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Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Favourites You’d Like to Revisit


I am on it this week!

In some strange, new twist of events I am doing a Top 5 Wednesday on a Wednesday! In an alternative universe someplace… hell has just frozen over.

I won’t be doing a Top 5 Wednesday next week as I’ll be doing the whole ‘getting married’ thing and so should probably prioritise that (!) but this week I am doing my Top 5 ‘Favourites You’d Like to Revisit.’ Now my disclaimer is this… some of these are favourites and some aren’t. The ones that aren’t are books that I would like to revisit for a different reason – namely because I didn’t understand it first time around or because I think some things may reveal themselves better on a second reading.

One of my favourite literary devices is foreshadowing and if I had the time I would go back and read all the books with foreshadowing, just with the knowledge of how the story ends so I can pick up on all those bits I’ve missed!

Here we go!


night circus

I adored the Night Circus when I read it waaaay back when and although I can remember how I felt about it and the overall story I can’t remember the specifics. This is no reflection on the book or how I felt about the book because I truly adored it. I would love to read it again because I want to immerse myself back in with the characters and the setting and I feel like I could take even more of my time second time around and really indulge in it rather than just gobble it down.

The reason why I am cautious to re-read it is because I’m too scared I won’t love it as much second time around.



It pains me that The Bartimaeus Trilogy is as unsung as it is. If there is ever a Top 5 Underappreciated Books this is 100% on the list. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – The Bartimaeus Trilogy is the glorious trifecta of interesting characters, intelligent plot and detailed world building topped with excellent writing and elements of pathos and humour.

Why aren’t people reading this?!

I would definitely revisit this because this is a diamond of a book series.


Reaper Man

I read Reaper Man many, many years ago during one long, hot summer.

It was my first ever Terry Pratchett book and while I enjoyed it very much I don’t think I fully appreciated it. When I read more Discworld novels I came to understand that this was a whole, wonderful world constructed from a brilliant and witty mind and that this Death as a character was as unique a creation as any writer could imagine.

I didn’t think I ‘got it’ first time round but I get it now. I’d like to revisit definitely!


angel's game

The Shadow of the Wind is an amazing book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and is one that I remember very vividly. The Angel’s Game is a loose sequel of sorts and whilst I don’t personally think it’s as good, it’s still very brilliant.

I’m trying not to spoil anything but sadly I think I will end up doing so by default so I do apologise. The reason why I would like to revisit this is because of one particular character and the interpretation of who that character is and whether any ‘clues’ could be picked up second time around.

Me and my brother actually had a really long conversation as to whether this particular character was:-

a) Real

b) A figment of another characters imagination

c) Another personality (as in multiple personality disorder) of another character that he could vaguely interact with

d) The devil

Yep. It’s that kind of book.


and then there were none


I love Agatha Christie. I’m seriously impressed at how someone managed to invent so many murders in their head and write quality books about them.

And Then There Were None is a very very good book by Agatha Christie. I would revisit simply because of the inventive deaths (I’m morbid!), claustrophobic and atmospheric settings and detailed and intricate plot.

Another reason I would revisit is down to the ‘knowing the ending and wanting to see the hints’ throughout the book factor. This is a clever book and is surprisingly enjoyable despite its subject matter and I want to revisit because sometime knowing how it ends makes it sweeter – or more bitter – somehow.

Let me know your thoughts on the above and what your Top 5 revisits would be!#T5W

6 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Favourites You’d Like to Revisit

  1. Ahhh, the Bartimaeus trilogy is literally in my top 3 favorite series of all time, it makes my heart weep that it’s not more popular; it’s a crime, in fact! Also, I’ve been very curious to read The Night Circus because as popular as it is, it doesn’t seem to be getting much love; is it just me lol? And I loved Shadow of the Wind! I didn’t continue as I’d heard the sequels weren’t that great, but maybe I should check ’em out sometime. 😉 AWESOME post!

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    1. I have made it my mission to spread the word about those books because I agree with you – it’s a crime that they weren’t more popular. I just never quite understood why they weren’t! Whenever I recommend them to people I think I must put them off with my flare of desperation that they must read them but I will continue!

      I really enjoyed The Night Circus, *really* enjoyed it but if you squint you’ll definitely realise that more of it is style than substance and the plot is choppy and slightly non-existent. But I would say it is well worth a read because it just transports you into its world and it’s world is wonderful!

      I don’t think anything will top Shadow of the Wind because that was a whirlwind. If you want to revisit the world and some of the characters then give The Angel’s Game a go but I would say it would always be one star behind Shadow of the Wind – if that makes sense?

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      1. I honestly think Bartimaeus didn’t work because the covers (the US ones at least) are kinda off-putting. I myself glared at their hideousness as kid whenever I was at the bookstore, and it’s only after a guy friend pushed me to give it a go that I reluctantly read it. Best decision ever. 😛

        And I’m glad to hear that about Night Circus! I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I’m totally down for atmosphere even if substance isn’t as there. And that’s fair to say about the sequels to Shadow of the Wind! I’d rather go in with realistic expectations, so I think I’ll finally brave ’em. 😉 Thanks!

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        1. Ok, I had to check out the US book covers – and um – yikes! They are rather gargoyle ugly aren’t they? Like I get the point of what they relate to but it’s not the most eye pleasing of designs! I think the UK ones are definitely more pleasant! I’m still pushing people to read them to this day and I don’t see myself stopping!

          Give it all a go and if you don’t like them? Remember it wasn’t your friend Gerry that suggested it! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Mmhmm~ I find most US covers inferior to UK ones, but this one was a bit ridiculous. It’s sad as the content is amazing though, and I am totally with you on the crusade to letting people know that this series exists!

            And hehe I’m sure I can’t go wrong with your recommendations, but I shall keep that in mind! 😂😂

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