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Nothing like some cold truths on a Sunday. Well here’s another cold truth for you – it’s 1.40 pm and I’m still in my pyjamas. This is how I adult.

This one is a complete and utter cheat as I didn’t actually get tagged in it. I was navigating my way around the book blogs of the WordPress world and I stumbled upon The Awkward Book Blogger and this particular tag and I got thinking. Does one need to wait to be tagged if they see something they like? Can one just ‘borrow’ the tag? Does one need to follow an unspoken book blog etiquette? Will one stop referring to oneself as ‘one’ as it is making one sound like a pretentious Victorian douche?

I decided; no, yes (as long as you link back), probably, probably not.

I went for it but I have linked back to where I found it so please take a look at that wonderful blog I’ve stumbled upon.

Without further ado…*

*God is there like a Douchey Douchebag Book Blogger Award or something? It seems like I’m gunning for it.


Pick 30 fictional characters and write their names down. You then pluck two names by random at a time to answer one of the 15 questions and select the character that fits the criteria the best and so determine which character is not ‘good enough’ and relegate them to Fictional Character Therapy to work on their crushed self-esteem.

I may have tweaked the wording of the rules to suit personal taste.



Gandalf from Lord of the Rings vs. Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles


Ah! Sorry Cinder but really when it comes down to it who wouldn’t choose Gandalf? Cinder is an ace mechanic but Gandalf is just The Ace. Not only would Gandalf make an awesome team member but let’s face it, he alone would win us the title in the languages of Man, Elvish, Dwarfish  and Orcish!


Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles vs. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter 



It’s not that I don’t think Hermione wouldn’t kill me because I think if push came to shove she would but she is very much less likely to then a genetically engineered wolf-human hybrid super soldier so….yeah. Get Wolf before he gets me and then try and talk Hermione down over a  pint of butter-beer.


Harry Potter from well… Harry Potter vs. Jon Snow from ASOIAF

jon snow

Aww. my poor little orphan babies… both of them deserve a flower 🙂

But I’m going to have to give this one to Jon Snow (especially as played by Kit Harrington) because… well look at him. If I don’t I would feel like I just kicked a puppy. I would make sure it is a blue rose and would glance at him extra meaningfully.


Katniss from The Hunger Games vs. Daenerys Targaryen


Oh Katniss, honey.

In what is a bizarre coincidence the blogger where I got this tag also drew Katniss from the pot for this question. Doomed to be reaped everywhere huh? The Awkward Book Blogger also chose to select Katniss on the basis that Katniss has got prior volunteering form.

Daenerys is epic but I think I would have to agree. Katniss is my go to gal on this one.


Jo March from Little Women vs. Peeta Mellark

Jo March.gif

Wow, ok. We’re going dark with this one huh? Ok, I’ll bite (*wink*).

Sorry Jo, I love you. I do. Don’t look at me like that. But ultimately you are an independent, witty and intelligent woman with ZERO island survival skills. Peeta has at least survived two Hunger Games and he’s a baker which means he probably knows how to cook so…


Tinkerbell from Peter Pan vs. Arwen from Lord of the Rings


Sure, Tinkerbell would be a royal pain in the arse but let’s face it she’s a loyal pain in the arse and if she were my sidekick she would protect me from all those horrid people she doesn’t like. Disclaimer: this may eventually backfire on me.


Tyrion Lannister from ASOIAF vs. Peter Pan

peter pan

It would have become quickly apparent two weeks into Peter’s employment with Have an Avocado Ltd that we should never have employed him to begin with. He’s a rogue employee who doesn’t just have poor communication skills but he also has problems with time management and authority. There’s even been complaints that he expects the women in the company to make his tea all the time.

He’s a dick about things of course and doesn’t make it easy when he goes. You also think he stole things from the stationery cupboard and had a wee in the lift.


Brienne of Tarth from ASOIAF vs. Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles


Brienne may not fully understand why you’re upset over a fictional character when there is so much more devastation in the real world but she’d never belittle you for your feelings. You feel how you feel and that is ok. Her idea of cheering you up may be clumsy and unorthodox and would possibly be a suggestion at a cheer-up sword-fight (which you have no intention of participating in) but her heart is large and in the right place.


Ron Weasley vs. Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles



Despite being best friends with the Chosen One, Ron wouldn’t exactly fit in with the popular crowd. Mind you, neither would Scarlet but that would be more her choice than theirs. Oh they want her in their group mind you. Willful, stubborn, independent and gorgeous and she has an older, mysterious boyfriend who adores her – she’s perfect popular group material. But for some reason she’s hanging out with the misfits and it looks like she couldn’t be happier.


Shadow from American Gods vs. The Luggage from The Discworld


It’s not so much that The Luggage had the nerve to forget your birthday but more a case of Sapient Pearwood not having a concept of birthdays. Don’t forget – however old you are you will never be as old as The Luggage. And trust me, there’s no gift you would want from it anyway.


Arya Stark from ASOIAF vs. Granny Weatherwax from The Discworld



No one is more surprised than Granny Weatherwax herself. No one. Her no-nonsense approach to her followers and her scathing (but often times accurate) reviews of books have won her many fans. People actually want her to read books that are terrible, they send piles of them in just to hear what she has to say. Granny only tears the books apart plus those that send them in but still, they just keep coming in.


Mr. Wednesday from American Gods vs. Coraline from Coraline



There would be a caveat to this sleepover. No wandering around opening up fairy doors. Just… no. It’s always fun and games at the beginning until someone loses an eye. Or two.


Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland vs. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts

Neither of those two choices are particularly awesome… I’d go with the Queen of Hearts because she’s less likely to have me killed if I’m having her spawn. Plus, she’s royalty and is financially stable (at least) and I have a baby to think of now.


Aragorn from Lord of the Rings vs. Wendy Darling from Peter Pan


Aragorn is very very busy and important and so no, I wouldn’t expect him to reply but do you what he would be doing? Do you? Do you?! He’d be calling for aid from Rohan, that’s what he’d be doing.


Death from The Discworld vs. Cress from The Lunar Chronicles


(Artist: Paul Kidby)

Death. Obviously. 


No obligation of course! And whoever wants to obviously!

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14 thoughts on “Bookish: You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

  1. Ooooo drawing Katniss for the Hunger Games one is just so perfect. Poor girl. She’s out there volunteering for ALL the things. And heck yes, I would be totally down for Brienne’s awkward but endearing brand of comfort. And not just because I have a massive crush on Gwendoline Christie or anything. Haha–nope, not at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, Katniss is doomed in all the universes! Brienne is just an absolute wonder, I truly adore her and I love Gwendoline Christie she is amazing and does such a fantastic job!


  2. Kekeke this is an awesome tag!!! I totally love your logic and reasoning behind your choices, like you’d rather leave Peeta alive so he’d cook up Jo March for you, or you’d have the Queen of Hearts’ baby because she’s rich and wouldn’t kill you…very smart. XD

    Thank you for tagging me! I am definitely going to have a blast doing this one. 😉 Cheers! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I think, fated to volunteer in all the alternative universes! I’m glad I stumbled upon it as your answers were brilliant. I stole some of the same characters though because I liked the ones you used!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahaha awesome tag! And such great answers! I’d definitely watch Granny Weatherwax’s reviews hahaha that would be epic! 😀 I’d give a rose to Rob Stark, but lacking a head, Jon is cool too haha. 😀 And as much as weird this sounds, if Death appeared instead of my mom I’d have a nice chat with him hahaha lol. Thank you for the tag, can’t wait to do it! Though you know I’ll use many of these characters too haha. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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