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Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Roadtrip Books


Everyone knows that Friday is the new Wednesday.


When I think of roadtrip’s I think of the many, many that I have been on with a fond smile.

Some of these are roadtrip’s were taken with one friend where we spent a summer seemingly travelling the length of the UK. I call this the summer of service station’s and Eddie Stobart trucks. Another roadtrip was the three months that me and my best friend took as our gap year travelling around the South West of the USA. It didn’t involve cars (as we couldn’t drive) but Amtrak and Greyhound buses and believe me when I say I have enough memories of the Greyhound buses to last a lifetime.

The other roadtrip’s are the ones that I have taken with my husband to be (12 twelve days and counting now!) in a variety of places and what also makes me fondly smile is all the roadtrip’s hopefully yet to come.

So here are my Top 5 fictional roadtrip’s. Enjoy the journey!


american gods

It’s been a while since a Neil Gaiman has landed on my Top 5 but that’s only because the recent topics haven’t really been Neil Gaiman inclusive. But here I go – any excuse for Neil Gaiman and any excuse for American Gods!

Not that I need an excuse to add this book onto this list because one of the things American Gods is, is an American roadtrip book. Sure, it’s a strange and twisted roadtrip and I’m not saying that Shadow is having a great time or anything but there’s no denying that he is on the roadtrip of his life. What have we got? Old gods and new ones, strange towns with dark secrets, motels where odd things occur and random tourist attractions. That’s one heck of a roadtrip.


travelling cat

This was a gift from my Mum because it has a fuzzy black cat on it and I have a fuzzy black cat. It took me a while to decide to read The Travelling Cat Chronicles because it seemed to be one of those books that you had to be in ‘the mood’ to read.

It is about a cat called Nana and his owner Satoru and the roadtrip that they are both taking to find Nana a new home. I’ve only just finished reading it but I did like it and think this is a lovely addition to a Top 5 on roadtrips for two reasons:-

  1. Parts of this story are told from the perspective of Nana, the cat. It’s as strange as it sounds but is oddly delightful.
  2. It’s a rare roadtrip book that doesn’t feature the USA and is instead set in Japan. The descriptions of the Japanese landscape are lovely and they make me want to visit Japan even more.

Review is pending and I aim to do this sooner rather than later!


the incredible journey

This is a cheat. I have never read The Incredible Journey but it is a book and so I’m including it here. However I have watched the movie multiple times. I couldn’t tell you how close the book and movie are but if you want to watch me sob – sit me down in front of this.

It doesn’t matter that I have seen this a million times I will still get all teary eyed at certain parts. When the animals believe they have been abandoned and begin their journey across the wilderness? Ok, my eyes are misty. When Sassy falls into the river and gets swept away and we all think she’s drowned? Yep, watering a bit more now actually. When the family just miss out on being reunited because Chance thinks they’re in a pound and they all escape? Maybe that’s a choked sob from me. When Shadow falls into the pit and is resigned to die there? Dear effing no. By the time they all make it back I’m basically sobbing and wringing out the tissues.

It’s not a roadtrip as such but I’ll be damned if this emotional roller-coaster doesn’t make it onto this list.


america unchained.jpg

I don’t often read a lot of non-fiction and I don’t often enjoy a lot of non-fiction but I really loved reading America Unchained. My goal one day is to do a ‘proper’ American roadtrip – rent a car or RV and travel from one place to the next, stopping in diners and staying in motels. I really want to do Route 66, it’s on my very large bucket list of life!

Dave Gorman also decided to do a ‘proper’ American roadtrip. But with a caveat of epic proportions… do not spend a single cent on or in anything that relates to Corporations. Go off-grid. Do independent B&B’s and motels, buy gas from non franchised and family run gas stations and ‘Mom and Pop’ stores, eat in diners and restaurants that are, well, unchained.

How does he get on? Well you’ll have to read it to see but at one point he is so hungry he is genuinely tempted to cook up some roadkill.



You cannot tell me that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz isn’t a roadtrip book.

Wikipedia tells me that a roadtrip is a long distance journey on the road. Just in case we need clarification here.

Let’s go through the criteria:-

  • Is there a long distance journey? Er… yep. Not too sure what the mileage from Munchkin Country to The Emerald City is but Dorothy better pack some decent walking shoes.


Oh FFS Dorothy.

  • Is there a road? I don’t know. Is there??!!


My case is rested.

As always I look forward to hearing from you on your favourite roadtrip books and as I’m feeling nostalgic feel free to chuck in your favourite real life roadtrips too!


4 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Roadtrip Books

  1. Aww, I love The Incredible Journey! (the movie) I re-watched a few months ago, and only then remember what an awesome movie it was. 🙂 And I really want to read American Gods! I remember you told me it was a kind of road-trip story, and the premise sounds really interesting, so I’m uber hyped to read it. 😉 Terrific picks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list. I like how diverse it is, and I myself have actually read American Gods on a road trip. Another of my favourite other road trip books is On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think reading American Gods on a roadtrip would be a good context to have read it! I keep meaning to pair up books with the setting – I read a book based in Barcelona when I was in Barcelona which was nice but then I read a horror/ thriller set on a cruise when I was actually on a cruise and well…. yeah.

      I’ve heard of On the Road but not read it, I keep getting it mixed up with Into the Wild and The Road (which is completely different)!


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