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Book Blogger Hop #46 – If You Could Add One Interactive Feature To Books, What Would It Be?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

The Book Blogger Hop can be found on Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and obviously my answers can be found here!

One interactive featureI immediately knew what this would be for me which is a first when it comes to these posts because normally I need thinking time. 

If I had to choose I would have it so that you could smell the scents being described in the story, just a good ol’ waft of it when you get to that section.

I am all about olfactory sensation baby.

Who had scented pens at school? Who had scented toys?! Who still heads towards Lush to stick their nose in the bath bomb pile? Who liberally sprays themselves with one of the many bottles of perfume their dresser?

Well… me! Guilty on all accounts.

If we looked deeper into it there is psychology involved here but hey, when isn’t there?

Smell is one of the primary senses for most animals and although human’s don’t have the acute sense of smell that a dog or cat has, it’s still one of our strongest senses and connects us to our environment around us. Even if most of that connection is subliminal.

cat sniffing flower

I could talk about all sorts of stuff including pheromones here but maybe another time. (Fun fact: some scientists believe that human started kissing as a step up from us sniffing each other).

In a nutshell, there is a strong link between smell and memory more than any other sense. Because memory is often emotive, this means that certain smells will trigger certain emotions even if we’re not really sure why.

The science of it all comes down to what senses activate which parts of the brain and smell tends to activate parts of the brain connected to our limbic system which is all about emotion and memories.

limbic system

I honestly could talk about this all friggin’ day if left to it but I’ll spare you from my nerd enthusiasm.

Pushing Daisies (love that show, I live for Chuck’s dresses) had an episode where the gang had to solve the murder of an assistant of a scientist who (with his ridiculously honed sense of smell) was publishing a scratch and sniff book called ‘The Smell of Success.’


Was he on to something? Probably. If pen and toy manufacturers are onto this then sure as heck, publishers should be. Maybe. For some special editions or something.

Here’s a some quotes from some books that would make for an interesting immersive experience if they had the scent(s) attached. The Secret Garden





Look, I said interesting immersive experience. I never said pleasant.

Can you imagine all the baking books though?



What interactive feature would you like?

I asked my husband and he said he would like to be able to pick one character per book that you had a quick conversation with outside of the dialogue on the page.

If you had a ‘smelly’ book which one would you read? Or do you have a olfactory sensory quote or passage from a book that you’d love to get a whiff of?

See you next time!

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop #46 – If You Could Add One Interactive Feature To Books, What Would It Be?

    1. So sorry that there was a delay in me replying to you – what is this life even?!

      I like your idea with the pop up ‘facts’ – almost like a writers commentary the same when they do commentary’s on movies. I’d love to know a writers thoughts like ‘ugh, this section was hard – took me five days!’


    1. Sorry for my late reply on this, I am incredibly behind on responding to my blog comments!

      Oh gosh yes, a book set in a bakery would be fantastic. Problem is I would probably try to eat the pages or gain so much weight chowing down on actual bread!

      Liked by 1 person

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