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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Books Set in Space

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Shanah at Bionic Book Worm really baked my noodle with this weeks topic.

I don’t actually read a great deal of sci-fi, I haven’t read a great deal of sci-fi and based on my TBR list I don’t intend to read a great deal of sci-fi.

It turns out this is a problem when asked for your top 5 books that are set in space.

However I am not one to shy away from a challenge but it does mean that I’ve had to tweak my selection criteria ever so slightly.

What’s odd about this though is that I friggin’ adore watching sci-fi TV shows and movies. I could give you my top 20 of Movies/ Shows Set in Space and still have more to spare so why oh why do I seem to have an aversion to sci-fi books?

Who hurt you Gerry? Who hurt you??

I can tell you exactly who did it…


Without further adieu let’s adjust our fuel packs and jet off into the stars.





The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a book that I have read and enjoyed but this is on the list predominantly because it is my husband’s favourite. It also happens to be a firm favourite of his entire family.

When my husband’s dad died we actually buried him with a towel because everyone knows that a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.






A sci-fi book set in space that I have read!

Yes, ok. We all know I read it because it has links to fairy tales. Fine. Winter is the last in The Lunar Chronicles, a series with a sci-fi twist to a few fairy tales we know and love. Winter may not be my favourite in the series (Cress still wins that honour) but it’s still a very enjoyable book.


aurora rising.jpg

Aurora Rising isn’t even out yet so I have no idea whether or not I’ll even like it but I’m including it on my list because I have literally run out of options.

Remember when I said I tweaked my selection criteria? That’s right. Welcome to the rest of the list which is based on books I want to read rather than what I have read.

I haven’t read any Jay Kristoff books but I very much want to and as I keep hearing good things about his other work I have hopes for this one.




Starship Troopers.png

Hey, do you also remember that time that I said that I  friggin’ adore watching sci-fi TV shows and movies? I hope you do because you would have read it about a minute and a half ago.

One of those movies that I love is Starship Troopers. The film is a surprisingly clever anti-military satire and while I’ve heard that the novel is problematic with little to no connection to the movies plot I’d still like to give it a go one day.





I really, really, really want to read Saga. Like… really want to read it.

Why haven’t I? Well I’ve heard things. Terrible things. By that I mean I’ve heard that this is an amazing graphic novel which is intelligent, horrific, sweet and funny all in good measure.

I’ve also heard that it’s incredibly heart-wrenching and I’m a little nervous it could break me.


So here are my top 5 books set in space. Two of which I’ve read and three of which I haven’t. For fun I’ve also included the very book that put me off books set in space in the first place.

So help me out here guys? What good stuff am I missing out on? Are there books set in space that have awesome plots and great characters and I’m just letting fear and frustration drive me away?

Will Saga actually destroy me?

Come talk!


31 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Books Set in Space

  1. Sci-fi’s by no means my most read genre, but I do love reading books set in space. I love the sense of awe I get from reading about space travels and different planets. I definitley tend to go for sci-fi that’s lighter on technology (and long on the titles) like The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet and A Spark of White Fire. And I loved Saga! Until I lost track. I always lose track of graphic novels, there’s too many volumes for me to deal with 😂

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    1. I think Saga may be appealing to me *because* it seems like its light on the tech and the focus is more on the relationships and interaction. My plan is to get in to graphic novels but I like things to be complete so with graphic novels that tends to take forever!

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  2. Oof, Dune broke me too at the age of 15, although I won’t say it’s precisely what caused my aversion to sci-fi. For me, it’s really the thought that I might encounter scientific terms and excessively complicated world-building that turns me off, though it’s really never that bad imo.

    I have yet to read all the books on this list (excluding Winter, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, though Cress is also my favorite), but yes, I’ve heard Saga is amazing! Literally every booktuber (at least the few I watch) mentions it in their video, so I’ve come to accept it’s going to blow my mind. I would in fact be more than happy if it broke me emotionally!

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    1. I’m not entirely too sure what it was about Dune that broke me and maybe if I tried to re-read it now I may enjoy it more. I agree – complicated world building is such a put off for me. But then fantasy books can also be bad for that so I know it’s not just sci-fi but for some reason I do struggle with sci-fi more.

      Saga seems to be a massive winner here, I can’t wait to get started but I want to wait until its done because I can’t handle incomplete things!

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        1. I realise I am repeating the same stuff on your blog as on mine re. Dune – ooops! I’m losing the plot a tad here.

          I think I can handle sci-fi if it’s considered ‘soft’ sci-fi which is all the sci-fi trimmings like setting and conflict (I can handle aliens) but with more of a focus on the characters and their relationships. A lot of hard sci-fi is more about the world and the science behind the world and I can’t handle that.

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          1. Same here. Sometimes I don’t even realize that certain books I read were even sci-fi until I read reviews on them, so soft sci-fi is fine for me too. The super intellectual sci-fi is the stuff I quake at. 😂

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  3. I read so many books set in space so I couldn’t help but laugh when I read your intro, especially since you like to watch sci-fi movies and shows! Is it something about the storytelling that doesn’t interest you? Or do you just gravitate towards something different when reading?

    Dune is a classic and I am glad it is on your list! Aurora Rising is one of my most anticipated books, I have an eARC of it and am waiting for the right moment to dive in; but I am an unapologetic fangirl after the Illuminae Files series soooo.

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    1. I honestly have no idea! I actually love watching fantasy and sci-fi and I have read sci-fi books that I have genuinely enjoyed but I think fantasy just does it for me in book form more for some reason. I actually love sci-fi movies and shows though so I have no idea why I’m put off sci-fi books. I think I’ve read some books that have put me off the genre unfortunately but it probably just means I’ve not read the right books in that genre for me.

      Ah, Dune is the unfortunate book that broke me 😦 I just couldn’t get into it for some reason but I tried to tackle it when I was 17/ 18 so may find it different now.

      I am looking forward to Aurora Rising and I keep hearing positives about the Illuminae Files so I am now intrigued!


  4. Our lists are really similar but the picks are just not quite the same 😀
    I also named a book from The Lunar Chronicles but I chose Cress. Robert A. Henlein is also on my list, however, I picked Stranger in a Strange Land. Hitchhiker’s Guide was one of the first things I thought of!

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    1. I’ve not heard of Robert A. Henlein so I’ll have to check him out! I prefer Cress as a book to Winter, it was just such good fun and I loved the introduction of Cress and Thorne (they’re my favs, I must confess)!


  5. I can’t wait for Aurora Rising! If I had to recommend something it would be The Honnors series by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre 😉

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  6. Oooh, what a list!
    I’m also planning to read Saga since… forever.
    Dune is one of my faves, although i’ve never read it in english. It was going for 0.99 on amazon kindle, so i got a copy to cover all bases 😀
    Aurora rising is on my list too! ❤

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    1. I shall make it my mission to nudge you into reading Saga if you do the same for me! 😛 Sometimes I just need the push.

      I wonder if I tried to retackle Dune I might enjoy it more, I tried reading it many years ago but I just couldn’t get into it. I know it’s very popular and widely acclaimed so I think its more the case of ‘reader issues’ then book issues!

      Have you read any Jay Kristoff before? I have in the back of mind that you have but I could be doing a wonky in my remembering!


    1. I’ve seen The Illuminae Files crop up a lot but I don’t know if I feel up for a sci-fi series. I’ve got Nevernight on my TBR though and am excited to get that. I think it’s fantasy which probably explains why I’m a bit more excited as I tend to veer towards fantasy a bit more.


    1. Thank you!

      I enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles and gave it a solid 3 stars all the way through – good fun and enjoyable but nothing outstanding. I did like all the characters but I think I have a soft spot for Cress, Thorne and Scarlet!

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