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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – F-G-H-I-J

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Hello everyone!

This is round 2 of Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm’s themed topic for July’s Top 5! Naturally it follows on from the first five letters of the alphabet ’cause that’s how the alphabet works and naturally – I am a day late!

Here we go for more alphabetized fun!



The Fifth Season

I haven’t read The Fifth Season but it’s on my TBR and on my bookshelf as I speak. Or you know… type.

Last year I won a competition to receive a book a month and the very first book that was sent to me was this one. I’d never heard of it (much like I haven’t heard of the rest that I keep being sent) but when I checked it out all I’ve heard, or you know…. read, is how amazing and wonderful it is.

Considering as I don’t think it’s a book that I would have picked up of my own accord I have to say I’m getting quite excited about it when I finally read it!


The Great Gatsby

Ok, I swear that not every book on this week’s list is a book that I haven’t read. It may seem that way but this is just a twofer.

I haven’t read The Great Gatsby. I feel I should read it. I feel like I should read it while calling friends ‘old chum’ and drinking gins whilst weeping and throwing dollar bills into the air. I don’t know if this is at all accurate but honestly this is the vibe I get from the story.

And no, I haven’t watched the movie either. Everything I’ve picked up, I’ve picked up through social osmosis.


The Hunger Games

I blather on about The Hunger Games all the time on this blog so I felt it would be truly remiss if I didn’t include it under the ‘h.’



I Am Legend

For the love of all that is (un)holy – please, please, please forget about the travesty that is the Will Smith movie.

The movie isn’t bad for a generic post apocalyptic action thriller but it lacks the nuance and quiet devastation that the book contains.

I Am Legend is a portrayal of loneliness, depression and the resilient part of human nature that just keeps pushing for survival even if the question is – ‘is surviving without living worth it?’

It just happens to explore all that with vampires.

The ending smacked me in the face a bit.


Jane Eyre

I should not be stuck on books for letters this early on but I am so here we are with Jane Eyre, the only ‘j’ that came to mind.

I may have said this before (in fact, I know I have) but I didn’t really like Jane Eyre. It’s one of those books where I can’t put my finger on what about it bothered me but I think it might be the whole falling in love and sticking with a man who kept his wife in the attic.

Call me old fashioned but I don’t think that’s the foundation for a healthy relationship.


Thoughts? Feelings? Suggestions?

Do you like, love or loathe any of the above?

I’m going to go peeking on others’ lists now because I really need to see what ‘j’ other people have chosen because, no exaggeration, there are no other books in the whole wide world beginning with that letter. 

I’ll see you next week (hopefully on time) for letters K – O!


19 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – F-G-H-I-J

    1. The Fifth Season seems to received positively by a lot of people so I’m hoping I’m ‘one of those people.’

      Jane Eyre wasn’t for me when I read it but I was about 15 I think and may enjoy it more now. I feel like I should just re-read some books to see if my viewpoint has changed at all! I don’t remember why I didn’t like it, just that I didn’t.

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  1. Oh my god, I can’t wait for you to read The Fifth Season!! I think you’ll really like it! Or have a lot of thoughts on it, at the very least (and I want to hear ALL of them). It’s one of those books that give you so much fodder for discussion. Like, it talks about parenthood and oppression and loving someone despite them not being a good person. And oh oh, it’s got a middle aged woman as a protagonist! I mean, how often do we see that in fantasy?

    I read Jane Eyre when I was pretty young and I actually liked it then, but something tells me my feelings on it will be different now. 😛 Have you seen Kate Beaton’s comic about the Bronte sisters where Charlotte and Emily are swooning over “bad boy” (*cough* abusive) characters and Anne’s at the side going, “WHAT is wrong with you two?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The more I hear about The Fifth Season the more hyped I am which is now making me nervous gosh darnit! I need to go in low so that any expectations are exceeded!!

      I love entertaining books with themes and topics that make me think and I already think I’m in love with the idea of a middle aged female protagonist because that’s such a rarity in fantasy or you know… any book!

      I just don’t know what it was about Jane Eyre that I didn’t love but I did read it when I was younger and like you, might have different feelings on it now. Part of me would like to re-read books from my youth that I didn’t like to see if life and *cough* age *cough* will make me reflect differently.

      Oh yes! I’ve seen that comic and it’s hilarious! I love that it could still apply today really with a lot things!


  2. I am DYING to read The Fifth Season because I’m a huge fantasy buff and it has won SO many awards for being a great fantasy novel. I’m dying to read it, it’s probably one of the first backlist books that I will read when I finally get through all of my ARCs that I overloaded on.

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    1. I must admit, I still no nothing about it aside from the praise and the awards it’s won! I think I’m very much going in blind and with no expectations but I am excited to read it when I do! I think that’s the problem – the current overload of books on my TBR as is!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I wrote a whole blog post about how going in blind versus knowing a lot about the book and how it changes my opinions about the book. You should check it out because I think you could relate. It was called “Different Ways to Start a Book” or something similar

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          2. I wrote a whole blog post about different ways you start a book and how it may change your opinion of the book. I love going in as blind as possible because a lot of times I am surprised because I absolutely love the book, plus without the info from the blurb the book unfolds naturally

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