Temporary Hiatus (Sort Of…)

Temporary Hiatus.jpgLike I said…. ‘sort of.’

Let me explain because I could leave this here but wow, that would be the shortest and most pointless blog post ever. If you know anything about my blog posts you know I can’t keep them short but routinely excel myself on the pointless.


I am taking a temporary hiatus of sorts from blog posting. 


In the words of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, “Life, er, finds a way.”

To expand in the words of Gerry, “Life, er, finds a way to be incredibly inconvenient and annoying.”

In a nutshell I am struggling a wee bit to keep on top of writing blog posts, interacting with other bloggers (or even reading their posts!), writing my ‘so-called’ novel, reading any books and just generally ‘doing life.’

For reasons that I have alluded to in previous blog posts I have been off work for the past six (almost seven) weeks. You’d think not working would mean I would have boundless energy, inspiration and time but alas no. Because it’s been health related and not a holiday it doesn’t really have the same relaxing effect.

If it was a relaxing holiday I’d be drinking mimosa’s at 11 am on a sun lounger but one cannot drink mimosa’s at 11 am at home in one’s bed.

Well, one can but it wouldn’t be right.



I’ve started working again this week on a ‘phased’ approach which means a lot of mental energy is getting redeployed from the blog onto work. As well it should. I love this blog but it doesn’t pay me to keep my cat in the manner to which she has become accustomed.

Guys…. she now won’t eat anything other than Sheba cat food. Sheba. The effing premium brand.

Look at this cute, spoiled cat who gets whatever she wants.


willow 2.jpg

Side note: She is obsessed with towels. If they are wrapped around a freshly showered human, even better.


Because I’m behind on a whole bunch of stuff and just getting more and more behind something has to give. I’ve decided that the ‘something’ has to be new blog content for the immediate future. Possibly until December.

My plan of pre-writing and pre-scheduling posts hasn’t worked and so I’m now trying to write 3 – 4 blog posts per week which are supposed to go up that very same week.

Ugh. I don’t like this approach at all. I’m such a stress head as it is.

So what’s the plan if I’m not posting blog updates? Do I even have a plan?!

Well my ducks, of course I have a plan!

Mental Health Recharge

It’s very important for all of us to take a break when our brains get tired. Being a book blogger is surprisingly tiring as many of us can probably attest to.

Being a book blogger means we have to y’know…. read books. And then we have to actually blog about them. Writing is hard. Thinking about what to blog about is hard. Words are hard. Brains are hard.

Well, apparently brains are more the consistency of thick custard but you know what I mean.

I’m pretty sure I’ve blathered on about this before but I think it’s really important for people to take a break. If the things we love doing become more of a chore than fun than it’s definitely time to take a break.

You know what’s great about a re-charge? When you’re all charged up!

You come back with more bounce than Tigger.


Possible Job Search

Eh. I won’t go into this one in too much detail because it’s only a ‘possible’ and I don’t want to get into it. I will only say that if this ‘possible’ becomes a ‘definite’ than I’m going to have to spend some time on this.

Otherwise the cat will be back on Whiskas and frankly…. I can’t handle the look of betrayal she’ll give me. reading books

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a book blogger in possession of a book blog, must be in want of books to read.” 

~ Completely 100% original quote by Gerry


Earlier this year, on account of mental fatigue, I went through The Slump.

The Slump is an urban horror story told by readers to other readers around darkened campfires. It starts off by taking you ages to finish a book that shouldn’t really take you that long. Then you struggle to find a book you want to read. You eventually pick it up…. you put it down.

You never pick it back up.

This can last for….. weeks….. maybe even…..months.


I’m over The Slump, thank goodness, but want to get back into more of my reading mojo. If I’m not reading than eventually I may struggle with blog content.

Sexy WIP

kristen bell.gif

Guys I am loving GIF’s because they are summing up all my feelings better than words ever could. Remember what I said earlier? Words are hard. 

There was a tweet recently from someone, I’ll call him ‘Entitled Dude’ who basically said that unless you were dedicating 100% of your time to writing – regardless of jobs, personal commitments, health and financial worries – then you aren’t a proper writer.

Because I am loving GIF’s here is the awesome Kristen Bell again with my response to that statement.

kristen bell 2.gif

Writing is work and Entitled Dude has clearly not seen Jurassic Park nor learnt the important lesson that Ian Malcolm was trying to impart.

Entitled Dude has had an outpouring of outrage which is probably one of the few times I’ve agreed with twitter users responding with irritation to a tweet.

Needless to say, I have waaaaay too many sexy and non-sexy WIPs and probably need to do something about that. Not because Entitled Dude says so but because say so.

November is NaNoWriMo anyway and I’d like to give that a shot again.

reading blogs and commenting

Er Gerry? You said you were taking a temporary hiatus.

Yes but I also said ‘sort of’ and may I refer you back up to this statement:

I am taking a temporary hiatus of sorts from blog posting. 

My sneaky self italicized the word ‘posting’ and it ain’t just because I think italics are pretty.

I am so behind on reading and commenting on other blogs which sucks because it means I’m missing out on one of the things I enjoy the most about blogging – the community. 

I don’t want to sit in a vacuum and yell out my thoughts all the time (even though I definitely want to yell out my thoughts) because I like hearing the opinions of others.

When people announce a hiatus from blogging, usually that means they are taking a full step back. I’m aiming to take half a step. I want to still be present but instead of updating on my blog I want to be checking out what’s going on.

Basically over the next couple of months I’m bringing nothing to the party but plan on eating your snacks.

writing blog content

Oh bleeding heck woman, you just told us that you weren’t going to be blog posting for a while. What is actually wrong with you?!

Ok, so hear me out.

I’m not actually going to be posting anything (aside from maybe an ARC review or two…) but that’s also because I am behind on that pre-writing and pre-scheduling stuff I was telling you about.

Now I know I can’t schedule my way into infinity here.

Or can I?

No. It turns out I can’t but what I can do is try and get back to a reasonable enough schedule. This will hopefully mean that I’ll have enough blog posts pre-written ensuring that I’m not trying to scrabble to write those 3 blog posts a week on the week I was intending to post them.

It will also hopefully mean that if I have a dud week or two that I have some content, however little, already lined up and ready to go.

An organised Gerry is a happy Gerry.

Er the below is me… on top of the world… having organised myself.

Just in case you didn’t get that.
Top o' the World

So that’s it for the time being.

That sounds ominous. It really isn’t. Honestly, I’ll be hanging around people’s blogs like a bad smell and if I get inspired by something and absolutely MUST write a blog post and post immediately than I will.

Just because I’m temporarily hiatusing myself doesn’t mean I can’t temporarily un-hiatus myself.

See you soon!



18 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus (Sort Of…)

  1. I completely related to this, Gerry. I have been out on medical leave for six months and am still struggling with the fact I am not reading all the things and writing all the posts. Most days being awake is all I have in me. I commend you for taking a step back, and really… when you aren’t interacting in the community it gets kind of boring. Well, it is for me. I am trying to be better with hopping. LOL. Anyways good luck with everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Kal, it’s such a drain isn’t it? I was explaining to a friend that even though I’ve had time off from work it hasn’t been a holiday and my brain had nothing to give anyone anymore let alone actually being able to invest energy into writing blog posts. I love reading but when you reach that level of mental exhaustion even that is a painful chore. I spent a lot of time in the first weeks crying and sleeping. At some points I would get out of bed, shower, make the bed and then get back into it because that’s all I had!

      I’m my own worst enemy usually and will push on until I break so this *actual* break will be good for me. I miss the interaction and can’t wait to get back to it, I know I’m missing out on some awesome posts (yours included) so am looking forward to a hardcore blog reading sesh at some point!

      I hope things are better with you now?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea, it is sooo draining! And then I feel REALLY guilty because I haven’t been able to read or write or blog hop even though I have ~all this time~. I am proud of you for taking the time, and if you are able to shower daily you are better off than me lol.

        Pfft don’t worry about what you are missing — the posts will still be there when you have the energy lol. xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s funny how the brain works isn’t it because I was experiencing massive amounts of guilt as well, like I kept saying to myself ‘if I have this time off shouldn’t I be *doing* something with it?!’ But if anyone else was in the same situation I’d be giving them the eye and telling them they need to rest and get their mind better. People are complex and fascinating creatures.

          Showering is the one thing that I made myself do but it was such a chore and this comes from the person who usually friggin’ adores a shower. It was my one tick and my uber achievement which sounds so silly haha.

          Oh I can’t wait to catch up! xxxxx


    1. Thank you, I think she’s the bees knees but then she’s my furbaby so I’m massively biased! She did eat Whiskas and then got really fussy and wouldn’t eat it all so I tried her on some others and of course the one she loves the most is the ruddy Sheba. She’s a friggin’ princess!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You know I’ll miss you, but if you’re going to be smelling around than all is fine, I am still breathing. __> but it meant so much, and you know I credit you mostly for my sensational comeback. 😛 Scheduling is the best and it’s such a relief knowing you have some content in front of you, so you do you and we’ll be here. ❤ I will write you on Gr though, you're not off the hook there. 😛 🙂 When you decide to come back, I wish you feel the same way that Paint Gerry on top of the world feels! 🙂

    My kitty eats Whiskas, the trick is not showing her other food exists! xD I do indulge her with yogurt sometimes, she loves it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m very much going to be around I reckon, just a wee bit silent on my blog but hopefully not on anyone else’s! I’m just massively behind so need to play a bit of catch up. I’ll also still be active on Goodreads (not that I’m *active* but I’ll respond to messages :P)

      Honestly Willow has a deep love for cheese but cheese does not have a deep love for her so never the twain shall meet again because the twain met once and it was disastrous!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooh I hadn’t forgotten about our buddy reads but could we schedule it for week beginning the 16th? I’m on annual leave next week but am away in Cornwall and though I will be planning on reading I wasn’t planning on doing any social media so we may struggle connecting re. buddy read! When I’m back on the 16th I’ll be more accessible!

          Liked by 1 person

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