Bookish: National Read a Book Day 2018

Hello my gorgeous book worm buddies!

I’ve already made it easy for you, but guess what?!

Yes, it’s…


I love following all the awareness days (using a nifty awareness days website) as there are some truly weird and wonderful days out there that people are encouraged to celebrate!

No seriously, did you know that September is apparently Organic September month and contains National Spa Week (10th) and International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th)?

Also, more relevantly themed, September is home to International Literacy Day (8th) and Roald Dahl Day (13th).

But today is national readso what are you waiting for? Get out there and read a book. A whole one. What do you mean you work full time, have two children and need 3 weeks to read that 500+ page door-stopper?

No excuses! Read it today and message me at 3am to tell me how tired you are!

OK… don’t do those things unless it’s a very small (i.e. children’s) book. I don’t particularly relish the idea of getting angry messages in my inbox because encouragement went wrong!

One website conducted a survey (because who doesn’t love a survey?) and these are the sexy results.

Sexy Disclaimer: All graphs are taken from the National Today website and aren’t done by me. This should be obvious because there is no way I could produce this level of quality graphage.

graph 1


graph 2


graph 3


graph 4.png

It seems that the average responder of this survey will be opening up their mystery book which they have purchased as a physical copy and will read this in bed next to the pile of the 4 other books they will read this year.

The Gerry responder of this survey will be opening up her fantasy book which she has purchased as a physical copy and will read this in bed next to her cat and the leaning tower of books that she will try (and fail) to read this year.

How do your responses hold up against this survey?

Right, I’m off to continue reading the current book I’m on which is this one…

the bear

And my ‘confession’ is that I need to get more exercise and so I’m going to be reading this at home as I walk on the treadmill. Yep. I’m trying to combine something I hate with something I love to make the something I hate more fun.


17 thoughts on “Bookish: National Read a Book Day 2018

    1. I am truly jealous! I would love to a) have my birthday on a day that a fun awareness day and b) go to a Pirate themed party!

      I just checked my own birthday and there is nothing on that day but World Sleep Day and English Tourism Week are the closest to it… I guess I could take a nap?


  1. Hahaha hi worm buddy! 😀 I also follow all the weird and non-weird awareness days, I actually knew all you wrote hehe. 😀 Happy read a book day btw! If I post something on the 19th I’ll try to write it in a Pirate accent. xD I love the surveys, but you could make better ones for sure 😛 The first one is obvious, except I wonder about those people who walk and read. o.O The second one makes us unique haha, we’re like in 10% of something, a thing to be proud of. 😀 The third one is obvious too, but the 4th is very confusing as they used similar colors. I’m either a bit blind or can’t tell the difference between the yellows and between the light pink ones. o.O Which one is fantasy? Hope not that tiny pink one. 😦 Ahhh I love the book you’re reading! I bought it last winter but missed the right mood for it so I’ll read it this winter. 🙂 We could have buddy read it but I’m still on our last one hahaha. xD I’ll show you my cover for it on GR, done by a Serbian artist, it’s gorgeous!

    P.S. Hope you beat that treadmill xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love all the weird awareness days! I’m like, ‘who thought of these and how did they think of them!’ and then I must admit, I think about how I can create a weird awareness day.

      I looked up my schedule and saw that there is a Top 5 post on the 19th September. I’m half tempted to do two versions, one in normal speak and the other in pirate (who even knows how that’s supposed to go)! I’ll have to see how much time I have!

      The graphs on the website had it so you could hover over the segment and it would tell you the answer otherwise I was getting confused between mystery and classic fiction but it is definitely mystery! I suppose there’s enough tv shows and movies based on mysteries so it makes sense!

      I’ve got your Goodreads message up in another tab now! I love seeing the different covers for books especially other countries editions.

      I finished the book last night and really enjoyed it! It’s definitely a winter book for sure!

      I quite like the whole treadmill/ reading thing so I’m going to keep at it for a while 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha me too, I guess anyone can claim a day, it just needs to catch. xD Ahh I missed the pirate day because I had horrible net connection in Greece, now I have to wait for the next year. 😦 I also missed Hobbit day and Tolkien week argh!!

        Glad you loved bear and the nightingale, I’ll definitely start the trilogy this winter! 🙂

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  2. It is so fun to have an excuse to read more! I just did a post on my page about how I find new books to read/what I read over and over/some of my favourites. I hope you’ll take a look and complete the challenge as well! Happy Reading today 🙂

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  3. I’ve been reading the same book for over two weeks now and I’ve made it my goal to finish it today after work! Thanks for sharing the graphs, they are super interesting. I wish I had know this day was coming ahead of time to set aside more time for the fun ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I hate when that happens and I used to be so determined to finish every book but I’m trying to teach myself to learn to let to go! I have quite a few DNF’s now but have only felt guilty about not finishing one. Go forth and read better books! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s definitely hard to know when to let go, although usually I’m better about knowing when I should. I think this time I realized it once I remembered I’ve already met my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal so it’s not like I needed the read to count towards anything but my pride 😀

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