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Top 5 Tuesday – Bookish Habits

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This was a bit of a tricky one for me this week because I didn’t actually really know what counted as a ‘bookish habit.’ I’m sort of hoping these do but hey, if they aren’t there’s no changing them now!

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Once upon a time I refused to buy a Kindle. Then I bought a Kindle. Then I lived happily ever after. The end.

The Kindle hasn’t saved my life but it sure has saved my back.

My top bookish habit is that I used to bring a book everywhere I went when I left the house, even if I knew I wouldn’t really get a chance to read it. Now I leave the big books for home time reading but I have to have my Kindle with me wherever I go.






Obviously if I’m on the go (i.e. reading while out and about) I can’t do this one but when I’m at home and settling down to read I must have a cup of tea. To begin a book without one by my side just doesn’t feel right.






I mean, I don’t know if this is so much a habit as a personal flaw.

I don’t actually use bookmarks for my books. I try, I really do but for some reason it’s as though every book I have actively rejects them. I have an image in my head of the book becoming sentient when I leave the room and just…. spitting out the bookmark as if I’d just slipped it a nasty tasting pill.

Even the most sturdiest of bookmarks have ended up snapped in two. I end up using anything and everything else instead including (but not limited to) train tickets, receipts, post it notes and chocolate wrappers. The longest lasting bookmark I had was a crumpled up $1 bill from when I went to America in 2013 which lasted until 2018.

Go figure.






I don’t even try to begin a new book until I’m done with the one I’m currently reading. Even if I’m being incredibly slow. Even if I know that I’m probably going to DNF it because it’s taken me three painful weeks to get through to page 50 I will not pick up a new one to read.

It’s only when I’m finally done or when I’ve admitted defeat and closed the covers for the last time that I’ll move on. I can’t be a multiple book reader, my brain doesn’t work that way.

This has however, contributed to my ever increasing TBR pile as this habit doesn’t stop me buying new books.






I’ve spoken before about how much I struggle with summer. It’s not my season. At all.

In summer other people often try and read books with summer themes or set in hot places or whatever. Not me – oh no.

Although I read winter books in actual winter I also try and read them in summer. While other’s are daydreaming of sun, sand and surf I’m wistfully looking forward to when the leaves turn brown and I can start wearing my boots and jumpers again. At least this way I can pretend for a bit.


Here you are my lovelies! Five book habits which may or may not be habits.

Do you relate to any? What are the habits that come to mind that you do?

Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Bookish Habits

  1. Ahh this is such a fun post, I love it so much! I have and use bookmarks, but I also tend to use… anything else, too, like train tickets and receipts and things like that, it’s a mess sometimes hahahaha.
    Also, YES. I CAN’T read multiple books at a time, either, I just have to finish or give up on my current read before getting a new one, too! I can’t do any other way ahha 🙂

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    1. I once used a train ticket as a book mark that was actually my train ticket for the day. When it came to putting it the barrier at my destination to get me through – during London rush hour – and having to dig my book out of my bag in front of pissed off commuters I remember thinking, ‘I need to get an actual bookmark.’

      I mean…. I didn’t actually get an actual bookmark but the thought was there.

      I’m glad others join me in the inability to multi-read. It’s a skill I just don’t have!

      Liked by 1 person

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