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Book Blogger Hop #44 – What is Your Go-To Recommendation for Someone Who Doesn’t Read Often?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

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go to recommendation


You’re probably going to want more than that, right? Ok.

I’ll guess I’ll expand on this.

I don’t have a ‘go to’ staple because I just don’t. There is no blanket book that I can think of that I would dangle like a juicy carrot in front of the face of a non or infrequent reader.

The only time I would actually do that is if the book was a magic one that would turn into whatever that individual happened to like. We’re not there yet though. Or are we?

No. No we’re not.

magic book

What I would want to consider is if someone who doesn’t often read has a reason.

Are they not a reader because they have certain learning difficulties which makes it harder for them? Are they even able to make time in their lives to read a book? Do they just not like reading?

The answers to the above would impact any suggestions I might have.

Also, if someone doesn’t actually like reading I’m not going to start piling them up with book recommendations. That would be the equivalent if someone gave me sport suggestions that they think I would like.


Now I do recommend books to people but there is no ‘one book.’ People read different things after all.

I recommend books to my best friend quite happily and I can gauge what my mother in law might possibly like. Same with one of my brothers. I would feel comfortable gifting them books as well as recommending because they’re a) open minded book readers and b) we talk enough about books for me to know their tastes.

I also recommend books to fellow bloggers but again, this is based on what I can see they have liked in the past.

This isn’t a fool proof approach because I’ve recommended books to people that I thought would love them and they haven’t. Ouch. Is it me or do you feel like you’ve somehow let them down, yourself down and the entire universe down?!

The main thing about recommendations are to just get talking to people; ask what they like/ don’t like in terms of genre or writers, ask what they’ve read recently that they’ve liked/ disliked and ask them why they felt that way.

I always find chatting about general hobbies or even movies or shows that they’ve watched might give some indication of books they’d enjoy.

For example if they’re into their period romances and not survival horror than that might make things clear cut for you. Then again, maybe not…



This is a brief post this week my friends! Do you have any book(s) that are a ‘go to’ recommendation? If so what about it/them that makes you suggest it?

If you don’t do recommendations, why not?

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop #44 – What is Your Go-To Recommendation for Someone Who Doesn’t Read Often?

  1. It’s funny, I can think of shows and movies I’d recommend to basically everyone but no books.

    I think it’s because non readers tend to be harder to please, and everyone else watches tv or film (regardless of how “casually” they do so).

    Just like you, I have to ask what they like, the sort of stuff they seem to gravitate towards in other mediums, and so on. Meanwhile I can scream “WATCH SHOWA GENROKU RAKUGO SHINJU” to most people and feel good about it lol.

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    1. I’m inclined to agree with you re. the tv or movie thing. Also I think it’s because some people can watch tv or a movie on tv while doing other things so they don’t have to fully commit. It’s almost like they can trial it while multitasking and then commit afterwards – if that makes any sense at all?

      I think with reading you’re asking someone to take time away and focus which is why I get much more nervous about recommending books even if that person can just put it down. It feels a bit more exposing somehow!

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  2. Interesting thoughts on this topic. It’s hard to try and figure out what a Non reader would like. I had to pick out books for my aunt who doesn’t read. She asked for “a good book” for Christmas because she knows I work at barnes and noble. I asked her for genres she liked and she said romance or mystery. It was SO hard, I hope she liked my choices though. It’s so much easier to recommend a book to people who read because for the most part readers are open minded to trying something.

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    1. Oh boy, you know what? I would have no idea what to recommend to your aunt. I’d probably have 20 more questions to narrow down what type of romance or what type of mystery? Are we talking hard core missing torso Scandi drama? Are we talking little old lady detective solves country murders while drinking tea? This is why I can’t recommend to non readers. Too many variables.

      What did you pick for your aunt in the end and did she like them? Do you find working at a bookstore helps with suggestions? When I go into bookstores, the sellers are really good at giving me options but then I tend to engage with them anyway!


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