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About a million years ago when we all believed the world was still flat I was tagged by Marina @ Books of Magic for the Book Blogger Insider Tag.

Her blog is incredibly awesome so I suggest you get over to it pronto. Off you go…*gently nudges your butt onward like you’re my cat*

But before you leave me (don’t leave me!) feel free to check out my answers below, I’ve spent hours on these.*

*Ok, part of the reason for that is because I’m sat watching Poirot and researching wedding hair styles. Multi-tasking, it turns out I am only semi-competent at it.

I’ve been tagged in a fair few other things as well and I can assure you – they are coming, oh yes! Prepare yourself for maximum exhilaration.

So, here we go.

Sorry in advance for a lack of images in this post. My creativity just up and left me this evening!



Typically would be at my desk in the little slice of world which is mine, aka my study.

Right now I’m sprawled out on the sofa of my living room. It isn’t conductive for good posture but it is conductive to supporting my murder mystery TV show addiction.


Uh…. Probably a lot longer than it looks. Hours probably. There’s the thinking about what to write/ note taking stage. Then I need to make a cup of tea. Then I start typing it out in a word document first. Then I leave it alone while I have an existential crisis. Then I get the word document up again. Then I transfer it into WordPress. Then I have another three teas whilst sobbing over fonts and graphics. Then I shoo my cat away from my laptop. Then I have another existential crisis. Then I’m done.


March 2018 but I’d been thinking about it for so much longer.


Honestly? I have a million books already on my TBR list and now I am getting so many wonderful recommendations that the list is increasing and I am aware of the fragility and finite length of my existence and the sobering realisation is that I will never, ever be able to read them all.

Oh god, here I go entering another existential crisis….

Nah, we’re all good.

If the worse thing is having more good things than that’s awesome. I’m just greedy and I want to read everything. 


I am truly loving the interaction and discussion with like minded people. I like to nerd out about books and it’s better nerding out in a herd. A nerd-herd if you will.


I quite enjoy these tags because I never know what is going to be on them so it allows be to be a bit spontaneous with my answers. I also really enjoyed writing my Caraval review because I thought the book sucked and after a couple of glasses of wine I no longer cared about hiding that fact.


I’m really enjoying the Top 5 Wednesday blog posts. I’m considering looking for some more memes to participate in because they’re just so fun!


When I should be doing something else like planning a wedding or sleeping. I get properly motivated then.

I am a night owl by nature and so it is in the evening/ at nighttime mostly.


If we are basing the answer to this question on this post then it would be with tea, an episode of Poirot and the guinea pig munching on sweetcorn in her cage.

Usually it is with tea, copious amounts of tea and a variety of background noises which can include but is not limited to:

  • My partner doing DIY
  • The next door neighbours yelling at their dog
  • My cat meowing to be fed even though I have literally just fed her
  • My cat tearing the carpet to pieces
  • My sobs as I beg her to stop


It makes perfect sense to be the former. So of course it’s usually the latter.


I want to be posting three to four times a week but it’s been a bit sporadic than that recently. I have the best of intentions but sometimes life gets in the way a bit.


For this one I’m going to leave it open ended for people to tag themselves! Mainly because it’s now late and all the tea in the world can’t make me keep my eyes open, let alone spark my brain into thinking who would like to be tagged!

Please go for it though and share your answers!




4 thoughts on “Bookish: Book Blogger Insider Tag

  1. “It makes perfect sense to be the former. So of course it’s usually the latter.” Hahaha yes, that makes perfect sense! XD And same; I go through so many phrases (including those goshdarn existential crises) while I’m writing my reviews, and they takes HOURS, which really sucks. I wish I was more assertive about my feelings, but whatevs.

    Really terrific tag! I had a lot of fun reading your answers, and may I just say (again), I love you for hating Caraval? 😉 Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I wrote my first ever blog post about five times before I pressed ‘publish.’ It takes me waaaay too long to write a post, I need to get quicker at it! Maybe set myself a ‘don’t edit, don’t think, do it in 20 minutes’ task one day and see how it goes!

      Liked by 1 person

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