Bookish: End of April Book Haul


This isn’t a TBR list although it quite obviously will become one so heck, I’ll put this down as TBR/ book haul.

This is probably more a cry for help than anything. Save me from myself.Β 

If I ever decide to ‘pop into’ a bookstore there is no popping involved, unless it means ‘popping’ open my purse and digging around for my Waterstone’s loyalty card. There is also never any ‘brief looking’ unless ‘brief looking’ is how quickly I glance away from the stack of books I lug around.

“No thank you,” I tell the store assistant three seconds after I’m through the door, “I won’t need a basket, I’m only having a browse.”

That will go on my tombstone after I’m crushed to death with the weight of a thousand books I couldn’t carry.


Of course I am completely exaggerating because what’s the fun in reality?

But I just can’t help the never ending compulsion to buy more books.

I reckon there’s someΒ magic2afoot, some kind of funky urban fantasy magic. Sailors would be all panicked that they would be lured to their deaths on the rocks by busty, beautiful sirens who would boobily brush their hair and sing sweet songs of seduction.

“Gus!” The sailors would scream. “You’re steering us into the damn rocks!!” But does Gus care? Nope. There’s a doe eyed hottie batting her eyelashes at him. Sure, he’s a little too close to the rocks now and sure, the screams of his fellow crew members are ringing in his ears but she looks like she’s up for a good time and he’s pretty sure she’s winking specifically at him.

Oh Gus. But wait… I believe Waterstones pulled the very same trick on me on Saturday.

“Gerry!” The sensible part of my brain is yelling. “You’re veering pretty darn close to the entrance of Waterstone’s there.” But does Gerry listen to the sensible part of her brain? Does she heck. There’s several sexy, beefy paperback’s all stacked up in there and some even have half price stickers on. Sure, the scream of her overdraft is deafening by now but those books are going to show Gerry a good time and she’s pretty sure that new book smell is solely for her.

So water has sirens and Waterstone’s has ‘water’ in it…

I’m on to you mass book retail chain. I. Am. On. To. You.

If you’ve stuck out that wild ride, well done. You get to be rewarded (really?) with a crappy picture of the not so crappy books I bought.


I’m really looking forward to reading these. Some I’ve had on my TBR for a while or at least made it on to my TBR (Practical Magic, Children of Blood and Bone, The Hate U Give) while others were a random spontaneous buy (The Memory Shop, The Silent Companions, The Hazel Wood).

Some of the best books I’ve read have been spontaneous purchases but I’ll see how I get on and see which ones make the ‘official’ May TBR list.

Happy Reading

2 thoughts on “Bookish: End of April Book Haul

  1. Whoooa there Gerry, eleven books?! How did you even carry them home? πŸ˜€ If I did this I’d have to whip myself across the back, but I would know deep inside it was worth it haha. πŸ˜€ Luckily, we don’t have Waterstones, nor Barnes and Noble, nor anything really.. There’s just me and Book Depository, and my credit card, and clickity click away five books in a minute. πŸ˜€ It’s a lot harder to regret spending money when it’s ‘virtual’. Also, $10 sounds like nothing, but when you convert it to RSD… there goes at least 3-days worth food on a single book. πŸ˜€ I totally get you, I feel the mermaid’s call. I just bought two games and a book tonight. Stop me.

    Your choice on the other hand is awesome! I loved both Practical Magic and The Language of Thorns; Faithful, Eleanor Oliphant and The Silent Companions are on my super urgent tbr, and some of those arriving to my mailbox soon; Children of Blood and Bone and Hazel Wood are slowly creeping to my shopping cart. Which one you’ll read first? πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a very painful carry home, that I can tell you! I’m looking forward to so many of these. I’m starting with The Hazel Wood and hope it’s a solid start!


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