Bookish: June 2018 TBR & May Wrap Up


Dear Gerry,

Well done on starting your book blog! I know you’ve wanted to do one for a while so kudos on finally pulling your finger our of your whatsit and getting it sorted.

Fun fact: Did you know that most people who have a book blog read books? This is an amazing discovery! It means that they can review what they’ve read and offer their opinions and have open discussions with other readers.

You should try that some time.

Please see attached a picture of a kitty face-palming.

Yours sincerely,


Oh dear. It’s incredibly embarrassing how much of a fail May was for me. No wait… it’s not failure it’s…


I entered a bit of a reading slump and didn’t even remotely achieve my May TBR goal. I had six on my list and managed to achieve a glorious number of… wait for it…..



So what did I manage to read?

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

I need to write up a review for this one but I did enjoy it very much. Witches are my jam and this was a gentle, modern take on witches and magic but most especially it was about sisters and the complicated relationship that sisters can have. I really did enjoy it and for me personally it gets a 4/5.

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert 

The review for this is already done and can be found here. Sadly this wasn’t quite hitting the spot with me and I gave it a 2/5. I think this may have tipped me into ‘The Slump’ and so I’m needing something to shift me out of it.

No point in me doing stats for the month because… yeah. You can see how I did.

I’m pretty much rolling over my May TBR into June. I’m not even going to add any on because right now it would be a miracle if I managed to read 3 in June at this rate!


norse mythology

This has rolled over from April into May and now into June. I know I said May was going to be the month but June is feeling really good you know?

Sigh. I’m not reading this until 2025 am I?



I read one page and wasn’t feeling it at the time but I find if I’m in a slump I’m more fussy. This is a classic, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ scenario as I can be a mardy, picky cowbag when I’m slumping.


The hate

Still scared of this one but I want to read it.


The Wicked Deep

This is the one that I’m planning on reading next. Will it get me over my slump? Here’s hoping!

From a personal perspective here’s how my month of May shaped up!

Gerry Goes Gandering

  • I saw Deadpool 2. It’s just as foul mouthed as before and that’s a good thing, my love for Ryan Reynolds lives on and he embodies the role to perfection.
  • I had my wedding hair and make up trial for me and my bridesmaid and honestly we acted like we’d never seen mascara before.
  • I had an afternoon tea with a couple of friends in Great Fosters, Egham which is hella posh. The food was lovely but it’s not been my most favourite afternoon tea place as management were a little on the snobby side. I am obsessed with afternoon tea and would stuff my face with scones all the day long if my waistline could get away with it.
  • My post cancer check-up‘s have now moved to every 4 months and I had one in May and all looked good which is wonderful. The next one isn’t until September. I won’t go on too much here but you can always check out my other blog here if you’re interested. To be fair, this may have also contributed to ‘The Slump’ as my mind goes all over the place pre-appointment.
  • I saw the Tina Turner musical which was my March birthday present from my best friend, it’s a good musical but is hard hitting in places. It made me want to hug Tina Turner so badly and the actor that plays Ike Turner is amazing and the actress that plays Tina even more so.
  • I finally saw Hamilton. I’ve been desperate to see it since 2016 and I’ve had the tickets booked since January 2017 and it finally happened. It is amazing. Amazing. I literally have no words for how much I loved it and I fully, 100% recommend it.
  • My lovely husband-to-be is contributing to my book addiction as he took me to the massive London Waterstone’s after the theatre for my belated birthday present. I was told I could pick out 12 books and off I skipped for more book haul fun.

My plan is to get motivated for June and read more books!

How did your May go? What’s your June looking like?

Happy Reading

9 thoughts on “Bookish: June 2018 TBR & May Wrap Up

  1. Haha I don’t read more than three books a month, so no shame on the two. 😂 I feel you on The Hazel Wood being disappointing, but I hope you enjoy Norse Mythology! It’s on my TBR and I’ve heard the audiobook for it is amazing. Also I saw Deadpool 2 (it kinda fell below my expectations, which made me sad haha) but I totally have to check out Hamilton; I can’t believe I’m putting it off. 😛 Glad you enjoyed it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry, but that kitty is just so dang cute. I stared at it for longer than I probably should have. I had a bit of a health scare early this month (which just turned out to be anxiety wreaking havoc on my body. So thanks a bunch, brain), and I’m amazed that I didn’t go into a reading slump myself. But I started drawing art again after 6 years of avoidance, and I think that might have helped! And I should really get to reading Norse Mythology as well…

    Also, hell yes to your positive post-cancer check up!! I read through some of your posts on your other blog, and they kind of pushed me into reminding myself I should get a screening next year when I turn 25, so thank you. ❤

    Sending all the positive wishes that you'll get to read all the books that you want for June! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly anxiety is the worst. It takes anything and twists it into something horrid and even though you know it’s happening there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s like you have to watch a version of yourself from behind some glass where you can see it all happen and yet you’re just sort of stuck.

      Positive cancer check up is a definite yay! Most definitely get that screening done, I’ve made it my personal mission to just nag people about it now. I’m like the poster woman for bad decisions.


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