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Book Blogger Hop #32 – What Do You Like/ Dislike About Self Published Works?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

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self publishedThis feels like a strange question to answer. 

If the question was directed to writers with ‘what do you like/ dislike about self publishing?’ I feel there would be more merit to the answer.

There are, of course, pros and cons to both traditional publishing and self publishing but that’s what an aspiring author has to weigh up before they choose which route to invest their time (and often – their money).

NB: Self publishing is also known as independent publishing or ‘indie’ publishing.

That’s not to say that an author couldn’t go down one route with one book and then switch and in this modern day with different publishing channels plus social media, the idea of self publishing is far more viable and respected as an option.

As anyone can self-publish and there are still the traditional paths it can make for an over-inflated market so if you’re a writer trying to make it as a professional there’s a lot out there to compete with.

This is a little mini guide on some pros and cons of both – it’s just to give an overview and is not a definitive list!

Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing.png

But what does this mean for the question asked in this weeks blog hop?

Well if there is someone weighing up the pro’s and con’s of how to deliver their product then it makes sense that there are pro’s and con’s for the recipient, right?

I said it feels like a strange question to answer because for me it is. I don’t often consider the likes and dislikes of how a story is presented to me, I just care for the content of said story.

The things I look for in a story are – characters, plot, world building and writing. Give me a theme or two and I’m sitting pretty. I don’t look for whether it has been published by a traditional publishing house or via a self published one and I wouldn’t really care how a story has been published as long as I adore the story.

I think it’s a myth to say that traditionally published books are ‘better’ because that’s not always the case.

Yes, it’s been processed through a system of professionals and so the finished product in terms of editing and book artwork may be of a higher quality (or should be) but if a self published author has put the effort, time and money in there’s no reason why their finished book wouldn’t also be of a high quality – or higher due to their full creative control.

The flip-side of course is when there are self published authors who haven’t maybe spent as much time as they should have done and so the quality could be a wee bit…. um…. lacking. We know it happens.

The downside to those fabulous authors who have self-published fantastic books is that they don’t have a powerhouse publisher behind them and so their reach is limited. This means you are less likely to wander into a bookstore and idly pick up a book while browsing.

Although it depends on the marketing budget that the publisher has set for that particular title you may find that traditionally published books get significantly more marketing and advertising and so you are more aware of that book in the first place.

With self published authors they have to reach out to their target audience to ensure their book gets out into the world and they need to do the entirety of their own marketing. Again, a lot of effort, time and money is required but it has to be seen as an investment rather than cost.

After all, if no one knows your book exists then no one will read it. I do wonder how many people have self published some glorious books that we will never know about!

Blog Hop

So sorry everyone, it’s been a strange sort of week with little to no blog hopping for me. I hope to back on full force next week.

It’s been a sporadic and up and down couple of months which I’m hoping will turn a corner soon!


What are your thoughts on traditionally published versus self published work? Do you have a preference? Any likes/ dislikes? Are you generally not bothered?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll hopefully see you next week for a blog post on ‘title of your own autobiography!’

7 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop #32 – What Do You Like/ Dislike About Self Published Works?

  1. Like you say, it honestly doesn’t matter whether a book is traditionally or self-published as long as the content is there! Then on the other hand, I personally hold reservations about a less-marketed book because I’m someone who likes to read lots and lots of reviews before committing to a book due to time constraints. Which doesn’t affect me, of course, but I’m sure that affects self-published authors’ sales since readers aren’t hyping the book until months or years later.

    If it were me, I would prefer to be traditionally published since it does guarantee some degree of hype, although not having full creative control would drive me mad. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have any say in the book cover. 😆

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    1. If I see a self published book that has got a lot of positive reviews then I’m all for reading it because I’m like you – I sort of want to know that I’m not wasting my time and that the book has at least been read by others before me.

      I tend to receive a lot of emails from authors who are self published and use book bloggers to try and get marketing/ reviews and the only reason I haven’t done that is because I get so many requests but my TBR is currently horrendous. I’ve also gone through a slump which has made me hyper critical so think it would be unfair. I’m not adverse in the future to commit to reading one self-published book a month especially if the book looks interesting.

      Some of the emails/ books look promising and others sadly don’t.

      I’ve read someplace that the best way to start is by writing and giving out a free book by publishing it via Wattpad or something and build up your audience that way! It worked for The Martian I guess!


  2. I self-published my two books on Middle-earth and I have a fantasy series or two dying to come out that most likely will be self-published also. I wish more attention was paid to indie books because they are so many of them out there that are generally ignored and could be absolutely wonderful. You are right we are missing out on lots of them simply because we don’t know they exist.

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    1. I’m very interested in your journey of self publishing Anne Marie – are you planning on writing about what it was like at all/ what worked/ what didn’t work/ how you marketed etc?

      It’s such a popular way to publish nowadays and it’s not all about traditional publishing anymore but I think it’s such a minefield to navigate!


      1. Hi, thanks for your questions. For the first book, I paid a self-publishing service to publish it and paid a lot to promote it but mostly the sales came from my friends and from Amazon and not much from all the money I threw at it. For the second, I spent way less with a different company and got a super cheap but awesome trailer made from someone I found on (great source for cheap but quality work) and promoted that on social media. The proceeds from both are nothing you can live on, but I am just starting out still. Lots more books inside of me!

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        1. I think that’s an absolutely excellent start and good for you for doing it and for carrying on doing it! It’s definitely something I’ve considered but am lacking in motivation currently! It must be a wonderful sense of achievement to know that your books are out there.

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