April 2020 Wrap Up & May 2020 TBR

TBR & Wrap UpYeah… so…. um… yeah. 

This is going to be the shortest blog post and most definitely the shortest wrap up post that I’ve ever done before in my life!

I don’t have a great deal to say this month and I’m actually trying to write this in under 15 minutes (or less) on account of me being tired and wanting to go bed! I’ve just been putting off writing this for some reason but today was my self-imposed deadline date to post this.

What I've Been Reading


Let’s enjoy this soothing tumbleweed shall we?

I read a grand total of zero books. None. Nada. Zilch.

Sexy Stats.jpgThe only sexy stats that I have for you this month is probably how many times a day on average I had a bit of a cry and how many days a week that happened.

What Will I Read

At the end of March I made the very sensible decision to not set myself any reading goals for April because I knew in my little heart of hearts that there was no way I could achieve them.

For May however, I am going to try reading, not one but two books – that’s right two books.


Sorry, I went to another place for a moment there.

First is this one:-

The Glass House

The Glass House is an ARC which is released on 14th May and while I have historically poor form with posting ARC reviews before the release date (because I have historically poor form reading them before the release date) I’ve gotten a bit better at it recently so want to keep up the good habit.

This seems like a tense historical mystery/ thriller involving an abandoned baby, a remote manor, bodies in the wood and secrets, secrets, secrets.

The second book is one I’m aiming to read for this lovely challenge:-

Wyrd & Wonder

I saw Wyrd & Wonder last year on the blogs but saw it too late and even though I knew this was coming up I didn’t think I was in the headspace to do it for 2020.

I mean, I’m probably still not which is why I’m behind and haven’t signed my name up to it yet or have any blog post ideas but I’m going to try. See, it’s that word again – try. 

The book for the month that has been picked for readathon’s and discussions is one that I already own and is on my unread shelf so I was pleasantly surprised at the prospect of being able to join in that at least.

Even if I don’t participate in discussions I would like to read this:-

The Goblin Emperor

The Goblin Emperor is a book that I picked up last year at Waterstones because the description really appealed to me. Is this the month I finally read it? Let’s hope so!

What Have I Been Up To

A lot. Which may seem surprising because my blog has been lacking activity.

It may seem ironic to have a book blog when I don’t seem to be reading books but actually life was just busy and my brain was processing a lot.

That meant that a) I didn’t have time for the blog or reading and b) I didn’t actually want to spend my time on my blog or reading.

I’m lucky that I have a multitude of hobbies and when I wasn’t working so many ridiculous hours a day it meant that I needed to be selective with my free time. So I selected writing, lettering and catching up on sleep. And erm… eating. Which is why I have now signed up to Weight Watchers.

Blog Hop

I was better than last month in that I managed to read a few blogs, like some posts and even comment on a few but I didn’t note down any to include here. That’s not because there weren’t any blogs that I wanted to include here (because there were some fabulous posts out there) but because I didn’t take notes and mark them down for reference.

I didn’t do that last point because – well, time. I had the time to read some posts and possibly comment but I didn’t have time to schedule and track like usual.

Sometimes I didn’t even have the time to comment. That makes me feel bad to admit but in the absence of a decent comment (and it’s because I want to leave decent comments) I would make sure I liked the post.

When things calm down I’m hoping this is one of the first things I do properly again but until then I’ll do what I can and no more.

How was everyone’s April? It felt like a totally different month to March but I don’t know if that’s good or bad or if different is just…. different.

I think it seems to have been a mixed bag for some people, myself included, and I’m hoping May is kinder to us all.

Pop in and say hi in the comments, let me know how you’re getting on, how your lockdown life is going and whether you too have been lacking in blog hopping energy.

I need to not feel alone!!

See you soon I hope! xxx

7 thoughts on “April 2020 Wrap Up & May 2020 TBR

  1. I think we all have the same problem with ARCs but only some of us are talking about it hahaha. I decided to start toppling that list, and I’m on my second one now, out of 20 perhaps? :S Both of the books you want to read sound really interesting, so if you manage that you’ll have a fulfilled month, and if not, no worries, you can be a book blogger without reading, I’ve managed it multiple times. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for reminding us all to be kinder to ourselves. I have been meaning to post some of my writing on my blog and it seems I haven’t had the drive. Sometimes I don’t sleep well and go into a slump of chasing sleep all day. Then I feel bad that I ended up not doing things I had hoped to do that day. But then I remember; there is no deadline for these things and I am the only one making it a big deal. I am working from home during this lockdown and enjoying it. I have managed to get the patio furniture out, pressure washed and ready for good weather here in Alberta, Canada. For now, I am celebrating that part and looking forward to buying plants, potting them and enjoying spring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we all definitely need to be kinder to ourselves! I think it’s easy to think that because the world has shifted we now need to all be mega productive when actually it’s too much of a change for some. As time passes it seems to both get easier and worse – if that’s possible?!

      Oh gosh, honestly – now I’ve started working from home full time I never want to stop. We planted some lavender in our garden this past weekend and it just looks so joyful. Are you still working from home?


  3. I hope you are doing well! I actually have just decided to start blogging, in hopes to get out of my reading slump (which I have been in for a very long time) and fill those long hours in the day with not a lot to do.. Lockdown life has been a mix of all emotions, some days I manage to keep busy, others I spend a lot of time sleeping! I think it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself though, and not put yourself under pressure! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And so sorry to come back to you so late. You can probably tell my replying to comments has tanked massively recently. Are you now out of your reading slump? I can’t say I have done much reading at all since March!


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