Bookending Winter 2020: 2021 Plans, Goals & Dreams


This year you’ve barely had any posts from me and now you’re getting a whole bunch!

For December I am participating in Bookending Winter – a series of prompts supplied by a variety of book blogging hosts all in aid of getting people blogging, blog hopping and commenting.

I’ve selected 8 prompts that I’m going to try and attempt and key word here is try but I really am going to do what I can. Life and work and all that jazz may get in the way but I like a plan even if they can go awry.

Which brings me to today’s topic….

Cuppa Clo is hosting this question and you can find her own answer here.

Now, as I’ve mentioned, I do like a plan but you know what they say; ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ and all that. Sometimes you can have the most perfectly structured plan and yet, oh and yet…

If any of us were asked at the end of 2019 what our plans would be for 2020 I doubt the reality matched up to the expectation.

For me I really like making plans because it gives me something to aim for and when those plans are achieved or exceeded it’s a joyous feeling.

Now, despite my huge control freak nature and love of when a plan comes together, I am better at letting plans go than you might think. I am fully aware that life does its own thing and while I get frustrated at times that my wonderfully constructed ideas are not so wonderfully executed I’ll say this – I am getting surprisingly good at re-navigating the ship.

So, here are some plans which may or may not come to fruition and may or may not have changed completely by February.

As this is a book blog shall we start with books?

At the end of each year I set myself a new Goodreads challenge. In past years I’ve tried to read one book per week and so my goal was 52. I’ve never been able to reach that target but have settled nicely around 35 so for 2020 I set my target to 35.


I mean there’s still a chance I might reach it…

I’m going to set it for 35 books again for 2021 regardless of whether I reach it for 2020 because it’s a number I’m at least going to remember. As to what I’m going to read I have some ideas but it’s because I really need to try to stick to this self imposed rule:-


At this stage I think reading books and buying books are two completely unrelated hobbies.

As this is a book blog shall we talk blogging?

I’ll be honest with you – blogging was hard this year. I didn’t want to write any posts, I didn’t want to research any posts, I didn’t want to read anyone else’s posts and I didn’t want to comment on anything either.

Life was hard. Blogging took the hit. I also noticed that a lot of online friends I’ve made were blogging less and less and some have now disappeared completely. Like I said, blogging was hard this year.

I almost considered going on a permanent hiatus but reached a half-way house of blogging once a month to do my wrap-up’s even when there wasn’t much to wrap up.

I joined Instagram but I’ve released that while I like looking at photos and taking/ posting my own photos, there are not many self proclaimed bookstagrammers who actually want to discuss the books they read.

I felt like blogging was my patient, long-suffering wife and Instagram was my pretty yet vacant girlfriend.

I don’t have any plans as such for blogging at the moment in terms of content or frequency but I do have a renewed enthusiasm which is a glorious start.

Every year I say this; I need to get my shit together.

This year I didn’t bother keeping track of how much or little I wrote or outlined or edited because frankly, I knew my brain was not up to much in the creativity department.

In other years when I see my word goal for writing I feel a sense of shame but 2020 can go do one. I managed over 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo so I’m counting that win.

Look, I do need to get my shit together on this because it’s the only thing that really gets me down. I suffer from ‘ooh what’s that new idea’ syndrome so I need to learn to commit and complete.

At the beginning of 2020 I started a new hobby – hand lettering – which I enjoyed and found incredibly relaxing. First off I have to say – I don’t care if I ever get good at it because it’s for no one other than me even if I do/ will share some pictures on the ‘gram.

I want to carry on hand lettering and if I get better then that’s a fabulous side effect of a calming hobby. A friend mentioned to me if I got really good at it I could try and sell some stuff but look – we don’t have to monetise everything in this universe. Sometimes our hobbies are our hobbies because of the joy it brings. Sappy I know, but not untrue.

I guess my main ‘life’ goal for 2021 is to see friends and family again. I miss them.

Oh and go on holiday. I NEED TO LEAVE MY HOUSE.

Blog Hop

I’m anticipating more people will add their posts later today/ tomorrow as out of all participants I could only find one other (aside from me and Clo) who have posted so far on today’s topic.

Check out Maude’s post on Psyched about Books who I can tell is awesome because her theme involves pastel colours, she reads books and is currently on target to achieve her BSc in Psychology. I’m not saying that because my theme involves pastel’s, I read books and I too have a BSc in Psychology. Ahem.


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