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Bookish: Four Word Summary Challenge

Because, like Jay Z, I have 99 problems. One of those is seeing the fun things that other bloggers do and deciding to do the same even though;

a) no one has asked me to

b) I have 99 red balloons 99 other things I should be doing

But I have never been able to help myself so why stop a habit of a lifetime?

Over at The Awkward Book Blogger I saw this Four Word Summary Challenge and thought, ‘yeah I’ll do that’ which probably leaves the people who have actually tagged me in stuff ready to tear their hair out. Maybe.

The game is that you take a book and try and summarise it in four words. Character names shouldn’t be used and neither should any words present in the title.

I haven’t gone for 15 (because I am lazy) and the answers are at the bottom of the page.

If you get all of them right then the prize is…

Um. A cute picture of my cat?

the books


Boy wizard gets hormonal


Large cat is god


Scientist does bad thing


Archer survives horrible event


Young boys turn savage


Sad man throws parties


Couple ruins neighbours lives


have a think


the answers


Boy wizard (Harry Potter) gets hormonal (he’s so angry in this one)!

harry potter phoenix


Large cat (Aslan, he’s a cat dammit) is god (creates and destroys Narnia and the series is known for being a Christian allegory)

the lion


Scientist (Frankenstein) does bad thing (creates a man and then abandon’s his creation. It doesn’t go well for people)



Archer (Katniss Everdeen) survives horrible event (the titular hunger games)

the hunger ganes


Young boys (a whole group of them marooned on an island) turn savage (and boy do they…)



Sad man (Gatsby who yearns for Daisy) throws parties (that’s why he’s so great)

the great gatsby


Couple (Healthcliff and Catherine) ruin (by marrying them)  neighbours (the Lintons’) lives

wuthering heights

How many did you get right?

Do you want a cute picture of my cat anyway?

I’m not tagging anyone in this as it was a shameless steal on my part but if anyone wants to do it please go for it and tag me in so I can have a go!

5 thoughts on “Bookish: Four Word Summary Challenge

  1. That was hard I only guessed one and a half of them correctly!. I knew the first one was HP but I though Half Blood Prince, because he and Ginny finally get together. Then Lord of the Flies was easy, but the rest my brain just drew up blank on. Fun tag!

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