided to stay the night at home and fulfill his professional duties. Tonight at Elmas House, the most terrifying home for Kip. Kipps later discovered the reason behind the haunting at Elmas House. The book ends with a black woman, clearly the last vicious revenge.

What do you think

Let’s look at some glaring plot changes shall we?

First Evelyn Hugo is known by two different names – Evelyn Leo and Evelyn Lin and apparently during the course of this story all of her seven husbands hug (they do not) and end up on the streets (they don’t). An interesting plot twist to the translation which NEVER happens in the book is that Monique and Evelyn begin an affair.

Aside from The Fifth Season becoming Season 5 and Essun’s brief name change to Ephon before becoming Essun again (plus Sanchez is not the name of the world) – the plot actually remains pretty accurate.

The translation for Six of Crows made me laugh. Kaz is known as ‘Kaz,’ ‘Gaza,’ ‘Punishment,’ and ‘Cass’. That’s a lot of name changes. The team aren’t given a chance at a heist to make them rich beyond their wildest dreams but a chance at heredity making them rich beyond their worst nightmare.

I love how wildest dreams have twisted into worst nightmare here because yeah… isn’t that what happens? Inej (the Wraith) is now known as ‘Varith’ and as well as the team involving the usual heist suspects; thieves, spies, runaways, and those who have survived in the slum it also contains the most needed heist player of all:- editors with gambling addictions.

Gonna need those editors.

The plot largely remains the same for The Girl in the Tower but instead of Vasya potentially being forced to live in a convent, the threat is of a convention. Can you imagine? Being locked up in the ExCel Centre until the end of time?! Instead of riding her horse into the snowy wilderness of Russia she is heading into the jungle like this is some random Jumanji crossover.

The Woman in Black‘s plot largely stays the same but the unfortunate translation of ‘woman in black’ to black woman has changed the titular character somewhat. Instead of meaning Arthur is haunted by visions of a ghostly woman in black it’s made Arthur Kipps terrified of a black woman who owns her own home. What a dick. But it’s probably a rather accurate commentary on lawyers in Victorian England.

Blog Hop

No blog posts other than Sam’s to share today as I’m back at work and behind on viewing them! Hopefully will have some more to share next time I post.

See you soon!


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  1. I love these posts lol! I’ve done a few in the past and am planning on doing it again once I finally start writing my Bookending Winter posts. Yours turned out really funny! I laughed out loud when I saw The Fifth Season translated to Season 5.

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