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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Fictional Friendships

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Hello gorgeous people!

This week Shanah at Bionic Book Worm has given us the quest to find our top five fictional friendships.

A while ago I did a Top 5 Wednesday on Favourite Friend Groups and I have also done a post on Friendship in Fiction as part of the monthly Book Theme series that I do.

So why on earth did I find this one so hard when I’ve already done two posts about friendship?!?!

Probably because I was desperate not to replicate anything but ultimately I kind of have done on a few. But go on easy on me. Why?

Because it’s my birthday! Yayayayayayay!

I will come bearing gifts next week!

my birthday




Sam and Frodo.jpg

(Artist: Harmonia3784)

Sam and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings are the ultimate bro goals.

If everyone in this world had a friend like Sam I think everyone in this world would be happier. The bees would buzz along, the flowers would bloom, there’d be second breakfasts and we’d all know that we would have someone to support us as we trudge to Mount Doom to destroy the one ring.

Metaphorically speaking of course.




Winnie the Pooh.jpg

It doesn’t take a lot to make my eyes get teary because I am genuinely a bit of an emotional person but I swear every time I see a quote from Winnie the Pooh, any quote from Winnie the Pooh I get all ‘oh don’t mind me, the light’s in my eye’ when we all know I’m a dirty, dirty liar.

Pooh and Piglet have an adorable little friendship and they really love each other and enjoy spending time in each other’s company. In fact, the whole tribe is pretty awesome because they all go to show how you can have many different personality types in a group, occasionally get irritated with each other but still deeply care.


Viola and Todd

(Artist: Unknown)

I’ve not read books two and three of the Chaos Walking Trilogy yet but in book one – The Knife of Never Letting Go we follow Todd and Viola as they try and work out what the heck is going on among the well, chaos of the world.

Theirs is a friendship that is slow and fire forged. They don’t like each other to start with, Todd is mistrustful of Viola partly because he has no idea what she’s thinking (it’s a long story) and partly because he’s never actually seen a girl before. Viola is mistrustful of Todd because Todd can be a grumpy dick and she can unfortunately hear everything he’s thinking. Like I said, it’s a long (but fabulous) story.

But suspicion and bickering eventually leads into trust and friendship where they would go down swinging for the other.




the secret garden.jpg

(Artist: Unknown)

Mary, the main character of The Secret Garden is, as the nursery rhyme forewarns us, quite contrary.

She is spoilt and mean and bitter. She is also lonely and ignored and unloved. She is also only ten when her parents die resulting in her getting sent to live in Yorkshire with her uncle and cousin who she never sees. That’s a lot of change and misery for a child.

But does she remain spoilt and mean and bitter? No, not at all. Because she discovers two things 1) a secret garden and 2) the power of friendship. Mary becomes friends with Martha (a house-maid), Dickon (Martha’s brother) and eventually her sickly and equally as spoilt and mean cousin Colin who also manages to be emotionally healed by the power of friendship.




Agnieszka and Kasia

(Artist: Unknown)

I bang on about Uprooted all the time and I realise that part of the reason why is because I am desperate to read books about female friendships and there is such a lack of them in the books I read.

There are plenty of male friendships and friendships between men and women and there are lots of sisterly relationships but it seems books don’t feature non-related female friendships all that much and I just don’t understand why.

One of the reasons I truly love Uprooted as much as I do is because of the friendship between Agniezska and Kasia. They have known each other all their lives and the love they have for each other is strong.

Both have their own life paths (that have diverged wildly from what they thought would happen) and there is a moment in the book where both recognise and acknowledge underlying resentment and jealousy for the other but those emotions are dealt with and moved on. Theirs is a wonderful, supportive friendship where they see and love each other for who they truly are.


So here are my Top 5 friends! Phew, what a challenge.

Who has or would appear on your lists? Do you have books that you can recommend to me with female friendships in? Because I’m not kidding – I am desperate to read them.

Until next time!


18 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Fictional Friendships

  1. Wow, what a fantastic list! I haven’t read any of these besides LOTR (hrrm, now I’m kinda embarrassed), but I love how you described them. My best friend is a Winnie the Pooh afficionado (gotta get on this train soon), and I’ve been wondering whether I should read the Chaos Walking trilogy. I mean, I loved A Monster Calls, but wasn’t a fan of the author’s writing style, though your mention of strong friendships now pushes me to read it.

    Btw, that graphic for LOTR is ADORBS. My heart just melted! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Er yes you need to get on the Winnie the Pooh train! They are obviously for children but there’s just something so delightful and whimsical about them.

      Definitely read Chaos Walking! I say this and I still haven’t read two or three yet but I really liked the first one and Patrick Ness is pretty much an auto buy writer of mine so…. do it… do it…. do it….

      Isn’t it! As soon as I saw the image I just went ‘awwwww’ and knew I had to include it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Secret Garden is such a sad but eventually sweet book. When I read it as a child I couldn’t stand Mary or Colin but as an adult I just see them for the lonely children they are. Friendship is definitely at the core of the story.


  2. Happy birthday, Gerry! 🎈🎂💖

    This is such a lovely list and I love that you included Pooh and Piglet. Those books always make me feel so cozy and nostalgic. The female friendship was my favorite thing about Uprooted (Well, that and the creepy forest. But mostly the female friendship), it’s so rare for a female friendship to be so central to the narrative. My new favorite book about female friendship is Undead Girl Gang. I went into it expecting some Halloween fun and got the most complex and compelling female friendship dynamics I’d seen in a long time. Which is extra impressive considering that three of those girls are technically zombies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aurora! Both for the birthday wishes and for saying you like my list!

      Pooh and Piglet are just adorable and I think there’s something about the whole book series which sparks massive nostalgia. I still play pooh sticks every time I cross a bridge, it’s the law or something.

      I really think Uprooted ticked my boxes on a lot of things but the female friendship is up there as a massive reason. I genuinely feel quite jaded when I look through all my books and see that the friendships that exists between the pages are so minimal when it comes to female/ female. I personally don’t understand it at all.

      Ok that sounds like a crazy book you’ve been reading! I need to check it out.


  3. Happy birthday! Frodoandsam (as one of my fanfic friends style them) all the way! And Merry and Pippin! And the four of them together – the lengths they are willing to go and do go to keep Frodo safe. Yes, indeed, the world needs more Sams! I hadn’t thought of Winnie the Pooh but how true. Added Uprooted to my ever-growing TBR list.

    Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I left them out of the last friend related post and you mentioned them in one of the comments so I had to include them here! I can’t believe I forgot them because they are pretty wonderful.


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