Bookish: World Book Day 2019

FeatureHappy World Book Day!!

World Book Day

“What is World Book Day?” I hear you ask.

Well silly goose, it’s a day that’s all about books and stories and reading. 

As this is a book blog it’s a fair assumption that I like those three things. As you are reading this post it’s a fair assumption that you too, like those three things.

If you don’t then you may very well have stumbled here by accident.

Despite this being a ‘World’ book day this is a predominantly UK and Ireland based event. But hey, if you’re reading this and haven’t stumbled here by accident because it means you lika the booka stuff it doesn’t matter what country you’re in.

We can all celebrate together!


Although World Book Day appears to be geared up more for younger readers there is plenty for adult readers too.

For more info and all the goodies check out the World Book Day website which can be found here.

Not only do they have a ton of book recommendations (with some great ‘If You Love X, Try Y suggestions), regularly updated news features, some fiendishly difficult guessing games, an awesome book selection tool but they also have story-crafting videos and writing masterclasses.

Speaking of masterclasses I should hopefully have an exciting blog post coming this month to celebrate my Blogversary involving a giveaway and these guys…


I’m hoping I will have a clue of what I’m doing before that blog post is due to go up. Ahem.

I’m going to end this very brief blog post with the top 3 books that I am desperate to get to this year and that I haven’t gotten round to yet (but are luckily in my pile to be read)!


Let’s see how well I get on!





14 thoughts on “Bookish: World Book Day 2019

  1. Yay for Girl in the Tower! (I loved it) I personally have to read Uprooted still, but I’ve been really excited to read it ever since I noticed it’s being mentioned in the grouping as Bear and the Nightingale, Night Circus, etc. 😉

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      1. That is so fantastic to hear! I read a negative review here and there about Uprooted, so I just assumed it wasn’t that great. (Which is why I keep reminding myself not to read negative reviews of books I haven’t read lol…)

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        1. I’ve seen negative reviews of Uprooted too and I have disagreed with some points and semi-agreed on others but still massively enjoyed it. There will never be a book that 100% of people love but I loved Uprooted very much and so I don’t mind negative reviews because it’s all subjective opinion ultimately!

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    1. I need to get to reading both desperately! I’m looking forward to both but am worried about reality versus expectations – the movie for The Princess Bride is awesome and I loved The Bear and the Nightingale!


    1. It’s so weird that they call it ‘world’ book day because I only just discovered that it is in fact a UK thing. Strangely named!

      I desperately want to read it but I’m nervous, I know that sounds weird. I loved the first book a lot so I’ve got expectations and I’m hoping that The Girl in the Tower doesn’t suffer from ‘second book syndrome’ or ‘middle book of a trilogy sag’ but then loads of people have said it’s just as amazing so it doesn’t seem to be.


  2. Yep, I wasn’t aware of World Book Day, but what fun! I hope the kids here are celebrating today at school. I’ll find out at work this afternoon I guess. I haven’t done any reading lately, so maybe I’ll celebrate by making sure I pick up the book I’m currently reading tonight ^_^

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    1. I love seeing all the costumes that my friends are putting on Facebook of their kids, a lot of the time I try playing ‘guess the character.’ Some are really creative! I started a new book Thursday so I figured that was celebration!

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