Bookish: May 2018 TBR & April Wrap Up


Ciao Bella’s!

Ah yes, I went away to Florence for four days and now I think I can speak Italian when I can just about manage English!

It’s not book related at all but if anyone wants any recommendations about where to stay in Florence I can now point you in the direction of a lovely hotel and some wonderful restaurants. I may have also come back with a mild addiction to Espresso Martini’s. Where have they been all my life?!

I feel like even being away for four days has left me with so much to catch up on. If you have commented and I haven’t replied or you have tagged me in anything and I haven’t yet responded please know that I will! I will also check out all those email notifications telling me what awesome stuff you’ve been posting. What I love very much is the interactive elements of book blogging. Yes, I may be shouting into the void but it is lovely to know that the void is shouting back.

Tonight’s post is a quick one. I am posting my recap on books not read read during April and my TBR for May 2018.

So what was on my list for April?

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

Sadly this was a DNF and I gave up at around 30%. I think. That’s a guess. My math’s abilities are shoddy. I mentioned that Maggie deserves my persistence but I guess she just didn’t get it this time.

Trick by Natalia Jaster 

This is going to be getting a solid three from me. Review is written and posting is pending and I have also done a book edit for it and it pleased me enough for me to do an aesthetic for.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I love Neil Gaiman so why oh why oh why have I still not read this?! Something is wrong with me. I’m not saying it is the zombie apocalypse plague virus but I’m not saying it isn’t. You’ll know if my next blog post refers more to brains than martini’s.

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

I gave up with ‘The Heart Goes Last’ and then guilt pushed me towards reading this straight after as I felt I owed it to Margaret Atwood as the writer of one of my most favourite books ever (which is The Handmaid’s Tale by the way).

I am still currently reading Alias Grace but should be done in the next few days and am taking it as a ‘win’ for April.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

*Giggles manically*

This is a solid three from me again but I did really enjoy it so it teetered on a four. It’s not without its issues and I am kicking myself for getting into yet another bloody series before it’s been completed. That is my number one rule and I just keep on breaking it. Rules are made to be broken huh? Huh?? HUH????

*Sobs because she doesn’t like to break rules*

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Three out of five. Good stuff and I enjoyed reading it and also liked a lot of the characters but I don’t feel the need to rush off and read any more Rainbow Rowell books.

So… out of six books the stats look like this:-

  • 1 still unread
  • 1 DNF
  • 1 still being read
  • 3 read and all 3 are 3’s (I feel like I have just summoned a demon. Or half a demon. A short one with anger management issues).

April averages out at a solid 3 which is generic and… safe. I feel like I’m a safe rater. Not that I want to read books I don’t like mind you. I can’t tell whether I over-rate books I don’t like that much or under-rate books because I’m a picky, critical little f*cker. Probably the latter.

How is May shaping up? Well I’m being optimistic and am aiming for six again. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…*

*Just keep going with this for a while.

Here we go. My May TBR…


norse mythology

I’m gonna do it. This is the month. I’m going to read this one by hook or by crook.

If I don’t I’m letting you down, me down and most important Neil himself down. In my mind anyway.


the hazel wood

I know literally nothing about this book. Have I read the blurb? Yes because I saw it in the bookshop and thought ‘hmm, yeah’ and must have liked the blurb enough to buy it.

Can I remember a single thing of what it said? Nope. But let’s go with the spirit of book adventure here and remain blissfully ignorant. Some of the best books are the ones I know the least about.


practical magic

“Put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning…”

I have seen the movie with Sandra Bullock and Nicola Kidman and sang that song (or more specifically, that line) every day for almost two weeks. And now I’ve just reminded myself of it so now I’ll be singing it for another two weeks.

Let me see…

  1. Sister relationships…. yes please
  2. Magic and witches…. oh I think I’m drooling with happiness
  3. Alice Hoffman…. passes out from over-excitement

I have high hopes and now I pray they are not let down.



I support indie authors who self-publish and I like when I find one who has sexy sexy professional book covers. I know, I know, don’t just a book by its cover, yeah yeah.

This author has written three so far – Touch, Trick and Dare. Touch is a pending 2 star review, Trick is a pending 3 star review (with the previously mentioned book edit) and so I would like to see where Dare takes me.

Now I have the Gorillaz song in my head.


“You put the lime in the coconut…”

Ah, ok. We’re back to that. Good times.


The hate

I’m scared to read this as I think it might hurt. But I want to and I will.


The Wicked Deep

Don’t ever underestimate my ability to love these three things: –

  1. Sister relationships
  2. Magic and witches
  3. Alice Hoffman

However this book was not, in fact, written by Alice Hoffman. But it does have the first two (according to the blurb) oh… and it also has…


Well, sort of. I think. Let me go find that blurb again…


I’m actually very excited about my May choices, how are they shaping up in your view?

What’s on your TBR pile for May?

Remember – recommendations always welcomed!

Happy Reading

11 thoughts on “Bookish: May 2018 TBR & April Wrap Up

  1. Bonjour beauté hahhha, I’m back too, and I can recommend a place NOT to stay in on the French-Swiss border. 😀 I also came back with an addiction… of chocolate, not that I wasn’t totally addicted.

    You have some awesome books there, can’t wait for your reviews on Norse Mythology, Practical Magic and Alias Grace, and all the others hahhaha. But I’ve read these three and loved them. Practical Magic is extremely different from the movie, be warned, but I loved it cause Alice Hoffman! If you like Alias Grace, there’s a recent mini series for you to watch, wink wink. 🙂

    I cried a bit on your half-demon summoning, especially because I put 666 as my suitcase code last week when I traveled hahhahah. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually really enjoyed Alias Grace, it took me a while to get into and then it just sort of ‘clicked’ and I thought ‘yes, this is great.’ I definitely want to check out the Netflix series now and am very much looking forward to it. I’ll bear that in mind with Practical Magic! I am looking forward to reading it though! I love Alice Hoffman very much, I think there’s only been one book of hers so far that I’ve read that I wasn’t feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve got Faithful in my pile. The only one I’ve read so far and wasn’t a fan of was The Ice Queen but I actually enjoy Alice Hoffman’s books very much of what else I’ve read so far.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, I’ve heard good things and although it’s not my ‘usual’ type of book I will genuinely give anything a go as I’ve found some really good books that way. I’ve heard this isn’t an easy read but who needs to live a nice, happy life right?!

      Liked by 1 person

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