Bookish: April 2018 TBR


As it’s the first of the month (sort of) I’ve decided to look at what is on my TBR pile. My TBR pile is a little bit like a gremlin. I try to follow a very specific set of rules but they only increase in number anyway.

I have a haul of books from forever ago and a haul of books when I visited Barnes and Noble in NYC and a haul on my Kindle for when I travelled to NYC and loaded them up like I wasn’t going to take a four-hour nap on an eight-hour flight.

Realistically speaking I know that I’m not going to finish all of them in April as I seem to be averaging out one book per week at the moment so I’m going to select six and see how well I get on.

So here we go. My April TBR…


The Heart Goes Last

I have actually been trying to read this for about six weeks now. I started it and then got distracted by something else that I enjoyed more. I have a sneaky feeling that I’m not going to be reviewing this one particularly highly and I have an even sneakier feeling that this may eventually end up on the ‘Did Not Finish’ pile.

But it’s Margaret Atwood and she deserves my persistence.



I started this last week and then got distracted by Easter and chocolate and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (the movie, not the book). I’ve made it as far as the prologue so far so just need to continue.

I have read ‘Touch’ by the same author and whilst I didn’t love it, I felt that it had a lot of potential and that if the writer honed their craft (god, how snotty do I sound?!) then future books may have stronger stories.

Let’s see how the second book goes!


norse mythology

This has been on my TBR pile for over a year now and I still haven’t cracked into it which is a surprise considering my deep love for all things Neil Gaiman.

Last year when he was at the Southbank Centre in London to promote ‘Norse Mythology’ I went to see him. He is a very experienced public speaker and he read out one of the short stories which he did in an incredibly entertaining way.

Maybe April will be the month I finally get around to this.


alias grace

If ‘The Heart Goes Last’ really doesn’t gel then I have another, more vintage, Maggie to fall back on. A story about a woman accused of murder? I’m there. Apparently, a major Netflix series now which I won’t be watching until I have read the book at least.

One thing that bothers me – movie and TV covers on books. Why do publishers do that?! I hate them. A whinge for another time perhaps.


the cruel prince

Confession: I have never read a book by Holly Black before. I feel this needs to be rectified immediately. Something hugely appealed to me about this one so I thought ‘what better place to start?’ Hopefully, I’m jumping in the right way.



I am a fangirl so what’s better than to read a book about one? I’ve also had this one in the pile for a while and as I’ve never read any books by Rainbow Rowell I have no idea what to expect.

Is this light and fluffy like a marshmallow or should I expect to have my heart ripped out through my chest? With YA you can never be too sure either way….


What’s on your TBR pile for April?

What are your thoughts on my above choices?


Happy Reading

3 thoughts on “Bookish: April 2018 TBR

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to reading Norse Mythology and Alias Grace because I have a HUGE soft spot for Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood and will pretty much read anything they write. Let me know your thoughts on The Cruel Prince and Fangirl. I think I’m looking forward to reading The Cruel Prince more than Fangirl but I’ve never read anything by Holly Black so have no clue what to expect!


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