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Book Blogger Hop #34 – Do You Always Have a Book With You?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

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Do you always have a book with you

We’re going to play ‘anatomy of a handbag’ and it’s going to get real. 

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It’s been happening since I was 17 years old and I’m now 34 so for 17 years of my life I was ‘fine’ and for 17 years I’ve not been so fine.

It comes and goes in waves. Some periods of anxiety and panic attacks are generally very mild and result in minor avoidance tactics and some are so severe I basically become housebound.

Throw in some bouts of depression and a cancer diagnosis aged 31 and I am great fun to talk to at parties.

No really, I actually am. Most people I know have no clue about the above and I’ll always be found yacking away to people about nonsense, dancing to the band and am often one of the last to leave. Sure ‘fun time Gerry’ will spiral into anxiety that will last weeks but only a select few in The Real World know about that.

My brain likes to contradict itself often. It is exhausting. 

On account of my anxiety I don’t drive. I can drive, but I don’t. I’m looking into trying to get over that.

I either walk where I can or use public transport. Our public transport system isn’t always great. The trains are often delayed, cancelled or they reduce carriages and because I live on the London commuter belt this often results in overcrowding.

Overcrowding means I can’t get onto the train because…. you guessed it… panic attacks and anxiety. What fun! I have been known to wait on a train platform for over an hour before I feel comfortable or ‘ready’ to get on a train.

I have also been known to get a train that gets into my destination over two hours before I need to be there because I know the ‘best’ train is also the busiest.

My handbag consists of the following items at all times:-

  • Keys
  • Purse
  • Phone
  • Water
  • Umbrella (I do live in England after all)
  • Plastic bag
  • Travel sick tablets
  • Stomach upset tablets
  • Emergency diazapam
  • Vaseline
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Book or Kindle

Guys….. I cram a lot of stuff in my bag! Sometimes there’s even snacks! No seriously, I found a surprise mini Snickers bar yesterday and I was over the moon.

Anyway… because I commute and because I can be found waiting places for people or for the next train I need something to occupy my time and my mind. Normally this is reading. If I’m slumping because my brain can’t cope with the world then it becomes scrolling through the nonsense on my phone.

Regardless of whether I’m slumping or not I still like to have my book or Kindle on me. I’m leaning more towards my Kindle now for out of house stuff on account of my Mary Poppins bag of crap killing my back.

If I shove a 500+ page hardback in my bag there’s a chiropractor somewhere with pound signs in their eyes I swear it.

So yes, I always carry a book with me. I’ve made my reasons sound really sad but honestly, 17 years and you get used to it. I really enjoy reading so it’s never wasted time.

Aside from when I play Lily’s Garden on my phone. Or go on Tumblr. I have no excuses there.
Blog Hop

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Let me know whether you always carry a book with you and your reasons for doing so. They don’t have to be as semi-tragic as mine!

I’ll hopefully see you next week when I answer the question of whether I own more than one copy of a book.

Until then!

18 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop #34 – Do You Always Have a Book With You?

  1. I don’t talk to many people in real life about my mental health issues either (well, not unless it comes up) because…I don’t know–I’m all for being more open about my struggles, but I never really know when it’s the right time to bring it up? It’s so much easier airing your problems out to the internet sphere.

    And I’ve been making book sleeves lately, so I’ve taken to carrying my paperbacks in my bag more often. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to be more open about it and when I am I’m often surprised by how many people share their own experiences with mental health problems. There will always be those who don’t understand because they’ve been fortunate enough to not experience any issues and with those I just accept that it is difficult to comprehend and move on. I also wish them continued luck with their mental health because I know how impactful it is and wouldn’t want to wish it on anyone!

      It’s only really come up in conversation at the moment because of my complete breakdown at work so I have tended to just say ‘I’m having some mental health concerns at the moment’ and leave it at that. If people are concerned than I’ll explain more otherwise I leave it.

      Oooh making book sleeves? What’s that?!


  2. I’m a bit like you… can drive but don’t :/ Lately i’ve been thinking i should.
    I never carry a physical book with me. My bag is already so heavy, that usually i can see red marks on my shoulder when i take it off. But i have all my books on my phone kindle app so i’m sorted 🙂

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  3. I always have a book with me because you never know when you’ll find yourself with downtime and need something to occupy you.
    I used to have a huge driving phobia and what helped me was essentially exposure therapy. Start with parking lots, move up to backstreets, then highways. It took a long time, but now I feel no anxiety getting behind the wheel. If you ever decide you want to drive, that’s what I recommend (with the help of a therapist).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was planning on investigating hypnotherapy to see whether that would work for a driving phobia. The last time I drove was about 3 years ago and it was only very briefly and my poor husband was next to me not having a good time because I clearly wasn’t having a good time!

      It’s good to know that you’ve managed to overcome yours!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing my post, Gerry! 💕💕

    I find that I don’t always have a physical book with me because I’m super forgetful, but I just downloaded OverDrive so now I almost always have an ebook with me! And I almost always have snacks or chocolate in my backpack or purse. I’ve made many a friend by offering chocolate randomly lol.

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  5. Thanks so much for linking to my post!! 😊

    I’m really glad that having a book with you helps you with dealing with tough public transit situations. I also don’t drive, and having a book with me – even if it’s just an audiobook or the Kindle app on my phone – definitely makes those long waits more bearable when it comes to public transit.

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