Bookish: Google Translates My Favourite Books


I first saw this on Kaleena @ Reader Voracious’s blog and had myself a good ol’ chuckle and so I just had to do it!

This originated with Sam @ Fictionally Sam so make sure you check out her blog as well because it is awesome!

I have chosen my top 5 highest rated Goodreads books in order to narrow this down and I decided to use Maori as my husband and I went to New Zealand for our honeymoon last year and I am not over it.

My blog name translates from The BookNook UK into…

The UK BookNook.

Oh. Not quite as exciting but hey ho. Let’s move on.

Click on the brand new title of each book to be taken to its Goodreads page where you can read the actual summary.






Hate Given

“What is the meaning of the language if you are still in silence at that time?”

Starr lives in sixty-six years in both countries: the poor city where he was born, raised, and his secondary school in the cities. The sudden surprise among them was broken when Starr was the only witness for the death of his best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. Because Starr was able to destroy his community. He can also get sick.







Agnieszka loves her cottage, her fast home, forests and bright sunshine. The bad tree has grown in the area, full of badness, and its shadow lies in its life. His people rely on a cold wizard, and it is frightened to know that the dragon holds his power in the rock. But she wants to pay for her help: a girl who has been forced to work for her for ten years, looks like a horror that falls on Wood. But Agnieszka is afraid of anything wrong. Because it will come.





The Graveyard Book

Graveyard Books

After the major assassination of his entire family, a child went to the grave where the spirits and other people around the world agreed to raise him as their own. One of Owens, his friends known as Bod, is just a boy. It would be well done if he did not live in a responsive, up-to-date, spirit-trained response, and guardian for the lack of the living or the dead. There is safety and work in the grave for the child. But if Bod left the tomb, Jack-who killed the Bod family …





Alias Grace

Alias Grace

In 1843, Grace Marks was admitted to being involved in the brutal assassination of his betrayer and his caretaker and his chief. And to others, Grace is innocent; while others think of his or her evil or evil. While he was working on a lively scourge, Grace said he would not think of murder. The psychologist mentor is being trained by a group of responsive and spiritual souls seeking Grace’s forgiveness. When he hears his word, he approaches a day when he does not think. What does he find to open it?


Practical Magic

Magic Magic

For more than two hundred years, Owens’s wives have been convicted of all the wrongs in the town of Massachusetts. Gillian and Sally have died of this disease: as children, sisters are sponsors, scams, and commentaries. Their old men are about to encourage the whisper of sexual immorality, their home-style, their old age and their kit of black cats. But Gillian and Sally wanted to escape. One does the same for the wedding, and the other for running. But the bonds they are sharing will be returned-again as if they were magic…

What do you think

Starr from THUG is now male, we’re told something is definitely coming in Uprooted, Bod remains safe in the graveyard in The Graveyard Book, (Alias) Grace is also now male and nothing changes regarding the attitudes towards women and witches in Practical Magic.

What’s your favourite? I find them all delightfully confusing and thus I remain delightfully confused!


7 thoughts on “Bookish: Google Translates My Favourite Books

    1. Aren’t some of the translations just glorious?? This is strangely addictive though, I think I want to now Google translate every single thing I read. To be fair that sentence sounds like something I would write even when actively trying to be good at it!

      Glad you enjoyed it!


    1. Hahaha! Oh I’m glad you liked it! The description for THUG doesn’t make a jot of sense does it?! I like that Starr somehow lives in sixty-six years in both countries. No idea how she (or he, as the translate think she is) does it!

      Liked by 1 person

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