This is the third and final triple whammy blog post of the day (even though technically it’s creeped into the next day) and it’s not even that exciting!

If you’ve followed me you’ve probably heard me witter on and on and on about my honeymoon. If you have, I’m so sorry. I get excited, I can’t help it. If you haven’t, then you are a lucky thing!

My honeymoon begins tomorrow (yippee) and goes on for quite a while. On the bucket list of my life I have always listed New Zealand as a place that I’ve wanted to go and so that’s where we’re off to! Twenty four days of organised fun. No seriously, there is an itinerary.

The holiday is so full on that I think I’m going to need a holiday when I come back but I’m looking forward to everything we’ve got planned.

So that means no blogging for the rest of November and possibly even until mid December. No blogging means no posts but also no reading or commenting on others or replying to comments on mine. I’m not being a dick, I swear. I’m just staying off of the internet and social media because this world is beautiful and I want to enjoy it wholeheartedly.

I’ll do my very best to catch up with everything in December and look forward to seeing what everyone’s been doing for November.

See you on the flip side!



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