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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Sequels I Need to Get to

Top 5 Tuesday.jpgI did not struggle with the topic Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm gave us this week at all on account of how many darn sequels I need to get round to reading.

The question wasn’t ‘are there any sequels I need to read’ but ‘which ones am I going to narrow this list down to?’

Some are already published, one is being published this year and one is technically a prequel. Shhh. It was written after the original so it counts.

Here we go.




The Rules of Magic.jpg

Well, I did say that ‘one’ is technically a prequel.

The Rules of Magic is written by one of my ‘go to authors’ because Alice Hoffman could write about cocktail making and I’d read it.

Practical Magic was a beautiful book about sisters, magic and love and we follow three pairs of sisters who belong to the same family, just in different generations. Practical Magic was more about Sally and Gillian and Sally’s daughters Kylie and Antonia but The Rules of Magic apparently focuses on the story of the aunts Frances and Jet before they became the spinsters that we know and love.

I get the feeling that it’s going to be a heartbreaking book but somehow heartwarming all the same.




The Testaments.jpg

I actually didn’t need The Testaments, the upcoming 2019 sequel to The Handmaids Tale because The Handmaids Tale broke me and continues to break me and I want to live a happy life.

Don’t get me wrong; The Handmaids Tale is a 5 star read of mine and months of analysis on it as part of my English Literature A-Level only served to heighten my depth of understanding and adoration but it was a book that got under my skin and impacted me on multiple levels.

On a personal level I have spent a lot of time during the past two years being reduced down to my reproductive organs; either through medical necessity or because people will not stop asking me when I’m going to use my uterus. So The Handmaids Tale is now poignant and personal.

I want to read this and can’t wait but I’m also a wee bit scared.


The Ask and the Answer

Patrick Ness is another ‘go to author’ of mine after reading A Monster Calls, The Rest of Us Just Live Here and the first in his Chaos Walking trilogy – The Knife of Never Letting Go.

If we’re talking about books breaking people than that’s exactly what his does. Ness has a talent of writing clever, horrifying, sweet and heart-wrenching stories and not once does he dumb down and patronize his teenage audience.

It’s been a while since I read The Knife of Never Letting Go and the only reason I haven’t read The Ask and the Answer yet is because I am literally gearing myself up to it. You’ve got to be emotionally robust to read Ness, you’ve just got to.




The Girl in the Tower


My expectations are high, my hopes are high, my excitement is higher.

I fell in love with Vasya and her family in The Bear and the Nightingale and I need to see how our girl’s story unfolds in The Girl in the Tower. I was waiting for The Winter of the Witch to be published before I read this because I didn’t think my heart could handle the wait.

Well, The Winter of the Witch is now out and I still haven’t read it. Why? I actually think I’m waiting for the nights to get longer and the frost to come in…




The Wicked King

The sole reason I haven’t read The Wicked King yet is because I genuinely am waiting for the third in the trilogy, The Queen of Nothing, to be released in 2020 because I don’t want to read this one and then wait for the longest time ever before I read the third.

It’s bad enough that I broke my rule and read The Cruel Prince last year and then gritted my teeth until this came out. By the way my rule is to not read a series, trilogy or duology until all books are out.

I break this rule all the time because rules are made to be broken. As are hearts. Apparently.

C’mon 2020 and hurry up because I really want to read this one.


What are your thoughts on the above? Am I denying myself greatness by waiting until the final books are out? Am I denying myself greatness on delaying reading those that actually already have final books out??

The ask and the answer is probably yes and yes.

Let me know your thoughts on the above and the sequels you can’t wait to get into.

Until next week!


22 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Sequels I Need to Get to

  1. Smart move waiting for Queen of Nothing to come out. I may or may not enjoy Wicked King, so I’m just planning on bulldozing through the trilogy once the third one is published; I too hate waiting for series to be finished. (Btw, I think the publication date of QoN has been moved up to November 2019 if that’s of any solace to you. 😉 )

    Ooh yes, I’ve only read A Monster Calls by Ness, and WOW was it an emotional blow; it’s actually encouraging to hear that’s his specialty lol. He really didn’t pull punches from what I’ve seen.

    Also, GIRL IN THE TOWER. I am passionate about this one. ❤

    Finally, I am genuinely shocked that there’s a sequel to the Handmaid’s Tale coming out. I found the first book to be a very important read, but I did sliiiightly want something more from the finale, so I guess it’s not a stretch to have a sequel.

    And girl, you slap those people who keep asking about your uterus. Yeesh, I just read today that Georgia criminalized abortions here in the USA (as in, to the extent of life imprisonment, wtf), so I'm extra pissed about people butting their heads in where they don't have a right. It's crazy how relevant Handmaid's Tale still is in our world today. :/

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    1. That is a huuuge solace to me because I am getting really ruddy impatient waiting now! I kind of need something to pull me out of my slump and I’m wondering if I should read Wicked King just to do that.

      Oh god, A Monster Calls broke me. I seriously cried and cried and cried because it just hurt. I know it was 100% emotional manipulation but it worked. He’s very good at injecting a strange sense of sadness and melancholy into his works but in a way that doesn’t make you feel exhausted. He’s the King of Sad if he ever wanted the title!

      The Girl in the Tower – I don’t know why I’m delaying I really don’t.

      Oh wow! I looked up the Georgia stuff and I have to say I am beyond shocked. I read something that says they are looking at making miscarriages a punishable offence if they can prove that the woman had ‘something’ to do with it and I just….. I just am horrified to the point of tears.

      I’ve had friends who have miscarried much wanted pregnancies and I can’t even fathom the trauma they would feel if they were investigated, interrogated and *blamed* over it. I’m also incredibly pro-choice so I’m horrified at what decisions are being made over people’s rights to their own bodies. I’m aware pro-life and pro-choice will never agree but this isn’t pro-life; this is incredibly anti-woman.

      My uterus and entire reproductive system has been a point of conversation for the past two years because of the cancer I had. It makes sense that a lot of conversations I had to have were about it because it was the area that needed to be treated and was therefore under scrutiny but I hate getting the blasé questions about when I’m having children from colleagues/ acquaintance’s and random people because apparently that’s my value (especially now I’m over 30, my clock is ticking ;P)

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      1. Uugh, the George thing actually made me want to puke. I can’t really call myself an SJW (I don’t know why people use this as though it’s the worst insult nowadays lol?) but I wanted to throw my chair out the window after reading articles about it. Like you said, it’s not only NOT pro-choice, it’s straight up misogynistic. And like you say, it’s incredibly cold and heartless to interrogate women who’ve just experienced a miscarriage.

        Ah yes, I’ve gotten casual questions from people about when I’m going to get married and have children, and it can be grating. Who said I wanted to get married yet, and who ever said I wanted children? (I don’t lol, I’ll probs adopt) I’ve even gone out of my way to lecture my parents not to expect grandchildren since they are rather traditional, so they’ve had to accept it. It’s kind of sad that by default society expects women to get have children as though it’s their goal in life. :/

        Btw girl, are you out of the danger zone then? You’ve fully recovered from cancer?

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        1. I get very angry at a lot of stuff that happens in the world and now I hear Alabama is also going a similar route. I just don’t get it because in the UK we have a clear separation of religion and government but in the States I get the impression that it’s significantly more difficult to untangle.

          I’ve never wanted children and have always made a point of it so friends and family know and know not to ask. It’s acquaintances and colleagues now and I hear it so much that I’m coming across as borderline rage filled when I answer. They’re all probably wondering why I keep going off on one from a simple question but what they don’t know is that I constantly get asked that question and then people try and spend time changing my mind. I’ve probably gotten into defensive mode out of habit.

          At the moment it’s ‘No Evidence of Disease’ which is fantastic and what I aim to consistently hear. I haven’t had my two year check up yet so I don’t want to count chickens and all that but I remain quietly confident. I take it one check up at a time.


  2. I’m a bit apprehensive about the follow up book for Handmaid’s Tale… like, do we really need one?
    On the topic of uterus… i think people finally stopped asking me about mine. It was getting tiresome to put it mildly.

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    1. I don’t think we do, I would have been happy with The Handmaid’s Tale as a standalone but if Margaret Atwood delivers than I think The Testaments could be an amazing book. If it falls short then I’m going to pretend The Handmaid’s Tale remained a standalone. I’m more nervous about that one than all others on the list.

      I am jealous, so very jealous. How did you get people to stop?! I got married last August so I’ve been hearing a lot of comments/ questions about when I’m having a baby and my answers range from polite to pissy to The Hulk depending on the attitude of the asker. I don’t mind if people back off when I say ‘I’m not’ but I have a massive issue when people keep on and on and on about it. Which they do. Because apparently I’m only a walking uterus that talks. Sigh.

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      1. LOL, walkin’ uterus indeed.
        Well, funnily enough people who asked most frequently were colleagues who had zero business in my procreation. Once we went out for a drink and it started again and i just kinda snapped and said “Well, what if i can’t have? What then?” They were totes embarrassed and just dropped it.
        My mum just sort of gave up after i told her a few years ago that continuously asking ain’t gonna do anything and we can either have normal conversations about other stuff, or no convo… 😀

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        1. Yeah colleagues can be the worst because I tend to have the serious life conversations with friends so everyone knows my personal stance and situation but colleagues tend to just ask because they feel they can. It’s appalling but I think it’s the society and culture we live in which is that women’s bodies are still viewed as public domain at times.

          I was deliberately mean to a colleague last year and I felt a bit bad afterwards. I’d had cervical cancer in 2017 and had surgery which basically took a chunk out of my reproductive organs and while they saved my uterus I was told it would make the baby thing incredibly difficult. Luckily I didn’t feel the impact of that emotionally but I had a colleague last year go on and on at me in the work kitchen about me having children and they literally wouldn’t stop even though I kept saying, ‘I don’t want them.’ In the end when they wouldn’t leave me alone I just snapped and said ‘well it’ll be bloody hard to have them considering as that’s the area the cancer ate through.’

          Honestly I felt so bad when he just didn’t know what to say and afterwards he apologised but I told him, ‘when someone tells you to back off – you back off!’ One day someone is going to really hurt someone.

          Now that I’m talking about this I feel quite amped to read The Testaments actually!


    1. That’s really good to know! I tend to find middle books of trilogies are the best (well, of what I’ve read so far) because I find that’s when all the action/ drama etc. happens. I am looking forward to reading The Ask and the Answer but I’m waiting until the days are sunnier because Patrick Ness darn near breaks me.


    1. Eep!!! That actually excites me though because I love when books elicit emotions! I adored Practical Magic so I hope you check it out, I’m very optimistic that I’ll also enjoy Rules of Magic too!


      1. Getting an emotional response while reading is a mandatory requirement for me. All of the books I really liked and loved get me to exhibit my emotions; the wider the variety the higher my rating! Lol!

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    1. I can’t wait to read both although I could read The Rules of Magic now as I don’t have to wait (not that I have to wait for The Wicked King). That being said, I *really* want to read The Wicked King now and not later! Grrrr, self imposed restrictions!

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