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Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Ideal Mash Ups


Hello! Time for another Top 5 Wednesday.

Have I done this one right? Who the funk knows. I got carried away on an excited whim and just tra la la’d off to my own mind palace. Which is more like a mind hovel at the moment but I will tra la la off anywhere.

This week’s theme…

Ideal Mash Ups

But first, here is my ideal mash…








It’s gotta have cream and it’s gotta have cheese.

Glad we’ve got that out of the way. Now, onto the product of the mind hovel!


Shout it with me: What do we want?! A mash of historical fiction and horror!

When do we want it?! Possibly sometime during the Regency period or even Colonial America. Oh sorry, I mean…now.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was more entertaining than anyone would ever had thought it should be and I found the movie to be funny and creepy and oddly fitting to Jane Austen’s classic which made me both confused and happy.

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, sea-creatures – bring it on!

I’m not saying that I want to see Ma and Pa Ingalls take down a wendigo… but on the other hand… I’m not saying that I don’t…


Ah, Western and Science-Fiction. Two genres that clearly belong together. My dad insists that we are distantly related to Buffalo Bill Cody. I’m personally not entirely sure how that is possible but think the insistence is more down to his love of the Wild West and far too many episodes of Deadwood.

Something must be in the genes though because I seem to have inherited his love of Wild West stuff. Even more so when sci-fi is smashed into it.

Firefly being cancelled is a stain against humanity (ok, I’m just being incredibly dramatic) and I can quote more from Back to the Future 3 than anyone should publicly admit to. Ah heckin’ tootin’ no. That’s an awesome movie and it deserves full fangirling.

Confession – I even enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens and Wild Wild West with Will Smith. What can I say? Girls got it bad for Western-Sci-Fi’s.


Private investigators. Private investigators investigating something ‘abnormal’. Private investigators that don’t exactly live in a world that resembles ours. Private investigators in a film noir setting with a twist. Private investigators mashed with anything.

Private investigators. Sigh.

I legitimately couldn’t tell you right now if I wanted to be one or be with one.

Anything that has a slight 1940’s/ 1950’s flavour to it really appeals to me and whether they are investigating cartoon rabbit stitch up’s, Humpty Dumpty being murdered or strange occupants of a city then I am there.

Sometimes I imagine what would happen if I walked into a film noir detective agency.


Hell if I knew what direction the wind blew her in from but I could tell you this – that broad was trouble, all five foot two inches of her. She looked like she was brimming with the stuff from the bottom of those pasty gam’s to the top of her dark brown hair. And she smelt like trouble too, the kind that followed you home after a night down at Vinnie’s where the liquor was cheap and the girls were cheaper. That place made me reek like booze, smoke and desperation for days and from what I could tell of her she was no stranger to the last one. 

Then I’d probably beg for help or something for a murder that I never committed. Or did possibly commit*. I haven’t worked that part out yet.

*(I totally did it).


Fairy tales in the modern world. 

I feel bad for writing the least on this as this is my actual favourite mash-up of all mash-ups. I adore fairy tales in all their forms and one of my favourite’s is when they are thrown into ‘reality as we know it.’

Just imagine me making a big ‘squee’ noise and that should help convey my enthusiasm for this entry.


Back in the 90’s The Spice Girl may have wanted to zig-a-zig ah but do you know what I want? What I really, really want?

I want all the fictional bookworms together in some giant uber fictionalised book club world. That’s it. That’s my fifth mash-up.

I want Hermione and Tyrion Lannister discussing magic and dragons and how they feel about the Eragon series (they’d hate it). I want Jo March and Lizzy Bennet strolling round the gardens, books in hand, sharing stories about their sisters (you’d never believe what Amy has done;  oh Jo, just wait until I tell you about Lydia!)

I want Belle just chilling quietly under a tree with Nesta Archeron from ACOTAR and whenever anyone interrupts them Belle throws a polite smile while Nesta… well, Nesta doesn’t.

Yep. It’s not even a real mash-up, just some bizarre wish fulfillment. Of course, I would insert myself in that world, just hanging round the coffee shop playing at being casual. It would not last.


So, how were my mash-ups? Any books or movies that fit in the above that you can recommend? What would yours be?

Thank you for reading!

Until next time!


15 thoughts on “Bookish: Top 5 Wednesday – Ideal Mash Ups

  1. I love this list! The first one sounds best, can’t wait to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but I’ve already watched the movie and loved it! And Westworld would fit in two, have you watched it? I love it! Anthony Hopkins forever. ❤ Btw what is that cheesy thing? I'm a great cheese aficionado, and I need to eat that asap. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought Lena Headey as Lady Catherine de Bourgh was brilliant. But then I’m always on board with Lena Headey’s choices! I haven’t watched Westworld but only hear positive things about it so I’m actually aching to watch it. It’s something I know I’d love so I don’t know why I haven’t seen it yet.

      Just mash up potatoes make sure you have a lot of butter and cream (everything tastes better with butter and cream) and smother with cheese until it cannot ever breath again. If I was ever summoned via a mystical portal all anyone would need to do it would be butter, cream and cheese.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too! And yeah, Lena is an amazing actress in any role. 🙂 Westworld is quite good, but I adore Anthony Hopkins so maybe I’m a bit biased, but then again westerns and sci-fi are someting I don’t generally like, but this is awesome. 🙂

        Ahaha that sounds delicious 😀 Potatoes are my favorite food after cheese, and I’m surprised I haven’t tried to combine the two yet. 😀


  2. I laughed at your noir snippet! ❤️ And yes, Western and Sci-Fi seem like they were meant to be together (which reminds me, I still need to finish Westworld). And save me a spot in that book club world!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Western and Sci-Fi just go and yet I don’t know why! I would like to see more Western and Fantasy though but that may be because I would like to see Western’s paired up with anything. If Western and Sc-Fi are the marriage then I think Western can have Fantasy as their side line fling.

      I need to start Westworld!


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