End of Year Wrap Up 2019 (Part 1)

End of Year Wrap Up.jpg

Hello gorgeous people!

My blog posts have been a bit ‘thin on the ground’ as I ease myself back into blogging post hiatus but I’m already raring to go for 2020 and have some pre-written content which is allowing me to mop my brow in relief.

This post (incredibly similar to last year’s *ahem*) is my 2019 wrap up and I’m doing it in two parts (also incredibly similar to last year’s).

Today’s post is on blogs and blogging and part 2 will be on books.



I started The BookNook UK at the end of March 2018 and so I reached my first anniversary of blogging this year (whoop) and wrote about what I have learnt so far in this post here.

For those of you who don’t want to read old content – and why not huh? Huh??!! – I basically impart my own dodgy brand of advice with these tips:-

  1. Know what you want to get out of your blog so you know what you need to put in aka goal setting (because I love me a goal);
  2. Determine whether you can commit to your goal and if not, it’s okay to scale it back to something more achievable to your lifestyle;
  3. If something goes wrong or doesn’t work out the way you intended – it’s going to be alright. Life wouldn’t be life without these interruptions;
  4. Interaction is the best thing about blogging;
  5. If blogging stops being fun and starts being stressful – take stock and take a break;
  6. Be yourself in all things.

I have had to pay attention to my own advice over the past year (go figure) and ended up taking a couple of month’s off from blogging because life was getting too much. My plan was to continue commenting on other blogs but ultimately I couldn’t do that either.

‘Tis okay. See point 3 and point 5 above – it means I’ve come back with a bit more…. what’s the scientific term? Va va voom.

As I did stats for 2018 I’m going to present my stats for 2019, so here ya go!

2019 Blog Stats.jpg

Those top four posts can be found here:-

It’s very important to me to acknowledge each and every person who has read my posts, liked them, commented on them and followed my blog. Even if you decided to do one of the four – thank you so so much. 

thank you.gif

I’ve been so incredibly lucky to have made friends via blogging and not only are they awesome people but they have awesome blogs too.

I want to say a massive thank you to the following: Marina @Books of Magic, Cynic on Wings, Kathy @ Pages Beyond the Vaulted Sky, and Aurora @ Aurora Librialis.

All of us seem to have either done an extended hiatus this year or are currently on an extended hiatus but I smile every time I see you’ve posted.

If you haven’t checked out the above blogs please do – they are fantastic! The only reason I’m not including them in my ‘Mega Awesome Bloggers’ list below is because they were included last year and I want to give love to some more awesome bloggers.

The below have commented a ton on my blog this year so thank you so much! I also have a smile when I see you’ve commented and can’t wait to continue to chat with you in 2020!

To quote a famous Disney villain – you poor unfortunate souls! 😉

Mega Awesome Bloggers

the orangutan librarian.png

The Orangutan Librarian is a blog that I know you’re following already right? And if you’re not – why exactly is that again?!

Not only are we talking consistently excellent writing and top quality blog posts (including some sharp satirical writing) but we’re also talking some pretty darn amazing orangutan related illustrations to boot! The Orangutan Librarian also manages to reply to all comments on their blog plus support and comment on other blogs as well.

Phew. That deserves a banana or ten.


Ren Strange

Ren Strange has something for everyone. If you want book posts, she’s got it; if you want music posts, she’s got it; if you want movie posts then she’s got that too!

What you get is a smorgasbord of content but it’s an extremely tasty smorgasbord with no scrimping on quality of writing or the abundant enthusiasm for all that she writes about.

My particular favourite series is ‘Slytherin Greatness’ where Ren does her house proud to discuss in fabulous analytical detail why certain fictional characters are Slytherin and why that’s an awesome thing.


Reading Under the Blanket

Norrie @ Reading Under the Blankie makes me think ‘murder’ but before you start panicking and calling the police I will reassure you as to why this is a good thing!

First of all Norrie is open and honest about her life and all that happens within it which makes for an incredibly human blog. She is also the Queen of Witty Asides that she nestles throughout her blog posts and though she isn’t a Brit (I don’t think?) her sense of humor is so dry that she may have well as sprung from the English soil itself.

Believe me when I say – this is a good thing.

Norrie doesn’t just write about crime and thrillers but when I think those two genres I immediately think of her. In fact, I’ve found myself reading more of those books simply because of her reviews. And again, this is a good thing.


Of Ages Past

Anne Marie @ Of Ages Past is a lady that ‘talks Tolkien’ but she doesn’t only talk the talk, oh no – she is a lady who also walks the walk. By that I mean Anne Marie has taken her passion and published books about Lord of the Rings.

Not only is she dedicated but her overwhelming joy for her subject matter is plain to see and this has expanded outwards to all things fantasy especially those that are set in medieval-esque time periods and her Fantasy Friday feature is a particular delight in helping us fantasy treasure hunters find some less well known gems!



Sophie @ Beware Of The Reader is someone you don’t need to beware of at all, unless you want to stay away from hilarious posts that include; updates about her life (which seems both manic and joyous), deviating in a splendidly cheeky way from the rest of the crowd with her Top 5 Tuesday’s; and her book reviews where she doesn’t hold back from her feelings at all – and we love her for it.

Did I mention her candles and Instagram yet? Well now I have with the additional caveat of: you must check them out. Her Instagram is especially delicious and is such a visual snack for the eyes!


Of course there are so many more bloggers out there and if I haven’t mentioned you it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog dearly!

I hope you are all enjoying Day 1 of 2020 so far and I can’t wait to speak to you all soon!


13 thoughts on “End of Year Wrap Up 2019 (Part 1)

  1. Hi! I’ve been so busy working on my Master’s Degree this past year that I gave up following all these blogs until I can breathe again which is still 2-3 months away. Now 3/4 done with the first draft of my Thesis on the role of Nienna in the Fall of Sauron (aka what a vital role pity and mercy played). I really want to finish it by that most awesome of days March 25 – very fitting, don’t you think? 😉 So very late here to say thank you very much for including me on your list! Thrilled to have such kind comments! 🙂

    Namarie, God bless and hobbit hugs, Anne Marie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh well done on the Master’s Degree! I completed mine back in 2017 so I can completely relate to how exhausting and time consuming they are.

      I bet you’re looking forward to the end being so close!

      No problem at all! I’m sending you time and effort and patience (all things needed when doing a Masters) and hopefully will catch up with you when you are done! Are you sharing your thesis when you’ve done it? I think it would be an interesting one to read.


      1. Hi, very much looking forward to its completion and thanks for all your gifts! I will be sharing it when it’s done. Nienna has been neglected overall in research, so happy to fill a void here. Then I will move onto my own fantasies that have been waiting as patiently as possible for me to fully commit to them. Fun, fun!

        Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gerry!!!!!! How have you been???? I hope you had a good holiday!! I also took a break from blogging because life got a bit messy, and I uh, decided to brainstorm and run an entire book promo event. Turns out promos are time-consuming and exhausting as hell. WHO KNEW.

    Anywho, I missed you a LOT and I’m hoping to come back next week or so (knock on wood). Happy 2020!!!! Here’s to many more awesome books and rambling discussions in the comment section 😄 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heya Kathy! I was off for a bit longer with regards to blogging than I would have liked and I know I’ve missed out on a whole bunch of stuff but I needed the break (and it was a good idea). I kind of thought you also had taken a bit of a break because it had a gone a bit quiet on your blog :p

      Oh my gosh – the book promo event sounds interesting though! Are you going to talk about what you did/ how you did it? I think that would be a really intrigue read.

      Take your time and don’t come back before you’re ready but I’m totally here and waiting 😉 I can’t wait to catch up again and I hope you’re having the best start to 2020! xxx


      1. Yeah I’ll definitely have to write *some* kind of post about it. XD It’s been an experience and I’ve had a LOT of mini breakdowns, but overall it was really fun!! But also, like, really time consuming? I have zero clue how authors do it on top of writing and day jobs and other stuff.

        I’ve also been in a HELLISH reading slump, so that kind of contributed to the hiatus too. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy new year! ❤ Hope 2020 will treat you well!
    What a lovely post! And i'm melting here 😀 You cracked me up! Here's to many more murders (fictional only!) and mysteries for the new year!

    Liked by 1 person

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