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Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Slytherin Characters From Non Harry Potter Books

Top 5 Tuesday.jpgHi everyone and welcome to the final post of the Harry Potter themed Top 5 Tuesday (hosted by Shannah @ Bionic Book Worm).

This week is the house that we love to hate. Which is a shame because Slytherin traits are not bad ones to have, in fact they are just as fantastic as the other houses.

While some of the traits may lend themselves to characters who can become corrupted and some of those characters on my list below are particularly complex (number 5 comes to mind) those sorted into Slytherin house are not always villains nor should be treated as such.

Here are my 5 characters from other books that I think would belong in Slytherin.

Reminder: Not all characters have every single trait but I’ve tried to place them where I think the majority of their traits will end up.

Slytherin Traits

They are ambitious, driven, goal focused, determined, prepared, perfectionists, adaptable, realistic, self reliant, charming, assertive, and ruthless. They are highly selective with their loyalty, love positive attention and thrive on praise, care about the impression they give, demand respect, and can be disloyal.

sorting hat





(Artist: Johnisorena)

There are plenty of characters in The Hunger Games who would be sorted into Slytherin house and yes, I do think some of the more morally corrupt (like Snow and Coin) would be in there.

But for me it’s not that those two characters in particular are villains because they are Slytherin but they are Slytherin’s because they are ambitious, goal orientated and ruthless. Those traits also don’t make them villains. They’re villains because of what their ambitions and goals mean for others and what they do to others in order to obtain them.

Haymitch is ambitious. He has goals and he’s determined to achieve them. He knows that sometimes he has to do morally questionable things (betraying trusts for example) in order to win. But, the goal isn’t to cause harm. Haymitch has been part of the rebellion for years. He sees the suffering of people and he wants to end their oppression.

Ultimately for Haymitch, the ends justify the means. He doesn’t have to be happy about it though.




Little Women

(Artist: Unknown)

Controversial opinion coming up….

I friggin’ love Amy from Little Women. There, I’ve said it. I’ll just watch you all leave me now.

I have a real thing for female characters who are not nice. Not that Amy isn’t nice, she does have a heart underneath it all but there are some traits that hide that heart quite well.

If anyone had built her castles in the sky and was determined to achieve them it was Amy. If it was anyone who knew exactly what she wanted it was Amy. If anyone was such a perfectionist that they would use a clothes peg on their nose to get it the shape they wanted, well it was Amy.

You keep doing you.


Jude Duarte

(Artist: Wictorian-Art)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: everyone from The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King are assholes. The protagonist, Jude Duarte is no exception.

She is most definitely a Slytherin simply based on her sheer levels of ambition. This ambition is fueled by the fact that she is a human in faerie.

Being a human in faerie is problematic because everyone else is immortal and magical and nasty. Years of bullying and abuse combined with witnessing her parents be killed and then being raised by the man who killed them has left Jude with the desire to never feel vulnerable again.

But to not feel vulnerable means she needs power. So its power she sets out to get until that becomes her focus above all others.





(Artist: Anderson Mahanski)

Cersei from A Song of Ice and Fire is pretty much after the same thing Jude above wants – power. Power means protection in Westeros and power means being free. Treated as a brainless breeding beauty all her life has made Cersei aware that it’s a man world and she doesn’t like it one bit.

She’ll do whatever is necessary to get what she wants. Does she do it well? Um, no. Not really. Having ambition doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got what it takes. Sorry, Cersei.




Amy Dunne

(Artist: Rozkrautova)

*Quietly panics*

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl is…. complicated.

There’s a lot to unpack as to why she does what she does but let’s face it, she knows what she wants and she goes about making it happen and ensures she covers all bases.

The other very Slytherin thing about Amy is that she doesn’t want to be caught but she does want you to know how very clever she is. For someone who has a ruthless mind, she is starved for praise and absorbs being put on a pedestal like a sponge soaks up water.


So here are my sorting hat selections for Slytherins!

Slytherin house is not a bad house and it’s not filled to the brim with evil people no matter how the novels seem to suggest otherwise.

Traits such as cunning, ambition and independence are not negative and I think it’s unfair to portray them as such. Every house has its positive and negative but like anything, it’s all about the individual in question.

Even I, a massive Potter nerd got fed up with the way Slytherin was treated in the books.

Remember – Peter Pettigrew was actually a Gryffindor after all…


20 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Tuesday – Slytherin Characters From Non Harry Potter Books

  1. Oh god, I burst out laughing at that art of Amy (Little Women). She looks so sweet and cute compared to rest of the ladies on the list. XD

    And YAS re: your comments on Slytherin traits!! I think pretty much every trait in every Hogwart House can easily be twisted and corrupted into something negative. A friend and I once did a writing exercise thing where we had one bowl of typically “negative” traits in fiction (so a lot of Slytherin traits), and another bowl of positive traits. And we’d pick two traits from one bowl and write them into a hero and then a villain, and do the same with the other bowl. It was SUPER fun and kind of gives you perspective on what *does* make villains. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh she’s definitely sweeter than the rest but those blonde curls hide a solid ambition; be a great artist and marry into wealth 😛

      Oh absolutely, every positive trait has the potential for negative and a lot of the time it’s all about perception anyway. Ambition isn’t an ‘evil’ trait as some people are ambitious to become the best writer/ artist/ dancer/ teacher/ surgeon and if the ambition is to achieve power then a) they might have reasons as to why they want power ala Jude and Cersei or they want to achieve power/ their goal it might be for good reasons ala Haymitch.

      Gryffindor’s can have an ‘act before you think’ mentality and don’t necessarily see the consequences of their actions on others, Ravenclaw’s can ignore morals and emotion in the pursuit of knowledge and Hufflepuff’s could blindly follow the wrong people out of misplaces loyalty.

      I think that’s a really interesting exercise to complete because it helps you think differently!


  2. I love this post so much! Jude, Amy Dunne and Cersei are Slytherin queens ❤️ I never would’ve thought to sort a character from Little Women into Slytherin cause that book is…the least Slytherin thing I’ve read in my whole life. But after reading this I 100% agree Amy is a Slytherin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Jude, Amy D and Cersei are to me the very definition of Slytherin (with varying levels of goal success).

      Hahaha! I know! But I wanted to sort all the March girls when I sorted Jo and I realised that each of them could fit into a house. No Gryffindor though, although Jo could come close. Amy March is a Slytherin because she knew 100% what she wanted in life.


  3. Slytherin here! In fact, I have an ongoing series on my blog called Slytherin Greatness in which I sort non-HP characters into Slytherin and explain why. All that is to say I wholeheartedly agree with your choices. You’ve inspired me for future editions of my own posts. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoy Slytherin characters very much and think they get a constantly undeserved bad rep. I’ve noticed the trend to consider every villain a Slytherin and I’ve got to say, I disagree with that approach! Every house has the dark side and the light side 😛

      I’ll have to take a peek at your posts now as I’m very intrigued! I’m really glad you liked this one.


  4. Ooooo … Haymitch is a great pick! He’s very cunning and intelligent; basically a survivor.

    Also, totally hate the “hate on” for people in Slytherin house. I feel as though Rowling addressed this later on in her thoughts that they should’ve have been seen as evil. Also … maybe they wouldn’t have been as “against” everyone if people were nice to them ??

    Anyways, great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! He’s incredibly intelligent and I could have even squeezed him into Ravenclaw but I thought about it and decided he was more Slytherin on account off putting aside his personal feelings and thinking strategic about what must be done to win.

      Yep, agree. It got really stale and repetitive the Slytherin hate and they weren’t allowed any nuance, just stereotypes. I said in a comment below that I see a lot of people immediately think any villain is a Slytherin but I completely disagree with that approach.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I think the dark side of Hufflepuff’s is that they could be too loyal and provide unrelenting support to whoever it is they are loyal to – without questioning exactly who they are supporting. That way you could have some Hufflepuff’s who blindly follow and adore people who are not that nice and won’t see anything wrong with it. They may not be committing atrocious acts but they could be helping the support the person who does!

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    1. Jude is 100% but I feel like I can understand the motivations behind Jude and Cersei’s power grab and ambition and it’s all about gaining power because they’re being squashed under people’s boots.

      Cersei is an example to me of when drive/ trait doesn’t match skill or ability though.


  5. Ah so this is where you put Haymitch 🙂 Totally fits!

    And I also put Amy Dunne on my list. She’s so terrifying, gives me chills just thinking about that book

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s definitely a Slytherin to me! I wanted a heroic Slytherin in the list and I thought he would make a great example of one.

      Oh yep, I saw that you put Gone Girl! Obviously I totally agree. She’s on the darker shade of Slytherin for sure!


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