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Bookish: Book Blogger Hop #20

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The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme with a prompt featuring a book related question. The hop begins on a Friday and ends on a Thursday and should hopefully give people the opportunity to learn something new about the blogger.

The Book Blogger Hop can be found on Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer and obviously my answers can be found here!

Read along

This is going to be a very short answer which is great because you all have busy lives and don’t want to spend hours reading my blog posts… or do you?

If you do, this blog post will not scratch that itch. Consider this a mere crumb instead of the cake.

The answer is ‘no’ but the reason is because I have never used audio books. I did a blog hopper post a while ago where I answered the question ‘Audio books vs. Ebook?’Β and that’s where you can find more information as to why I don’t use audio books if you are so inclined.

Fun fact though: When I am alone in my house I do sometimes read the dialogue sections out loud and yes, I try and do it in the characters voice.

You’d think I was auditioning to read an audio book for crying out loud. Which I do. Often. Not the auditioning bit but the crying out loud bit. I’m all dramatic like that.

Blog Hop

I am operating on uber levels of suck. Again.

Usually I like to include links to other bloggers posts here because I am all about sharing the love (if I love a blog post then gosh darn I want you to love it too). Unfortunately, in what’s becoming a bit of a habit, I have nothing to include this week on account of me not having done much (if any) blog hopping.

But (again in what’s becoming a bit of a habit) I will hopefully have a whole heap next week when I catch up on this weeks blogs posts and try and get ahead of the game for next week and y’know actually read people’s blogs.

The game is winning quite a fair bit at the moment but don’t let it know.

Audio book friends – do you read along to the story?

All book friends – do you have any weird little quirks that you want to share? Please tell me you otherwise I just look weird on the internet.

Until next week when I talk about the one classic novel that I have always wanted to read!

14 thoughts on “Bookish: Book Blogger Hop #20

  1. When I listen to an audiobook I just listen to it, without following along in a physical book. The point of audiobooks for me is to be able to do other things, while also reading a book. So going by that it would make no sense for me to read the book while listening to it as well. πŸ˜€

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    1. I think I would find it too confusing to read along and listen because I’d be the same – one or other but not both! I’m always impressed by people that can multi-task while listening to something because I genuinely struggle. I love how different brains work though.

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  2. Most of the time i just listen to audio books… but in some very special cases, i listen to it while reading the book. I did that with Illuminae and planning to do it with Sadie and Hydra cuz they both have podcast elements and i thought it would be just cool πŸ™‚
    When i only listen, i think i do miss stuff sometimes. Outside noise, zoning out, etc…

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    1. Do you find its better if you read and listen? I wonder if it adds a bit more of an immersive experience!

      I can’t listen to music when I’m doing other stuff though because I tend to miss external stuff too. I’d be a nightmare in public because I’d probably miss honking horns and people yelling at me to move!

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      1. It depends on the book. With Illuminae it was defo immersive. Listening to the book and following the book, which was full of images and weird stuff πŸ˜€
        For a normal book (i.e doesn’t have pictures, or fancy podcast elements) i think it wouldn’t be so enjoyable, as we read faster than the narrator speaks.

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  3. I just came over from your audiobooks vs ebooks post. Gotta say, I’m on your team, because something about audiobooks makes me uncomfortable too. Like, UNCOMFORTABLE. Which is so weird because there’s really no need for me to feel that way! I wonder if it’s the fact that I don’t like social settings, and hearing people’s voices makes me jittery? I know myself really well psychologically, but this is one thing I just can’t figure out about myself. πŸ€”

    Btw, I laughed at how you say that you try to mimic/read aloud the dramatic parts in a book. Me too girl, me too. I love angst. ❀

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    1. I just can’t do them! It’s honestly too much for me if there’s excessive levels of noise. I think if I listened to an audio book I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what was being said.

      I think it might be how your brain processes information maybe? It might be interesting to see whether you can do other stuff with noise that isn’t background noise because if you can’t it might be that there’s just too much external stimulus occurring. I honestly love people’s minds though and how they work.

      I’ve got to get into it! I like to be involved in my books including voicing stuff out!

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      1. Nah you’re right, I think I’m not great at processing auditory information since I’ve always learned better when I see things written out instead of told to me (I learn better from textbooks than my lectures lol), so that definitely must be it.

        And same, I can’t study with music on! Disturbs my train of thought, so I can definitely relate to that. ✌️

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  4. For me audiobooks are a way to get through a couple of extra books a month and I like listening to them while I do other stuff, so reading along would feel very counterproductive.

    Now I’m so curious about your character voices! Do you do accents? Do you yell if they’re yelling? My husband thinks I make funny faces when I read. He can always tell when I’m judging a character’s life decisions πŸ˜‚

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    1. Do you feel as immersed in an audio book as you would do with a paper book? I wonder if I tried to listen/ do stuff that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on one or other of the tasks but that’s because I find listening and doing things at the same time really tricky.

      Oh yes! I most definitely do accents and I get properly into character, I raise my voice and do hand gestures. I do the same when I’m writing something. I’ll act things out so I can then write about it.

      Luckily my husband thinks my quirks are adorable. Although I don’t read aloud in front of him because I don’t know if he could handle that level of quirk…


      1. yup. I have heard around 3 audiobooks so far.. and every one of them I stopped mid way cause i feel its far easier to read faster… I hear it takes some getting used to.. maybe one of these days i may finally get the hang of it πŸ™‚ try ready player one for starters..

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