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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – “Unputdownable” Reads

Top 5 Tuesday.jpgHello!

It’s been a while since I did one of these what with my self imposed hiatus but I am back on the saddle and hopefully won’t fall off!

Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm asked us to look at our ‘unputdownable’ reads which I have interpreted as books that I read in one sitting (or at least over one day rather than multiple days) because they just had something that whispered, “Do not sleep sweet Gerry. Sleep is for mortals.”

So here we go!





Yep. I read A Song of Ice and Fire in one day and I tell you.. it’s a beast but it’s an addictive beast.

The only reason that I could get through this behemoth was because I took it with me when I holidayed in Hawaii back in 2013. Yes, I also took this on a plane in paperback form (it was pre Kindle).

Me and my then boyfriend (it’s cool, he’s now my husband) packed our days with activities aside from the one ‘lazy’ day where I lounged on the beach/ by the pool/ in the garden with this book and several Mai Tai’s.




the cruel prince.jpg

There was no holiday, no sun lounger and certainly no cocktails when I read The Cruel Prince. Just me, my sofa and a completely free evening. Bliss.


catching fire

I read The Hunger Games on return from the Hawaii holiday I spoke about in point one and then, as soon as I could hoist my jet lagged ass out of the house, I headed to the nearest bookstore and purchased Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

I read this one on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t stop reading it until I was done that evening. Then, at what was a reasonable time to go bed, I picked up Mockingjay and finished that one too.

I stumbled into bed at dawn to a very bleary eyed partner asking ‘if I’d done it again’.





The Miniaturist

I started reading The Miniaturist on the train on the way to work one random day. Then I continued reading it during my lunch break. Then I continued reading it on the train on the way home from work.

Then, because my partner was away for work, I continued to read it while I did the household chores, cooked dinner, ate dinner and even when I was getting ready for bed.

I continued reading it in bed and despite my best efforts (they really weren’t my best if I come to think about it) I finished the book. It was about 3 in the morning and I got 3 hours of sleep before I had to get up to work. But get up and go to work I did unlike the next one…





Watchman was my first introduction to graphic novels and what an introduction. The movie, while actually not bad doesn’t and can’t convey the nuances and complexities that are within the novel. It doesn’t try but it can’t try because it would fail.

This is an incredibly layered, sad, funny, and at (many) times downright horrifying story with riveting characters and such detail both in the tale and the artwork that it needs – and deserves – multiple re-reads.

I was loaned this one sunny Sunday afternoon as me and my friend enjoyed our picnic and I started to read it when I got home. I continued reading it. I knew I could not put it down until I was done and that turned out to be 8 in the morning on a sunny Monday.

I called in sick all because I had no self control to put this down.

Disclaimer – that was years ago now and is not my current company FYI! Just in case anyone happens to come across this 😛


What are your ‘unputdownable’ reads? Have you fallen victim to the old ‘stay up all night’ routine or is that just me?

Come tell me all about it!


30 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – “Unputdownable” Reads

    1. Do you like historical fiction? It’s a mix of historical fiction plus a wee bit of magical realism. I very much enjoyed it but can see how it wouldn’t tick all the boxes for people. If you want straight historical fiction then you might not like the ‘magic’ side but if you want magical realism than it’s not even enough ‘magic’ for that really!


  1. Very nice! After watching the last episode of Game of Thrones (oof), I’ve made up my mind to read Song of Ice and Fire myself. It does seem like one heck of a behemoth, but I’m always up for a good challenge. 😛 Have you read the rest of the books?

    Watchmen…I find the movie very beautiful, but it is rather depressing. I’ve heard people say though that it doesn’t do justice to the graphic novel, so I’d be very curious to check it out. It sounds very promising!

    How did you find Cruel Prince btw? It was “unputdownable” for me too, but I’m still trying to figure out my feelings on it. I may have to re-read it to fully wrap my head around it lol.

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    1. Oh goodness me, don’t get me started on that ending because I could rant for days. I believe Kit Harrington said it was disappointing and frankly I agree with him. It’s like waiting years to get into the treasure cave only to discover the diamonds and friggin’ cubic zirconia’s. Yeuch.

      It is a beast of a book but it’s a worthwhile beast. Yep, I’ve read them all. The worldbuilding is simply epic, there’s no other way of putting it and the story is complicated but in a good way. There’s so much the show would never have been able to achieve. However I would also say that I think some of those complications are becoming overcomplicated and the world that GRRM has built is so vast that he’s written himself into a bit of a corner. That sounds confusing but it’s just a case of he’s added too many characters and plotlines and actually you want to get back to the main ones.

      Watchmen is a good movie but if you try and compare it to the graphic novel it will 100% come up short. I enjoyed it but knew that it was never going to be a faithful adaption because it just would never be able to be. The graphic novel is worth your time I promise. It’s dark and depressing too but incredibly smart.

      I gave The Cruel Prince 4 stars because I just really enjoyed it. It’s not the best with characters or worldbuilding or plot but I just had such fun reading it. I’ve read a lot of people saying that the main characters relationship was toxic and usually I would drift away from toxicity but actually it didn’t bother me so much in this one because they’re both arseholes. Everyone is an arsehole!

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      1. I’m usually someone who tries to judges things leniently, but after episode 5 when Dany when berserk, I gave up trying to make excuses for the writing. I mean, I’m just a casual fan who’s along for the ride (a.k.a half my brain is turned off), but I was seriously rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue in the final episode; like, THAT’S the best you could come up with? I don’t consider myself a good writer at all, yet even I could’ve done a better job than that. 😂

        It’s the reason why I want to read the books! But I do get you when you say the author’s written himself into a corner; too many things to resolve. In that regard, I do feel kinda bad for the showrunners since they had no hope of living up to all the things GRRM set up, especially considering they were promised to have all the books before the show ended. Ah well.

        Oh I totally agree with you on The Cruel Prince btw. I found it a surprisingly pretty smooth read too, and I didn’t feel that the romance was particularly toxic (especially considering the author doesn’t portray Cardan in a positive light or romanticize him, which I really appreciated). I think the love square was what tipped it in the other direction for me though; if I hate one thing about a book, it affects the rating a LOT haha.

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        1. I think everyone has said that the acting – great, the effort put in by cast and crew – great, the writing – let the whole team down. I think D&D tried to subvert the story and ‘not meet expectations’ but there’s subverting and not meeting expectations and actually breaking simple rules of story telling. If you’re going to foreshadow certain things – have it actually happen. If you’re going to have a thing happen – then maybe foreshadow *that*? So much didn’t make narrative sense in the season.

          The showrunners ran out of the source material and that did for them in the end I think. If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t think GRRM will ever complete the series. I honestly get the vibe that he’s done.

          The love square didn’t really bother me because I felt like it was a faux love square which in a way it was. Taryn is an absolute…. well, I shan’t say it on here but it rhymes with snitch. Which she also is. Both Jude and Cardan are enough of a pair of assholes to be on even footing with how they are towards each other. Yes I know Cardan’s actions are horrific but he’s a darn fae darnit and Jude? She’s trying to match that level.

          I have seen their dynamic on the internet as either applauded or touted as problematic and I think I’m getting sick of seeing that word.

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          1. That’s exactly it. If you really think about it, they ran out of source material in the last three (?) seasons, so even if they didn’t expect to have to write their own ending, they still could’ve foreshadowed some of these twists more strongly. It didn’t make sense why they crammed all of this development into this final season, and it’s honestly so disappointing that I’ve taken to watching rant reviews of this season Youtube; it’s very cathartic. 😂

            YASSS I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s annoyed by that. People throw around the word problematic all the time (I’ve actively crossed out that word from my vocab lol), but if you look into the nuances of Cruel Prince, it’s honestly not? The romance isn’t particularly healthy, sure, but when two people in a relationship are both behaving in questionable ways, I don’t think that can be labelled problematic (especially when the unhealthiness is written to be intentional.) *shrugs*

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            1. Rant videos are such a soothing balm to the soul and I recommend them to everyone. That and massage videos for some reason, just so relaxing to watch!

              I feel like I’m old at times I really do in the book world side of things because I think problematic seems to be a younger person thing? I don’t know, I know I’m not *that* old but sometimes I read things and either a) think the reader doesn’t understand not everything is supposed to be black and white or b) people over a certain age freak out over protecting younger people from stuff they don’t need protecting from. The romance is far from healthy and that’s the entire point. Cardan is also fae – they don’t have the same concept of morality and I think the book is illustrating that Jude and Taryn are beginning to get that way too because they’ve lived with the fae for so long.

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              1. Massage videos…you have given me a new rabbit hole to fall into. 😂

                I feel old too! I see reviewers getting up in arms about FICTIONAL characters who behave in morally questionable ways, and I’m just like, either my way of thinking is outdated, or these peeps need to chill and look at the context.

                Because I’m stubborn, I generally like to think I’m in the right, but maybe that’s the surefire sign that I’m getting old and narrow-minded lol. 😅

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                1. Watch them! There’s one lady who has the word’s most soothing voice and it just chills me out.

                  Am I being controversial in saying that I kind of *want* my characters to behave questionably? It doesn’t mean I want to be friends with and know people like that in real life but if I want decent fiction and decent conflict/ plot than sometimes the characters have to be complex and morally grey.

                  I do wonder if it’s a certain twitter/ tumblr way of thinking though because I’ve seen this debate crop up a lot on those platforms. I mean if a character condones something horrific but the narrative doesn’t then the author/ story isn’t saying that the horrific thing is a *good* thing but some people seem to take it as an endorsement. I wonder if some people can’t separate out author/ character and story line all that well.

                  I feel kind of mean saying that 😦

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                  1. Well, I might one-up you in meanness by suggesting that perhaps it’s YA readers who get more up in arms about these things? I mean, I don’t see many adult readers trying to censor these questionable topics (i.e., plenty of readers still don’t know that there’s a child orgy in IT by Stephen King because there’s not as much fuss over it since it’s supposed to be dark). Therefore, I think it might be a combination of YA being meant to be a more wholesome genre, plus Twitter/tumblr makes people act in toxic ways. (Oh, how I hate those platforms…)

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                    1. I think you’re right in that it does appear to be YA twitter and tumblr. I’m more of a lurker than a participant so I only pick things up randomly but there does seem to be rather high levels of hysteria about certain stuff. It’s not even in the actual book world of it but the YA book community with people getting upset about being left out and I just don’t get it? I thought this was a hobby for people!

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    1. Yes! Am so glad you enjoyed Watchmen. It’s hands down one of the best graphic novels that I’ve read (admittedly I’ve not read a great deal) but I could tell there was something special about it. It’s all the little details that you don’t necessarily pick up on the first read that really add layers.

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  2. I love this list! It’s such an interesting mix of books and it just goes to show, it’s not about the genre or type of story. All it takes is a damn good story. ❤️
    The only book I remember staying up all night to read is Emma. Cause you know, those English classics are such pageturners. I was so invested, I just couldn’t go to sleep until they’d all married the correct people.

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    1. Thank you! The genres are a bit mixed aren’t they?! I hadn’t even noticed! I quite agree with you though – it’s ultimately all about the story.

      I’ve not actually read Emma (does watching Clueless count?) but I should. I live in ‘Jane Austen county’ so am shocked but at how little of hers I’ve read.


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