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Bookish: Book Blogger Hop #24

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

The Book Blogger Hop can be found on Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and obviously my answers can be found here!

check views


This is an complicated question because the answer is a combination of ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

How the heck can I explain that response?! No idea, but I’ll try.

When I first publish a post I guess I tend to be ‘semi-interested’ in how many views/ likes it gets but by semi-interested I mean if there is something that crops up on my stats dashboard that I find unusual then I’ll take a further look. If there’s nothing remotely unusual I don’t tend to look at individual posts to see how many views they’ve gotten.

Now by ‘unusual’ I mean if the little view bar looks incredibly high for overall blog views (by my blogs standards) then I’ll take a look and see how many views the most recent post has gotten because it could be that particular post has piqued people’s interest and caused a surge in overall viewings.

The only time I’ve really looked at a specific posts views is if its a post that is a new ‘type’ i.e. new meme or feature just to see how I think it’s doing.

I also tend to look at the views of the Fairy Tale Friday feature that I do (still doing guys, just slightly delayed!) as it’s my least popular feature so I want to see if people are remotely interested and also which fairy tales people are most interested in. That’s more curiosity on my part though.

But I believe the follow up questions should be a) does looking at the views matter? and b) does it impact what you do with your blog?

The answer I would personally give is a) maybe and b) maybe.

Does looking at views matter?

Views by themselves don’t exist in isolation. Blog Post One could have 500 views and 50 likes and 5 comments and Blog Post Two could have 50 views, 45 likes and 15 comments.

What do those tell you? By you, I really do mean you

Well it depends on what you are measuring for your blogs ‘success’ – if you measure at all and also what your definition of your blogs success is. If you measure on views than Blog Post One may very well contain the content you want to continue to deliver. If you measure on comments then it will be Blog Post Two.

If you measure success on how many likes a post gets than Blog Post One and Two are relatively equal however you may then decide to look at it from a ratio perspective – Blog Post One has 50 likes from 500 views so that’s a 10% ‘success’ rate while Blog Post Two with its 45 likes from 50 views has a 90% ‘success’ rate.

I don’t know. It’s about what you want. If you want anything at all.

Does looking at views impact what you do with your blog?

It really depends again. On you. Everything depends on you. Seriously. It’s about what makes you happy.

If you measure success via views then you may take Blog Post One as success achieved and Blog Post Two as ‘failed.’ But you may have hated writing Blog Post One with every fiber of your soul while Blog Post Two is the content you were born to deliver.

It’s up to you what you do with your newly discovered data. If you want to drive views because that’s what you want you may decide to suck it up and keeping writing Blog Post One esque content. Or not – because you write a blog for funsies and life is too short.

My Fairy Tale Fridays (as mentioned) is my least popular feature in terms of views/ likes whatever but the individual comments I’ve received are incredibly encouraging so I know there is an audience. That audience may be small but its enthusiastic. I also really enjoy doing them for myself so that’s why I continue.

I feel like I can’t stress that point strongly enough – I enjoy doing them for myself.

HOWEVER as posts the Fairy Tale Friday’s are time consuming to write and I don’t find myself with a lot of time *sobs quietly* but because I love them and there are a few people who also seem to like them I have decided to continue doing them but move them to a once a month feature.

(I know I haven’t done one in a while – oops. I will)!

Maybe there’s a supply/ demand element to your posts. Maybe there isn’t.

Honestly, it goes back to you doing what makes you happy.

Can I stress that again?

do what makes you happyThis very simple question has turned into a journey and a bit of a tangent so let’s end my garbled nonsense here!

Blog Hop

Sooo many blogs and blog posts to choose from especially as I’ve done a catch up this weekend but I’ve decided to go with my top 5 (it was such a hard choice). In no particular order of amazingness because they are all amazing:

Louise @ Foxes and Fairy Tales has given us 5 Apps Every Blogger Should Try

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads has been uber creative with her Book Recs Based off of a… Random Noun Generator (I cannot wait to do this myself)

Sophie @ Beware of the Reader asks Are Romance Readers Subpar Readers? (she’s a huge romance reader so don’t look at the title and freak out!)

May @ Forever and Everly has blessed us with her knowledge with A Mini How to Blog Design Guide on Making Your Blog Look Pretty

Margaret @ Weird Zeal tells us Why I Don’t Like Writing Negative Reviews


I am very interested in how people organise/ run their blogs so I’d love for you to tell if you check your posts for views (or likes or comments for that matter) and also what you have in your mind as a successful post.

I’d also love to know whether you look at views in isolation or in conjunction with other data from your blog or whether you don’t look at the data at all. Have you ever changed your blog due to audience stats?

I’d love to hear from you on all the above if you’re willing to share!

Until next week when I get asked how I psyche myself up to writing a book review and I answer by burying my head in a hole.

16 thoughts on “Bookish: Book Blogger Hop #24

  1. I’m very similar- I rarely look at views for posts- I just think it wouldn’t do much good to compare them. And I also get what you mean about it really depending how you view success for you to calculate something like that. Great post!

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    1. Thank you very much! ‘Success’ is such a subjective word so it’s completely up to the individual to measure, I mean I could consider ‘success’ as eating a family sized chocolate bar in one sitting but many wouldn’t so….

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  2. Ah, very interesting topic. I think I tend to measure “success” with the number of comments I receive (a.k.a quality interaction) rather than the views or likes. I know there are bloggers and publishers who prefer to have quantity over quality (like followers or likes, since that’s what strangers see when they first visit a blog), but I tell myself not to mind that. For me, blogging should be meaningful, so I’ve never changed my content or stressed myself over that. 🙂

    And girl, if you enjoy writing the Fairytales posts the most, you keep doing ’em! I myself don’t have the time to peruse them as much as your other posts, but they are quality content and I love popping in from time to time. Whatever makes you happy, you should keep it! ❤

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    1. I think a lot of people that I follow or that have commented so far have said the same – that it’s the interaction and comments that motivate/ what they consider a success and I do think the same. I get very excited when I receive a notification that I’ve got a comment. It’s hard to not compare because I think it’s a natural part of being human and in the blogosphere but it’s what you do what the information when you’ve found it (i.e. someone has more followers – are you going to wallow and be upset or just get on with it – that kind of thing).

      I do enjoy writing the Fairy Tale Friday posts because they are so much fun for me so I’m not going to let the fact that they’re the least popular make an impact on whether I *do* them. I just had to look at how much personal time I was spending on them and as they are the least popular it meant that I temporarily parked it/ am moving it to once monthly rather than every other week because I had so much going on that I couldn’t do everything and I made a logical (as Spock would say!) decision.


  3. This is so interesting! I feel like stats are something we don’t talk a lot about in the community, which is funny cause of course all care about it on some level. I do check my stats a few times on the days I post something, but I’m not very analytical about it. When it comes to judging the success of a post, I think number obviously play a part and it’s fun seeing a post get more hits than normal. But what matters most to me is the interactions. Maybe that’s because I’m more of a words person, than a numbers person, so comments mean more to me than stats. As for how this impacts my blog? I’m not sure! I write what I’m excited to write, but what I’m excited about might me affected by how people have responded to similar things before? I really don’t know. Sorry about this messy comment, I’m just trying to think through this. I love your discussion posts, they always make me think about things from new perspectives ❤️
    PS: I am small and very enthusiastic about fairytale Fridays!

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    1. Thanks Aurora!

      Stats seems to be a sensitive subject that people don’t always want to talk about when it’s in relation to themselves but always seems to be a well received post when other’s talk about it so I think people want transparency but there’s a sense of nervousness about sharing individual/ own stats. If it’s low then some people feel that there is a sense of ‘failure’ but then if it’s high some people feel worried that others may perceive that they are bragging. I think it comes down to the fact that as humans we can’t help but compare ourselves to others even if we know that comparisons aren’t always healthy.

      I suppose stats in terms of views etc. and the analytical side is tangible. It’s easy for us to measure views/ likes etc. in a quantifiable way whereas measuring what we consider as ‘fun’ is a little more tricky 😛 I love stats because I think they tell a story. We can always ignore the story though so nothing is set in stone.

      I’m the same as you – comments and interaction – that’s where it’s at for me. I love receiving notifications that I’ve got comments and the lengthier the better (yours isn’t a messy comment at all btw!) I love when posts spark discussion and thought processes!

      I love your enthusiasm for the Fairy Tale Fridays! At this stage I think I’m pretty much writing them for you! 😛 I need to get back on it!


  4. I’ve talked a bit at length about my relationship with stats, but since I stopped my year of obsessive tracking post data for a post it’s changed a little bit. I really don’t look that much at all anymore – I do look at the overall daily views when I am on my dashboard and if they are really high/low compared to normal I will take a look at the individual posts, but not usually.

    I am more about the interaction and engagement that I have on my posts rather than anything else. When a post doesn’t get engagement I do look at posting times/content/etc because I just can’t turn off my analytical brain, but I do try to keep it fun.

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    1. I’m the same as you Kaleena in terms of an analytical brain – I can’t help but love stats and what they tell us and (as you know) I’m still fascinated by doing a deep dive on stats in terms of blogs posts (content/ timing/ length) and their level of interaction (views/ likes/ comments) and so on because I would love to know what’s going on in the bones of it all.

      Sometimes I feel I could do with analysing data to help me work out when to post but not necessarily to determine what to post as I believe in writing what makes me happy. I truly adore when you talk about stats on your blog because I swear I get comfy in my chair and sit there nodding away!

      I absolutely think interaction is my favourite thing and if I had a measure I guess that would be it.


  5. Hahaha thanks for featuring my post and the warning LOL Now as far as views are concerned it’s yes and no like you. Yes in the “I am curious” but no in the “I will still post what feels like me” 😉

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  6. I don’t look too much on how individual posts are doing. Saying that I realise that’s wrong :p I specifically check when I’m doing a blog tour and book blitz, to see whether it’s worth the hassle. Other than that I only check on the day, and not religiously. Sometimes it can be disheartening to see what I might think is my best work yet, not do to well. On the other hand it can be a great booster to see something break new personal records 😉

    At the end of the day the stats don’t matter too much. I’m blogging for me, so even if 2 people view and like my post, it’s a success 😀

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    1. I tend to do the same – check specific blog posts (i.e. meme types/ FTFT) like you do with the blog tours just to get a feel as to whether its worth the work. Although if I enjoy doing the post then I’ll continue on regardless but I think blog tours are an interesting one because of the level of effort that the blogger puts in which is usually for the benefit of the author of that book.

      I know what you mean if you feel you’ve written something great and not many people seem to respond to it because it can feel like someone’s popped your balloon!

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      1. That’s exactly it, with blog tours. Because at the end of the day you put a lot of work into the post, to promote someone else. And writing those posts can take some time, both coming up with what you want to say, and with including the expected material. So if just 1 person views/likes/comments, it’s not worth the hours over writing something that’s for me.

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  7. Thanks so much for linking to my post!! 😀
    I tend to look at how many views my posts get, but it doesn’t really affect what I post on my blog. I’d rather post the stuff that I’m interested in, even if it gets fewer views, than make myself miserable by always chasing after what people are interested in! For me, a “successful post” isn’t necessarily the one that gets the most views, but the one that I can look back on and be proud of and that generates conversation and community on my blog.

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    1. You’re welcome! I love hearing about how others organise/ run their blogs and their opinions on it!

      I agree with your statement about posting the stuff that you’re interested in and I think a lot of people tend to answer the same way. Personally I think life is too short to do stuff that isn’t fun especially on a blog which is a hobby blog!

      For me a successful blog post also isn’t based on views but on conversation and interaction so it’s good to know I’m not alone in that thinking!


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