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Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to Read Before the End of the Year


Ah goals. Aren’t they neat?

Set yourself goals and you feel like you’re actually doing something to obtain some sense of purpose within your life. Achieve those goals and you also achieve delightfully fuzzy feelings of self-actualisation. Don’t achieve those goals and you only end up sobbing into your bucket of tears with your friends, despair and hopelessness, by your side.

Dramatic? Moi? Non.


Being halfway through the year gives us a nice time to take stock of where we are at with all those book purchases. Too many? You bet. It also gives us time to take stock of where we are at with reading them. Not really doing that? You bet. Liking every single one that you have actually read? Nope.

I like to do an end of month/ beginning of month (whichever way you look at it) wrap up/ TBR to gauge what books in the pile I’ve read/ what books I aim to read in the coming month.

Do I achieve my aim? Not always. But that’s ok. That’s what the next month is for.

So here are my Top 5 books that I am determined to read by the end of the year (and I have six months, so odds are in my favour).


spinning silber

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I had never read a Naomi Novik book before and then I heard about Uprooted and what I heard made it sound like it was right up my alley. Uprooted was published in 2015 and for some strange reason I decided to wait until 2018 before I purchased and read it. Clearly I am years behind everyone.

I adored it. Like really did. Five stars of did.

So now Naomi Novik is publishing another fairy tale based standalone and I must have’s it my precious, I must.

Spinning Silver isn’t out until 10th July but you can bet I’m not going to wait another three years before buying this one.

Twoto kill a kingdom

To Kill a Kingdom is currently sat in my pile of a recently acquired book haul so the chances of me reading this before the end of the year is looking good indeed.

I have a very real problem. Mermaids. Sorry wait…mermaids

I love them. All of them. I refer to this often. I will continue to refer to this often. You can’t dangle a book that seems to be twisted version of The Little Mermaid in front of me like a big juicy worm on a hook and not expect me to bite do you?

Threethe surface breaks

Sorry but I really don’t think you were listening so I need to say it again. mermaids

That is all.

Ok, fine. I discovered the existence of The Surface Breaks a couple of weeks ago if that, and as soon as I read the blurb I was hooked. Honestly, I truly love mermaids to a weird degree but I keep it so chilled in what I call ‘my real life.’ I feel some of that chill may be thawing quite rapidly though.

I was already 100% down to read this one and then I read reviews of some bloggers and pushed that 100% up to 110% and instantly kicked some lesser books to the curb to make way for this one.

Fourthe princess bride

It is inconceivable that I haven’t read The Princess Bride. Especially as the movie is just one of my absolute favourites of all time and makes those warm fuzzy tummy feelings get even warmer every time I watch it.

If you don’t know the movie then here is a rather funny ‘honest’ trailer that you should check out. It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Of course movies and books don’t always ‘gel’ and usually its the case of the movie not being as good as the book so I’m a little nervous that the book may not be as good as the movie. I hear it’s different.

Regardless, I now own a copy and I plan to read this in 2018.


Oooh Gerry, you dirty cheat!

This isn’t just one book, it’s three! You shouldn’t just go around slapping The Winner’s Trilogy into a Top 5 list and call it ‘one entry.’

Yeah well, I probably shouldn’t be talking to myself via a blog post either but here we are.

The pluses of this trilogy is that all books are already out – yay! I have a bad habit of buying books in a series or trilogy and discovering that they are incomplete and getting into a grump.

The risk I have taken is that I have purchased all three in one go. Now if I like the first one this is a good, preemptive move. If I don’t like the first one then I’m needing to revisit that ‘getting into a grump’ thing.


What do you think of my Top 5? Have you read any of them yourself? What is on your list for your books you have a burning urge to read before the year is out?

Look forward to hearing from you!


22 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to Read Before the End of the Year

    1. The movie is just one of my most absolute favourites! I think the book was never a priority for me either simply because I was too scared to read it in case it didn’t live up to expectations! I’ve removed any expectations and am just going to go for it! *Fingers crossed*

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  1. Again, it’s so great to hear Uprooted was so good because I’m really hoping I’ll love it myself, and ooh, I hope you enjoy To Kill A Kingdom! I started it, and it was quite enjoyable from what I’d seen. 😉 Also, I want to read the Princess Bride too, but I’ve heard the movie is better lol. 😛 Hope you enjoy it though! Excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I loved Uprooted so I have hopes for Spinning Silver! You should definitely read Uprooted though! I am a sucker for anything mermaidy (obviously!) so am hoping that To Kill a Kingdom does the trick! I may like it on default!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Princess Bride the book gives me just as many fuzzy feelings as the movie so I think you’re in for a good time! 😀 And The Surface Breaks cover totally fooled me into thinking it’s some kind of cutesy mermaid retelling, but it’s apparently unflinchingly feminist and very much grounded in reality (if you discount the mermaid part), so now I’m a little scared to pick it up. And speaking of mermaids, have you tried The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock? I heard it’s very good!

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    1. Ah, I’m glad to hear that you got the fuzzies from the book as well as the movie. I’ve heard that it’s different so I’m going in with an open mind and the hopes that I can be greedy and get two versions of one world – if that makes any sense? I will happily take unflinching feminist but am curious as the reality part? Sometimes these things work, but its funny when you go in with a different expectation! I just checked Goodreads and I’ve already added The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock onto my TBR. I need all the mermaid books in my life.


      1. Totally makes sense! But the original, non-Disneyfied story of The Little Mermaid absolutely horrified me as a kid, so I’m a little leery about reading retellings that are supposedly on the grittier side, as this one seems to be. I shall have you be the guinea pig and see what you think of it first before attempting to pick it up. 😀

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  3. Mermaids!!! ❤ What about Christina Henry's The Mermaid? I've been stalking the ARC like a hawk but no luck for the little international me. 😥 Same thing with Spinning Silver, so I'm retaliating and reading Uprooted first/soon. I have been visited by a spirit which told me I'll absolutely love Naomi Novik, and I trust it completely. I'm thinking the same thing for The Princess Bride hahaha, and the longer I wait I'm becoming more doubtful it will live up to the movie. :/

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    1. I just checked out The Mermaid and it’s already on my TBR! I think I have a problem…

      Definitely read Uprooted, I keep singing its praises which makes me nervous because I recommend things and then people don’t like them! But it different and I like different.

      The movie of The Princess Bride is just so special to me that I’m a bit worried about the book too. I’m going in with an open mind!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha it’s not a problem, it’s mermaids! 😂 Uprooted is ordered and on its way to me, so I’ll probably read it in July. 😉 I know haha, like Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, Goonies and Neverending Story, those are my childhood flicks. 😀 Hope it’s good, I’ll try it some day too. 🙂

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